Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 17) Maha Episode

The episode starts with pragya and abhi comes to current 2015 track they meet dadi dadi scolds pragya abhi tells dadi don’t scold her it will affect the child dadi tells that you have become father you have the qualities

10months after pragya and abhi goes to the sarla house where bulbul was 1month pregnant pragya gets suddenly pain abhi takes her to hospital they all where waiting outside tensedly doctor comes and calls abhi inside pls help pragya abhi makes some funny jokes and made pragya to take out the baby it was twins a boy and girl abhi sees them smilingly he kisses them on the head pragya gets conscious and sees him and asks pls give baby to meet too

Abhi gives her pragya sees the baby lovingly and doctor comes out and tells that patient is OK and tells twins they all get happy. Tanu comes there and hears and gets irked she delivered a girl child but pragya got both boy and girl she tells I will leave now but destiny will make you to come to me abhi and pragya she leaves

Pragya comes to the house she sees the house fully decorated with flowers which favourite for pragya..pragya asks what is this abhi. Abhi tells her that you gave the best moment in life of being father so you should me more happy than me

She goes to room and sees the bangle which she got from gayatri she tells that I am very happy now abhi tells dadi and dasi to arrange grand party for my child purab and bulbul comes abhi tells her take tips from pragya bulbul tells that OK jiju and tells abhi to show the child pls abhi brings girl daughter and shows to them they were
Happy to see her Next morning pragya comes down with the babies a grand function was arranged for this abhi producer comes and tells that we have come here to give you offer that you should do baby ad with your baby and pragya . Abhi hesitantly thinks but dadi and dasi tells OK to the producer and tells that your baby is very lucky you got ad so pls do it pragya also tells yes the function was about to begin aaliya comes and falls on pragya legs and tells that I am sorry pls forgive me pragya tells OK and she goes inside the room and thinks I have done many sin to abhi and pragya now I should make them proud I will torture them I will try my best to be happy with them

Precap: Abhi and pragya talks to the children

Guys pls suggest the best name give your comments

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. wow narendran but for tanu i didn’t deliver her baby for revenge sake and bulbul is also pregnant so nice good job

  2. dhanush and dhanshika.

  3. luv and kushi

  4. Thanks for the comments

  5. Nice episode 🙂
    Can you please give a thought to add cute fight between Abhi and pragya

    1. Ok Sandy

  6. For a boy….. Aarush….. And for a grl…. Angel or shanvi

  7. kasak 4 girl arav for boy

  8. Aami aryan

  9. Awesome show

  10. Let’s keep as abhi real baby name azai for boy and for girl kushi…

    1. that’s also nice selection achu sis…

  11. Hmm I also thought abt twins and their names before… But I didn’t get time to update it… Narendran bro… If u dont mind nay I take the track of twin babies???…

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