Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 30)


The episode starts with purab and bulbul sees them together and thinks to speak to sarla bulbul goes to sarla and tells purvi comes inside she asks do you know who is Adithya she smiles sarla ask is this true what bulbul say she nods with teary eyes she raises the hand to slap but purab tells stop it he tells that he is a such a nice guy and good in studies too

We can get married them after studies over sarla tells OK if he is good then it is ok purvi hugs sarla everyone was happy in the shoot abhi sees pragya beauty and flitrs with her wearing a mask she sees it was abhi and tells that his husband is really bad he always torchers me he gets shocked and removes the mask and asks what she laughs abhi holds her hand

Dadi comes and sees them together and prays to good pls keep them happy the shooting starts they all gathered shoot starts pragya bring both babies they all play while abhi was busy some noise comes from outside abhi runs to see what happened it is tanu he leaves tanu falls on his leg and tells pls forgive me

Pragya comes and tells stop your acting she makes her get up and pushes while dadi catches her and tells why are you so rude pragya she tells sorry pls accept it and tells her to go I will talk to him

Bulbul calls to pragya and informs about purvi she gets happy and thinks now purvi life will be good now aaliya marriage should be done soon

Precap: Abhi and pragya comes to Adithya home to talk about their wedding with purvi Adithya father and mother sees abhi and goes them to take photo with him

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. nice. pls continue

  2. nice naren now purvi also going to get married but please finish aliya marriage too i am waiting for it

  3. Wow. Precap z nyc. Adi’s parents z gng 2 take foot wd him???. Waiting for pirvi’s marriage. Hope adi z nyc for her.

  4. Boring serial kumkum bhagya
    same story..poor pragya…

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