Kumkum Bhagya – Diamond Love!!! INTRO

Hey guys this is reshika again. I know this episode will get late to be posted… And guys i am relly happy for your comments.. Please keep supporting!

Comming to the intro,

Pragya: she is the daughter of a rich business tycoon who is now dead. Now she lives with her mom and sister. She lives a luxurious life.she is the second daughter to her mother. She has an elder brother. She knows she has a bro but she doesn’t know his name and how he looks like. She is a gynacologist in mumbai. She has a younger sister. She will do anything for her mom and sis. The only thing she knows about her brother is he lives with her nani. She has lot of faith in god

Bulbul: she is the third daughter of her mother. She is a game designer. She is a very stylish girl. She is a mad fan of abhi (rockstar). She hates traditional dressings. She will do anything for her sister.

Sarla: she is the mother of bulbul, pragya and unrevealed brother. Sarla left her son because nani told there is no one in the house to stay with her.when She was pregnant with pragya nani told let nikhil grow in my house and dont let them know that they have a bro.

Alia: best friend of bulbul and sister of abhi. She is a very sweet girl and will do whatever we ask her to. If u come to her as help she will give her life to help you. She has a crush on nikhil. Even she is a game designer. She loves her bro and hates her adopted sister.

Abhi: he is a rockstar. Loves to flirt. He has lots of girlfriends. Sometimes he forgets his gf’s name. He is a childish guy. He has a best friend, purab. He loves his sis, dadi, purab. Abhi doesnt have any type of feelings for his adopted sister.

Nikhil: he is also a game designer and works where alia and bulbul works. He is in love with bulbul since childhood. He is a very hardworking guy. He is also somewhat rich.

Tanu: adopted sister of alia and abhi. She likes her bro alot but hates her sis. They often fight. She is a airhosteress. She is a best friend of pragya.

Suresh: neighbour of pragya. He wants to rob all her money and property thats why he acts to be friendly with her. He wants her to get married to him.

rachna: wife of akash, sister of suresh

Akash: younger cousin of abhi. He takes care of abhi’s bussiness.

Purab: boss of alia, bulbul, nikhil. He is a very rich guy and lives with his grandma. He has feelings for bulbul.

Hope u like the twist of tanu’s character. Please do comment if u don’t like some ppl’s role…. Wish my ff would be a success! Ur comments decide its rating..


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  1. RiyaDcruz

    Nice intro yaar……
    Keep gng……..

  2. If nikhil is the bro of Pragya and bulbul how can he be in love with bulbul.. ?

  3. Good keep rocking

  4. It was awesome waiting for episodes

  5. Akshaya kannan

    It was brillant please go with your episodes soon dear

  6. Hey Superb Intro yaar….Keep Rocking !!! Waiting for your update !!!

  7. Cutiepie Achu

    Very nice… But don’t make Nikhil love bulbul… Becoz by this I understood that Nikhil is that unrevealed bro… If u don’t take wrong.. I will give a suggestion… Make Nikhil to fall in love with Tanu.. Then Aliya and Tanu fight would be awesome to see… If u think I am wrong I am sorry…

  8. Awsomeee…

  9. Very nice of u for making tanu as abhi’s sister

  10. It was awesome I loved it

  11. My question also same…nikhil is unrevealed brother of prabul then how can he feelings with bulbul…tanu is abi sister OMG wat a comedy but create it tanu is not his sister…tanu pair is nikhil…aliya tanu are enemy it nice not bad this….abi role flirting with girls ha ha ha let c how wil abigya union happened…

  12. Plz update soon

  13. Ur intro was nice but i want the episodes long..

  14. Wow really awsome i loved it

  15. Cute intro

  16. I agree with achu i want nikhil to marry tanu

  17. Yea reshika u should make tanu marry nikhil but dont change the intro let it be like nikhil is in love as a brother of bulbul not like love As a future husband and is bulbil also in love with him?

  18. its awesome…..

  19. Krish

    Wow great yaarrrr Tanu abhi’s sis haha nice intro nd i do hve te same doubtnd he loves hr since hr childhood how??……….but gud one yaarrr keep gng……………..

  20. Nice intro… Carry on

  21. Nice intro…go on…

  22. Sakshi(rabul forever)

    Awesome intro plz give rabul !!

  23. Reshma Pradeep


  24. super exited for your ff

  25. Guys im really sorry for dissapointing you with nikhil’s character. And i will not be able to update for 2 days because im ill…

  26. Omg feeling very bad for u get well soon!!

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