Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 18,19,20)

The episode starts with abhi and pragya were fighting for names finally they decide boy abhi will keep name and girl pragya

Function starts abhi keeps his name as Abeer abhi tells abhi and beer mixed pragya keeps her name as and tells surprise and tells bulbul name bulbul is surprised and asks didi you kept my name pragya tells that I can scold her like scolding you both laughs

Dadi tells them to tell the name three times in their ears pragya tells in abeer ears and abhi tells in bulbul ears


Episode 19

Purab tells that if boy I will keep abhi name and if girl means pragya bulbul agrees
Aaliya comes and sees them both fighting she eyes them happily and tells you both should happy she hears tanu talking to someone to kill bulbul

Aaliya hears and comes out bulbul was about to hit In car but aaliya prevents her and tells be careful and goes out and slaps tanu and tells she is my ex lover wife if you hurt her I will not swear you bulbul hears it and leaves

Tanu tells bulbul left aaliya tells that I am not acting I am telling really I will kill you if you harm anyone in this house


Episode 20

The episode starts with tanu asking that you have changed she tells that I came out selfishness but you have already became stupid

Tanu leaves aaliya comes in abhi greets her and tells that I will not believe you but thanks for saving bulbul

Sarla and everyone thnx her purab and bulbul comes and tells aaliya was really changed

Abhi and pragya talks to their babies

Precap: Abhi and pragya fight with pillow for playing with babies

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Hahahaha….realy Abeer? Do you think pragya and dadi would to allow that name? ^^ personally I don’t think abhi would name his kid like that. But I like pragya’s choice Bulbul.
    Nice gooing….

  2. the episode was realy so good abhi & pregeya child was so cute tanu was realy so bad and i hate u aliya for a acting so abhi & pregeya be carefull for child k wait for a gud episode

  3. The track is moving as I it should :):)

  4. Naren,
    Try to add few thiller sequences. So that it creates a tempo to read these updates

  5. nice episode pls add some spicy track

  6. Abeer and bulbul nice name abhigya

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