Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 29)


The episode stars with pragya and abhi coming to shoot they remember dadi conversation through voice call telling that we will come within 20min they tell OK

Abhi and pragya comes to the room and finds somewhat decorated pragya asks abhi why you decorated and tells we have two babies and you are romancing with me abhi comes intimate to her and tells if I have two sons then I should not romance and kisses her she tries to go but he holds her hand

Someone knocks the door pragya makes excuse and opens it was dadi she comes inside the room and sees decorated and tells I have came in wrong time she leaves

Pragya throws pillow on abhi and tells dadi has mistaken me becoz of you she throws whatever gets in her hand they fight the room becomes dirty

Pragya calls room service to clean the room abhi comes and holds her arm and tells I love you . Purvi and Adithya comes to college thinking about each other their head hit each other they laughs

Purab and bulbul watches them and tells we should speak to sarla

Precap: Tanu comes to abhi and falls on her leg and tells sorry

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. always nice.. pls continue..

  2. Beautiful story. Ur ff z really very good.

  3. nice,keep going

  4. it’s sweet part..

  5. its nice and keep going.

  6. Naren,
    Can you please include some cute arguments and fights btwn abhi and pragya. Nice episode: )

  7. Narendren u thot to stop writing ff .. LoOK at the comments . many lyks yuas. N GI ahead man .. Don stop this

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