Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 13)

The episode starts with party started all of them happily dances and pragya comes and watches its and gets happy pragya asks bulbul how is your married life she says nice..

Purab comes and tells she is beating me bulbul comes and pinches her and tells don’t tell the secret to anyone.

Abhi was in the room thinking about the baby will be boy or girl .. Rk comes and shows a video abhi slaps him hard and tells my pragya will do like this ahi says I will call police he calls police arrives and takes him pragya says leave him he is my friend but abhi asks that you have two choice me or rk. Pragya says you abhi asks them to take rk he leaves curtly Abhi tells everyone to enjoy.

Abhi goes upstairs pragya asks what happened abhi tells that he cursed you and showed a video pragya asks what is in that video?? Abhi tells a video song both starts laughing

Abhi and pragya starts their knok jhok fight for the name of the baby.dadi and sarla says that they should be always like this happily.

Precap: bulbul and purab comes to the restaurant… Abhi and pragya comes there too bulbul asks purab today is a imp day do you know??he says no they start fighting Pragya comes to bulbul and greets her beauty she calms down

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Super continue boss

    1. Thanks nikki

  2. naren actually it s gud to read which means wat im thinki in my mind i can read here
    i hv got sm luvly momentz in tis fiction
    hope so u can takes it wel in interesting manner i suppose in d upcomin tracks
    if v gv sm suggestion anywer wil u accept naren?

    1. OK nivi your wish

  3. Go ahead…….

  4. ur story is going well

  5. U r really a positive guy …..superb continue

  6. this story is so nice than orignal 1 gud job narendaran

  7. Awesome continue it

  8. Thanks for your comment guys. I will update Saturday and Sunday after that I will update on next Saturday because one week I am busy in studying for exam sry of inconvenience

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