Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 34-35)


The episode starts with pragya thinks that I think there is something wrong I need to go and check my friend she leaves from there hurriedly pragya calls bulbul and tells the matter she tells purab will come there to help you

Pragya tells OK but you take care and she calls sarla and asks about Agni she tells I did not see her for 10days pragya gets shocked and goes to her house it was opened

Pragya goes inside and searches her everywhere but pragya can’t find here she thinks to leave but while standing she feels different feeling and dugs it she find Agni buried inside pragya gets shocked and cries she calls everyone nearby they too gets shocked they all call police they see Arjun coming they go and beats them for buried inside

Arjun tells I did not do it and police comes they asks to Arjun he tells I am coming after 1month to my house all the neighbor says Yes but we did not know who buried police asks who are you pragya tells I am rock star abhi wife everybody looks on and goes to take a photo with them but she tells after wards first I need to complete my friend rituals

Pragya calls to abhi and tells he comes there all the people gathered around him pragya tells pls guys they all come to the place to meet Agni they all closes the nose

Precap: Pragya comes to the engagement hall and tells this engagement will not happen purvi,Adithya,aaliya and Arjun gets hocked Pragya tells purvi engagement will happen aaliya engagement will happen after 10min

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Oka good .. But plz write something regarding on going track .

  2. how the engagement will happen arjun is agni husband r wat.. by its good.. please write much more abt abhigya.

  3. Ranaji(narendran)

    Sure but I need minimum 5comments or I will stop this ff

  4. It was stupendous and fantabulously fantastic

  5. It was a fab epi

  6. natasha nancy nicky i think you are one person commenting if you want to comment with your nick name or some other name you should change your email id ha ha just for joke sorry if i hurted you and naren superb episode please continue it i am waiting for the next part the precap was nice i am waiting for both the couple engagement y aliya engagement will happen after 10 mins i am eagerly waiting that what will pragya do in that 10 mins

  7. Awesome!!!!

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