Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 23-25)


The episode starts with pragya starts searching for abhi and she successfully found him she cries seeing abhi tied in rope and rescues him abhi and pragya hug each other while they are leaving they see goons coming abhi calls them to fight with him

While they come to abhi on the way they fell down in oil surface abhi hold their collar and asks who sent you while speaking one goon beat at abhi head with iron rod he feels unconscious and falls down pragya throws a stone on goon he falls down

Police comes there and takes goons from there pragya hold abhi head and starts crying pragya takes him to hospital all the family members comes to the hospital


All are tensed while pragya was praying to god doctor comes out and tells abhi is out of coma but we can’t tell anything surely dadi and everyone cry

Pragya cries seeing abhi face through glass and starts crying while pragya goes inside the room and takes abhi hand and cries

While there was slight moment abhi hand she calls doctor they tells her pls continue but he stop responding pragya speaks about abeer and bulbul to dadi abhi gets conscious


Everyone gets happy but abhi remembers pragya alone and she can’t remember his dadi also abhi goes to pragya and ask why are you crying??

Dadi gets teary eye and tells my grandson did not remember me doctor tells that it will take time to recall pls give time to him you can discharge him

Abhi comes to the house holding pragya dupatta and comes to his e
Room an sees abeer and bulbul and starts playing with them pragya sees this and gets teary eyes

She hugs abhi and starts crying

Precap: Abhi and pragya comes to doctor for checkup

Guys I think you like this if not give your comments

Enjoy it buddies

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Dear it’s too bad, writing after long days just only one episode of short it’s not fair ya…
    but ur story is very good & interesting so please continue with day by day without miss..

    1. Ranaji(narendran)

      OK as per your wish but I have exam but I will try my best to upload my epi quickly

      1. y narendran so obsessed with etretr? naming yuaself ranaji ?

      2. n writing ff of kkb tats funny really

  2. Nice narendran but don’t make abhi did not remember anyone please make him remember all the things and don’t make his dadi cry so much but your track is interesting

  3. Ranaji(narendran)

    Thnx for comment reji I will make abhi normal soon but I should drag for minimum 5epi becoz I did not think about next track

    1. Haha..might be actual writers of kumkum bhagya are also thinking the same it seems..they didn’t think about the next track they’d why they are dragging the current one…but your story is too good narendran….keep going…

  4. Wow. Amazing. Abhi remembers only Pragya. But how can it be possible. Bcoz wen dere z memory loss the person will forget every1. Well ur track z nyc. 1st tym during memory loss we r seeing lye this. Well ur ff z amazing. So keep updating and study well for ur exams. U r in which class??

    1. Ranaji(narendran)

      11 std

  5. pls support naren pls continue you are awesome writer

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