Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 28)


The episode starts with dadi scolding abhi that you did not believe me so that you acted with me she cries comes and consoles her and tells that I love you dadi and pragya pls I need to find who kidnapped me so only… Pragya asks who kidnapped you abhi he tells tanu aaliya and everyone are stunned

Abhi put sit-ups and tells I am sorry dadi pls forgive me she tells I will forgive you this time but not next time pragya asks what is the necessary to act abhi .

Abhi tells nothing and leaves from there pragya thinks why he is not answering to my question now he should answer and follows him and goes to room and asks what?? He tells everything pragya hugs her tightly and cries Allah warriyan song plays…

Pragya ask why you have taken this much risk why you should have told me before so I should have helped you abhi wipes her tears and tells sorry

Next day producers comes and asks about his health condition and tells about the day of shoot dadi tells that he will come pragya tells dadi,aaliya,dasi you also come so that we can spend time together they tells OK

Purab and bulbul comes to the house purab hugs her back and tells I love you sooo much she tells me too

Purvi and Adithya comes to college they walk together some boys tease purvi he beats them they all runs purvi asks how much you love he tells it cannot be measured

Precap: Pragya,abhi and everyone comes to pune were the shooting spot they all play with babies while abhi was busy in his shoot

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Guys I think I will stop it 30epi becoz no response so only

  2. please don’t end it soon naren if you end it soon and wat about purvi and adithya now only they started to love and please continue your ff are interesting please continue to some more episodes

    1. Ranaji(narendran)

      No reji except you nobody is commenting I have decided to end in 35 epi or 40epi

      1. no naren many silent readers without commenting are there or may be they have no time to comment but please don’t stop your ff

      2. Ranaji(narendran)

        No one time they should comment

  3. pls don’t stop pls continue

  4. As Reji, said there are many silent reader.Even I know many readers. Please do continue.

  5. naren i am silent reader of yr ff nice ff pls continue don’t stop

  6. pls continue naren

  7. No plzz continue

  8. Pls continue naren

  9. narendran dont stop ur ff its really good going…..i lyk ur ff…pls dont put a full stop for creativity…i hope u ll continue ur ff…

  10. Please continue your ff….Its awesome….

  11. Plz continue . Don’t end it.

  12. naren bro, pls dont stop this ff i am also a silent reader i love your fan fiction and am telling this to my friends also abt ur writing i am waiting for your episodes daily and we should beat the original by more than 300 episodes…

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