Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 31)


The episode starts with pragya talking to bulbul telling about purvi she tells to abhi he tells that after going to Mumbai we will talk to their parents

Pragya hugs abhi dadi sees it and laughs and makes excuse from there pragya gets shy and tries to leave but abhi holds the hand saying dadi left so that you no need to go

Shooting gets over producer thanks abhi and tells you are just amazing but your babies are super than you abhi tells then my babies will be same like me pragya tells the credit also goes to me. Producer thanks her they all come to Mumbai.. Abhi comes to house all of gets happy purvi talks to Adithya on phone telling that we are going to get married he tells really purvi tells pragya and abhi coming to your home to talk about it

Inform to your parents pragya calls broker and tell him to search alliance for aaliya he tells OK and asks photo pragya tells she will get it pragya comes to room and asks photo aaliya gives and ask what for?? Pragya tells to see alliance she tells I was already in love pragya was shocked she tells I have a friend name Arjun I love him and she gets shy

Abhi also hears it and asks you are ready for marriage and teases her she runs . Pragya and abhi comes to Adithya house their parents comes and takes photo with them abhi introduces pragya and tells we came to talk about the marriage of Adithya and purvi

They tells after studies they can get married but we should make engagement soon abhi tells OK

Precap: Arjun comes to home aaliya introduces him to everyone abhi tells yours and purvi marriage will be held at same mandap

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. It was nyc dear. Both abhigya sisters will marry at the same man day at the same time. Gd gng.

  2. nice. story is interesting

  3. abhishekpragya =abhigya love u

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