Kumkum Bhagya… DREAMS due to which… OS

hi guys i dont wanna introduce myself so but i can say that i m not new here…

screen shows a girl sitting on a bench in a cliff sobbing and crying and writting something in a notebook..screen clearly shows her what she is writting.today i am going to end my life with in a few hours..what is life? some says it is a living hell.some says life is happiness.some says life is a joke at which we laugh and cry.its true life is a joke god snatched my happiness when he snached my mom from me but i tried to remain happie..one day he came in my life ..from that day for me life was he..He was my everything.I loved him beyond the boundaries but he… flashback shows a small girl of early teen and boy of same age arguying for a something.Girl:this my fav place. Boy:No,this is my fav place.since i came first here so.Girl:but its my fav place abhi.and she startes to cry.boy:please dont cry praggu plz dont cry plz baba its your fav place.soon their mums came and they went to there home..they used to play always.slowly slowly they became best friend and one day abhi was crying and pragya came there.P,what happen abhoo why are you crying?.abhi,praggu by wipping tears from his eyes.P,ha abhi.abhi,that i saw a dream where my mom dad me had accident and you fell from terrace and my dad has been transfered to another state and we wouldnot be able to meet.P,so what happen we will daily call.Ab,promise me you would not make any other bestfriend,promise..abhi forwaded his hand and pragya kept her hand in his by saying promise.P,promise me the same.Ab,i promise you.Abhi mom and dad came with luggage and abhi bides by to pragya..Pragya mom actually step mom told pragya and her dad that abhi and his family had died in accident and she even told abhi the same that pragya fell from terrace and she died abhi,believed her as she showed abhi pragya hospitalized pic.pragya too believed as there was news the car by which they were travelling was met with accident but luckly abhi and his mom had minor injury and his dad died in that accident.abhi,mom what happened to dad why he is not responding mom mom. Mom,beta he left us and she started to cry.abhi too started to cry not only because he had lost his dad but he has lost his praguu too.and happen there with pragya she too cries.story takes 9 yrs leap.A big college is shown it is written mumbai medical college(guys imaginary name).here a beautiful girl is shown(she is the same girl who was writing diary).

someone calls her pragya wait.who calls her is tanu.tanu is pragya good friend but she doesnt know about abhi.Pragya now became a bubbly girl.T,pragya why didnt you attended the lecture of anatomy.mam is too angry at you?surely she will kill you.P,chill tanu baby she wont do anything to me as i am a topper in this college and i m her fav too.then her anatomy teacher comes.Shalini,pragya why did you missed your lecture it was imp.P,sry mam dr shekar gave me a task so.Shalini,okay.T,ahh thank god she went.P,waise whats the plan for today.At that time nikhil came and told tanunthat he want a breakup and he loved someoneelse she asked whom?N,pragya.Pragya was shocked and tanu just gave tight slap to nikil as it was his plan to break their friendship.he left from there.P,tanu dear i m sry i dint knew about it.T,it not your fault he wanted to break our friendship but i love him truly.and she strated to cry.pragya conslose tanu.P,tanu plz dont cry.Next day A handsome guy with an arrogant attitude came to college in his car and mistakenly he hitted pragya scooty.Prgya shouted at him.His face is shown he is abhi.P,hey mr how dare you to do this huh?.Ab,you were not watching okay so dont blame me?.P,what?fault was your accept your fault,except asking soorry for your mistake you are blaming me..AB,fault was your and i dont say soory to anybody.what was ur name ms talkative how much you will talk.P,soon i will teach you a lesson.AB,lets see who will teach whom lesson.at that time tanu came stopped their fight.T,enough of you both how much will you fight huh.AB,thank god you came and saved me from this wild cat and where is principle office.T,go third floor room no 87.Ab,thanks.Pragya and tanu went to their gang.there are four members one is kabir who likes pragya most and another is neha who likes kabir.Kabir,pragya how are you and why are you angry?.T,fullandevi had again fighted with a new boy you he was so handsome.P,chee he was handsome tanu checkup your eyes he was just looking like a blue monkey who ran away just know from zoo.Kabir,that was funny prags,so tanu who is that guys huh that you r telling about i too see who is show handsome compare to kabir rajpoot.neha,guys he is too hot he is in our batch only but he never accepts any one proposal.P,i think girls doesnt have eyes so they are proposing him.suddenly abhi came towards them pragya didnt noticed him.Kabir,abhi you where were you so guys let me introduce abhi to you,abhi this is tanu and this is neha and this is pragya.P,you monkey.AB,you wild cat.T,guys plz dont fight again.

kabir, how do you know each other.P,kabir first tell how do you know him?.K,he is my friend since high school and you.P,he is that idiotic person who hitted my scooty.AB,dont call me that.P,first you dont call me wild cat.kabtanuneha,guys plz dont start againn.P,okay i m sorry now happy AB,i m too sorry lets be friend.P,okay friends.they forwarded hands for shake and their heart started to beat faster.thet all become close friend.one day tanu was about to fall from terrace and abhi see it and shouted pragu and he saved tanu and hugged her.AB,i am sorry tanu.T,it okay abhi thanks for saving my life.P,tanu are you fine? abhi left from there.T,i m fine pragya,pragya i think i started to love him.pragya felt a bit hurt but she dint show it.T,pragya you are very close to him please pragya if you are my friend please help me to make my love successful.P,tanu i would surely help you you re my friend na.Tanu,from now you will start your mission.P,okay miss captain.next day pragya meet abhi and she started spending more time with him to know about him.both abhi and pragya started to enjoy eachother company.pragya and abhi used to together everywhere by looking this tanu fumed in anger and she told pragya.T,pragya are trying to snatch abhi from me.P,no tanu its not like that i will make abhi fall for you.On the otherside abhi fell in love with pragya but he didnt wanted to believe he started to be tensed.one day he and kabir were talking and tanu was listening to their talk.Ab,kabir i think im in love with pragya but you know na i loved pragu my childhood friend and i cant love anyone else.Kabir.but you find your pragu na.AB,her mom told me that she died in terrace but i dont think so when i reached that hospital i didnt find her and doc told no any case was there that year.Kabir,so find her na but you told you love pragya na so listen to your heart.AB,you know pragu used to call me aboo i used to love it i heard that she too reads in this college only.At that time tanu became happy and when kabir was there she came there and told kabir that someone told her that her abhoo to studies her plz help me to find him.AB,listen to it felt happie but when had inside a hope that his pragu is pragya only.he proposed tanu and told her where was she and all.here pragya to realised that she loves abhi but she didnt knew that abhi was only her abhoo.one day came hand in hand with abhi and pragya noticed the same locket which she gave abhoo in abhis neck but she was confused as she said aboo to wear this only when they meet next time.tanu introduced abhi as her bf to pragya.abhi went with kabir for his classes.Pragya,how did this miracle happen tanu?.Tanu,you know he came and proposed me.P,yah finally i am free from your mission thank god.T,not so soon you have plan a date for us.pragya felt a little bit hurt.P,okay my darlu i will do it happy now.pragya knewed that abhi was only his abhoo through kabir.she felt hurt.she tried to speak with tanu.T,pragya its not like that he loves only what crap are you talking about?P,oh im sorry kabir told me so.at that time abhi came and tanu and abhi went.one day pragya was coming from her lectures and she noticed abhi and tanu talking.Ab,its not like that tanu i .T, now you dont love pragu also na.AB,yah i dont love her too okay.Pragya felt hurt and abhi saw her.AB,told tanu that he loved pragya not her and he realised it i m sorry tanu..HERE pragya was crying and it was time for welcome party to the freshers.At that moment kabir proposed pragya but pragya didnt accepted and she told him she was engaged.

kabir was heartbroken and this was noticed by abhi.he thought pragya accepted kabirs proposal as they were dancing.AB,felt hurt and told pragya that he wants to talk to her.ABhi and pragya both left the place and went to a beautifully decorated place.Abhi cleared all her misunderstanding.Pragya was shocked as well as happie.she too told him about she being his pragu and he felt happie.they both slept there itself near pool area in a sleeping chair(guys they selpt in diffrent chairs).here Abhi sees a dream where he sees pragya dressed in a beautifull red dress and he is dressed in a black blazzer..he sees they both talking to each other happily..A,pragya dont your parents say anything you being alone with a guy in night.P,no they wont say anything by being with you as i have shaid them you are gay.AB,what did you said? you and abhi started to chase her.they came out of hotel and were walking on road and he propeses her.AB,pragya i love and you are my life i didnt fell like this before being with you like heaven.will you marry me? pragya smiled and she crosses the road to take a red rose from an old man whose legs were not.she was coming with a red rose in her hand smiling and suddenly a lorry hit her she was admmitted in hospital her dad and his mom were crying her friends were shocked and he was shattered and suddenly a stertcher comes from icu he sees that she died.he cried vigoorously.suddenly he wakes up with fear and he sees pragya next to his sleeping chair he wakes her.P,ohh what you did look i too slept her now what should i tell to him huh ahh.abhi was just shattered.he was crying.AB,pragya are you fine?.Pragya,what happened to me i m fine i think you didnt get over of your yesterday hangover.come lets go home.AB,mom i saw a dream where i saw this and he told everything and mom when that accident happened i too saw same dream.MOM,beta its your illusion dont overthink.AB,pragya i saw dream and he told her everything to her.P,abhi dont take much stress it just a dream nothing like that will happen.at the very moment he proposed her and she told yes to him.next day, they were going on a date.AB,pragya be ready in 5 mins im coming to pick you.P,but why.AB,no buts and if whe are going on a date.P,okay and cuts the call.Pragya wore a red dress and abhi came and they both went to their date location.while abhi was driving pragya noticed a disabled man selling roses but nobody bought it she told him to stop the car he stopped.Ab,what happen.P,you just wait here i will come.AB,but prag..she went out of car and went to the old man by crossing the road.seeing this abhi remembered about his dream.pragya was crossing road with a rose in her hand..a full speed car was coming towards her and in nick of time abhi came and saved pragya.here hospital is shown icu is shown doctors are trying to save a patient.outside abhis mom pragya dad and their friend are crying.soon heartbeat stops and doctor comes with a strecher and the face is shown he is abhi and pragya has bandage in her head.she cries and tells its all my fault i didnt believe him..she cries vigorously.flashback ends.this is my story today is the only black day when i lost him..i lost him becoz i didnt believe him and i am happie that i am going to be with him and she jumped from cliff
guys this is a true story only somethings are added.guys this is my story how do you feel when your love dies in your arm and it just because of your fault.today is the same date i dont know when it will be uploaded.i loved him.his name was aarav.we loved each other from our first year of medicines.we both were living happily.one day he told me about his dream but i dint believe him i thought he was just pranking me as before.he planned a date for us we were going on date and near cafe after our date it was 8:30 in night we were comming out of cafe he proposed me to be his life forever i just acted as im angry on him and i wanted to suprise him.i bought a rose from a child and i was crossing the road.i was in the middle of road and with in a fraction of second i only remembered a car coming towards me and he came running and pushed me and told me he loved me.and then i was in hospital in bed.all were crying out when doc called us and told that he is no more.i was shattered and today i m living just in his memory to fullfill his desire of being a successful doctor.

Plz bear my grammatical mistake sry if theres any mistake i read all your ff its amazing mainly maya,sharanya,aditi,tisha,and others to.

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  1. This was Too Emotional ! Ending … I hav a feeling that I know u and u had written many before . But wanna tell u something Whatever Happens which is good or worse will surely hav A New Beginning . So Do cherish your life with good and happy memories . Hope for the Good to happen in the future . And do note The person whom u think is no more is actually Living More . will always be with u in some form Forever making u feel the same love that u r missing .
    Sorry if i did not mean to hurt u . If this makes u feel better then I am the most happiest person . Stay Happy Sis !

    1. And I wish soon U turn As A Happy Girl frm A Lonely Girl !???

  2. Shanu

    Supperrr episode and emotional too but don’t feel alone dii and he is always with you only In your heart if you are sad then he also sad right so please be happy and make him also happy OK byee with love Shanu

  3. Sabeenia

    Grant salute………..

  4. I am sorry for what happened but loved it it was a sad and an emotional ending . I know it’s very hard to cope up wid that loss. It’s hard to forget the person whom we loved . I hope u have moved on I know it’s hard but u should try it’s the only way we can be successful in life loved it
    My prayers r wid u may god give u strength to cope up wid it and move on

  5. LakshmiSiva

    Super emotional story, I am Sorry…. U hav to happy for him. The life which ur living is given by him. so pls b happy for him, Keep similing always which make him happy.
    We r always there for u… Pls move ur life happily…..

  6. Saranya24

    I really cried dear so sad but iam happy tat u r wrkng hard to achieve his dream rathr tgan any wrng decision iam sure he ll be very proud and happy nw love u dear and if u dnt mind pls reveal who u r atleast privately to me pls i hve to knw since u said u read my ff love u darlu???

  7. Ur love story is very beautiful sis…… Ending really too emotional dear frd…… U r Lucky person in world u get true lovely person but some years only….. don’t feel dear he live with ur heart now…

  8. Maya

    Its such an emotional love story and u have narrated it in such a beautiful way…but u should not feel as lonely as he is always within u and that’s why u are working hard to fulfill his dream. Thanks for reading my ff too! By the way Iike what Saranya said pls reveal ur identity to me personally too (if possible) as I feel that I have admired ur writing before so it would be my pleasure and would like to thank u again personally too! Once again don’t feel lonely as I feel he also may not like u feeling being lonely…instead be lively for him! Hope to read more of ur writings maybe in the form of OS as u would be busy now with studies so OS would be better choice!

  9. It is a very beautiful and emotional story….I felt like crying..but don’t be sad di everyone goes through difficult times…..I know that it is very difficult to forget someone u loved dearly but always remember that he will always be in your heart…try to move on and keep smiling…I think i may know u and may have read some of your ffs…but whatever it is try to be happy di…will pray for u..keep witing more ffs…!!!
    with love Ashika..

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