Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 11)

The episode starts with abhi leaving for concert pragya thinks I should leave now and follow abhi to save him rk will do anything to abhi to kill him I will follow him pragya leaves dadi sees her leaving pragya follows abhi car they go to concert.

Abhi sees his fan waiting there he remembers the incident pragya saving her and sings gulabo song the fans were happy enjoying the song tanu sees abhi and says why are you avoiding me I will not leave you tanu was six months pregnant tanu comes to abhi to meet but pragya comes and tells I will not let you meet him tanu tells I know about your stupid past why are you hiding this from abhi??

Pragya says that is none of your business leave it and tanu pushes her but nikhil her and says why are you pushing pragya tanu…pragya comes and slaps tanu and leave..tanu blames nikhil for this mistake..

Abhi sees pragya Allah warriyan song plays.. Abhi comes and hugs pragya at back and says I love you and abhi cries

Abhi introduces pragya to the fans and says little rock star is coming all the fans get happy media asks to abhi that really little rock star is coming..

Precap: Abhi says that it is true little rock star is coming and abhi takes pragya in arms sarla watches in TV and gets happy and says to everyone in house that pragya is pregnant..

Guys pls give comments about this episode plss and suggest a good name for boy and girl the new twist and abhi son name pls give comments

Credit to: Narendran


      • ya narendran like anu i also suggesting that name for boy make it as aditya mehra (aadhi)
        and girl i have chosen it from net aadhya it means the beginning ,first

        make it as aadhya mehra or ur wish sir it is but for boy aadhi is nice nice selection anu

  1. Anaika

    I feel Abeer wud be a nice Name for the boy n
    Riya for the girl
    Nice epi …just make it long ? coz we r lovin it

  2. saleena

    keep it as aditya if its a boy n ofcourse aadhya if a girl… 🙂 gud job narendra ..rllly gud writer 😉


    It’s a very goood episode thank a lot Boy name-Ayush,Aarav,Akash,Sid,yuvraj,karan,karthick,ajay,vinay,goutham
    Girl name-Shivani,neha,sathvika,sagarika,sanju,ananya,prathiksha

  4. Hi I’ve been reading all ur ff but I never got the time to comment but today I want to tell u that u are a very good writer u should one day be a writer but for now u should try to get in touch with ekta ji and and tell her ur ff so that we can watch it too also I have names I want to say
    boy names: aryan,ayush, aarav, adib, atif, pranav, Aabhas, Aabheer, Aahaan, Aansh, Aashu, paarth
    Girl names: aanchal, archi, Aarohi, Aarya, aashika, aashvi, abhida, aditi, pakhi, pari, paridhi, Ayesha, parul
    I tried to do names that started with abhi’s name and pragya’s name’s first letter! 🙂

  5. Priya

    I am from Tamil Nadu so I am telling like priya,shruthi,nithya for girl child and Abhay nothin charan for boy child

  6. reji

    i think narendran we can keep aadhya and aditya it is only nice and a half-cut name and it only majority wins

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.