Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 14)

The episode starts with pragya and abhi fighting abhi comes to her and take her in his arms and brings her down he says that she is my wife who gave me the rights of father Sarla and others get happy. Bulbul and purab and all others greets pragya and leaves the party purab tells sarla that I will take bulbul to my house and says bye.

Purab comes to his house bulbul says gd night purab and says I am very tired purab comes and takes her in his arms and says I am not tired and brings her to bed and kisses her on forehead bulbul says I need lights I am afraid of darks pls purab says then it is my work to keep you happy he gets intimate with her but bulbul pushes and tries to run

Purab holds her hand and kisses on her hand and proposes her with a beautiful necklace she gets happy and kisses him purab gets shy and falls on bed and gets up and says once more pls bulbul says tomorrow.purab off the lights they both close the windows they start their romantic look it is morning purab and bulbul comes to the restaurant pragya and abhi comes there too bulbul asks purab do you know today is important day he says that I don’t know

Bulbul throws a flower on him starts the fight pragya comes and intervens greets her beauty she gets shy and sits pragya gives a gift and tells happy birthday bulbul she gets happy and tells didi except you nobody will remember my birthday purab brings a watch and tells happy birthday and says I gave a gift on yesterday 12.00pm itself now one more small gift bulbul hugs her and kisses him all the people sees and wife’s taunts the husband you are not romantic like purab.

Abhi also wishes her bulbul and pragya goes to sarla home sarla and jhanki wishes bulbul pragya gets a phone she tells that the person should come out of jail at any cost abhi asks whom he is talking pragya tells everyone that purvi will be back within two days and tells my kidnapping was done by aaliya so purvi will be released.

Precap: Purvi comes home all of them gets happy sarla goes to her and apologized the mistake bulbul also apologize but purvi says don’t say sorry today is you birthday and wishes her.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Guys I will update on next Saturday sorry for inconvenience I need to study for exams if I get time I will update

  2. nice effort narendran sir both matsh and kkb fan fiction is awesome we will wait till next saturday for good epi and finally purvi is back

  3. nice naren purvi s back
    smhz finish tanu nd aliya story soon
    nice to read wit smiley cheeks
    gud to read naren

    1. Thanks nivi

  4. And now purvi is back……gud

  5. purv ke sath jo hua bura hua

    1. I cannot understand your language pls write in english

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