Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 5)

The episode pragya collects all information and gather it abhi comes and sees her and asks what she is doing ..abhi says that she is trying to take money and run off ..pragya and abhi starts their knok jhok fight this is happening in the hall Abhi tries to take it but just then sarla family arrive

Abhi greets sarla and family pragya asks why they came here he says I will call anybody here pragya says nice they came here pragya calls everyone to come to hall he calls Robin to inform everyone about it

Pragya goes to upstairs and wears specs mangalsutra and pragya chudhidhar all of them gathered at the hall pragya recalls nikhil coming to house and talking about baby to him..pragya comes down abhi sees her Allah warriyan plays. sarla gets teary eyes seeing pragya

All of them are shocked including dadi.dadi thinks why she weared this pragya informs That three members from this house will leave from here.

Precap: Pragya comes to tanu and slaps here and says that she folled the whole family now I will tell the truth that this baby is not abhi it is producer nikhil baby she shows the video to everyone all of them gets shocked..

Credit to: Narendran


  1. kavitha

    But narendran this will not happen in ekta’s story. Bcoz ekta’s hero and heroines r Just dumb characters.They are just good for nothing.they cant prove anything against the negative characters. Their stories lead will continue till the viewers hope lost.just a DNA test report is enough to end this lead..but they wont do tht .bcoz they think tht viewers r fool…

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