Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 36-40)


The episode starts with Pragya thinks to stop the engagement and comes to the hall Adithya makes purvi wear the ring

Pragya stops Arjun and tells your engagement will happen after 10min . Pragya takes aaliya aside and tells about Arjun she gets shocked aaliya tells don’t come in my way pls.. I love him and I trust him so pls don’t interfere in our matter

Pragya looks on aaliya comes to the hall and tells abhi that you have two choice aaliya or Pragya everyone gets shocked. Abhi asks what she done she tells everything abhi tells I am with.. Everyone waiting for his answer he tells Pragya aaliya gets irked and stabs herself with a knife

Everybody gets shocked Arjun tells Pragya now are you happy?? Aaliya only killed Agni and you blamed me now you have to bear the pain

Pragya comes to aaliya but she died . everybody cries abhi tells Pragya don’t come to near to my sister pls stay away.

Six months leap….

Pragya and abhi comes to the court for their divorce Pragya cries sees him.

Judge comes in abhi lawyer tells abhi was financially stable so he can take care of both the child.

Pragya lawyer tells that a child need a mother compulsory but not father

She tells Pragya have a big hotel and she have half of the rights on abhi property

Precap: Abhi calls to someone and tells I will get divorce within 3months but pls don’t kill Pragya and Abhi cries..Hamari adhuri kahani plays…

Guys can anyone guess what is the problem that Abhi is facing but soon they will get united but you should think what is the reason???

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Guys my ff love at first sight part 9-12 will be Abhi and Pragya love story

    1. wow i am waiting for it but in this track i can’t understand who killed agni and in the precap to whom abhi is asking don’t kill pragya please unite them soon and i am waiting for it

      1. Ranaji(narendran)

        Next epi you will see one big joy,surprise and sad,shocking

      2. wow i am waiting eagerly for it

  2. But plz can you write on ongoing track ..

    1. but i have already completed in my ff epi1-7 pls check it

      1. i mean i am narendran best friend

    2. Ranaji(narendran)

      Sure but I have completed in epi1-7 pls check it out

  3. Plz don’t separate them

  4. wat the hell again separation but try to write little brief about the scene clearly & take this changes to on track going now.. other than its nice..

  5. really nice good job

  6. i think arjun is blackmailing abhi

  7. I think it may because of tanu

  8. it is awesome. ..plz update soon

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