Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 21)


The episode starts with pragya and abhi coming to their room and they find the kids awake they go and take babies and play with them.

next morning they started fighting with pillow to play with babies dadi and sarla comes and stops their fight and tells them not to fight they can take one baby and exchange after sometime but dadi tells that you should also give me time.

on the other hand bulbul is taking marriage album she was about to fell but purab holds her and they both share an eyelock purab scolds her

bulbul asks purab that you want me or baby purab tells baby bulbul takes a pillow and throws at him he comes to her and tells i love you more than baby

tanu tells to some goons to kill abhi and pragya and gives money nikhil comes and sees roli(daughter of tanu child) and takes her and consoles her

precap: Some goons take abhi to disclosed location pragya follows them and reaches there and sees tanu talking to the goons

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Owe some drama……I juz love the both couples….abhi and pragya and also purab and bulbul….their are juz an awesome. Couple’s…. and also the dadi…..love u guys for the superb story…..but let abhi knew the truth and let him back to pragya and against aliya and tanu….and also stupid nikhil….

  2. Hi ff writer I forget ur name lol is it angel?? Sorry anyways I wanted to know didn’t tanus baby die?? Then how is nikhil talking to tanus baby?? I thought pragya and tanu delis red at the same time but they couldn’t save her baby?? How is nikhil talking to her baby roli if she’s dead??

    1. Tanu baby did not die in my fan fiction next part will be soon

  3. East or west my Abhi is the best
    This fan fiction is so good but write some more that we can enjoy it
    I just love abhigya soooo much please update the next part soon

  4. is roli tanus daughter or granddaughter

    1. Tanu daughter

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