Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 22) Spcl Epi

The episodes starts with Abhi playing with abeer when pragya comes he did not see her

Pragya throws the ball on him and tells I am here abhi tells oh you are here pragya tells that you forgot me after the kids came abhi comes and consoles her and tells I love you

Dadi comes and tells that you both go to restaurant and enjoy your dinner and comes me and dasi will play with them pragya says but..dadi tells pls give for us time to play

Pragya tells OK. They leaves dadi and dasi starts playing with babies aaliya comes and watches she excuses dadi and takes bulbul while taking she wets her dress aaliya laughs that you are like me but don’t be selfish like me and she cries dadi consoles her

Nikhil comes and sees tanu talking to goons he asks who is the goons tanu tells them to leave nikhil tells that you are careless about our baby ( roli)tanu tells sorry and takes her

Pragya and abhi comes to the restaurant they order food pragya and abhi start their knok jhok fight pragya tells that the babies will think about me not you abhi also tells that babies will think about rockstar dad not fuggi pragya takes spoon and fork and they both start fight people around takes photo they stop fighting

Abhi tells just a second and goes to bring gift which she kept for pragya some goons comes and takes abhi from there pragya sees and follows them and sees in godown tanu talking to them to kill abhi before that call pragya and get sign in the papers

Precap: Abhi was tied with ropes pragya comes and escapes him while going out they see the goons coming abhi calls them to come and fight with me police arrives..

Guys I think do you like this

Enjoy it buddies

Credit to: Narendran


  1. kirthy

    I like your story. But you could write a little more interesting. More romance more feelings. If you could add more emotion then many people will follow you…. but i appreciate your motivation to create own stories. 🙂

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