Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 27)


The episode starts with abhi playing with child aaliya thinking about abhi . Pragya thinks dadi is so sad so I have to do something purvi thinks about Adithya and says I should accept it and goes to college and tells I love you

Adithya takes her to the restaurant and orders food purab and bulbul comes to same restaurant bulbul was 3 months pregnant

Purab and bulbul orders food they start their fight for juice purab tells this juice will be healthy to my child bulbul tells then for me and she get up and tries to leave but purab holds his hand and say I love you if you love me don’t go she sits there purvi and Adithya leaves from there

Purab sees them and gets surprised who is this guy he tries to go bulbul asks where are you going he tells nothing and sits tanu talks to goons abhi sees her talking and calls to police

Police arrives and arrest tanu she asks why are you arresting abhi comes and tells pls put her for kidnapping me through goons police takes her

Abhi comes to home and sees everyone standing in hall he tells dadi I am fine dadi cries and tells why you acted with me

Precap: Dadi tells I will apologize you for doing I felt very bad abhi comes and consoles dadi and pragya and tells sorry I thought to know who kidnapped me so only I did this forgive me pragya tells what is the reason to act ??

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nice finally abhi recovered nice but please convince pragya and put some abhigya and purbul scenes

    1. Ranaji(narendran)

      Sure reji

  2. Ranaji(narendran)

    Guys I have completed 27epi I will make it to 30to complete becoz no response I will continue matsh fan fiction there I get some response

  3. No plz continue after 30 episodes also. I luv ur ff a lot . Plz dint end it too early.

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