Kumkum Bhagya (Deva Shri Ganesha Special Episode) 11th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya (Deva Shri Ganesha Special Episode) 11th September 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Mr. Sethi thanking Abhi for completing album on his request. Abhi says I did it for me, as I have done for my commitment and that’s why I am the best. Mr. Sethi says yes, you are the best and tells that they are releasing the album tomorrow. He says he is keeping Ganpati event for the album launch. Abhi says it is good, but I don’t believe in God and apologizes saying I can’t come. Mr. Sethi says if I give you a good offer? Abhi says okay. Mr. Sethi says 20 lakhs rupees and asks him not to tell media that he doesn’t believe in God and asks him to do aarti also. Abhi agrees.

Aaliya gets angry on Robin and throws water on his face. She says you lied to me that Abhi is at home. Robin says he doesn’t know that Abhi went out. Aaliya thinks to call Tanu

but her phone is off. Aaliya thinks everyone is useless.

Abhi sees Pragya on road and offers her lift, says he wants to talk to her also. Pragya sits in car and drinks water. Abhi also drinks water and thanks her. He asks her about Ganpati. Pragya says Ganpati festival is my favorite and goes on talking about it. Abhi says I didn’t ask you to write essay and asks her to tell if she believes on God. Pragya tells that God gives us everything which we asks for, and if he don’t give then we shall not get upset or angry with him as it is for our betterment. Abhi asks her to get down fast and asks her to call God here for her help. Pragya asks are you joking and says I will not get any auto. Abhi asks her to complain to God and says if you want me to talk nicely to you at the event then change your belief on God else I will change my fan no. 1. He stops the car again and asks her to invite Sarla and Beeji for the event. He stops the auto and asks him to drop Pragya till the temple, from there God will give lift. Pragya smiles.

Abhi comes home and says I have two good news for you. Dadi asks him to freshen up first. Abhi says I will tell the good news first and tells about the album launch in Ganpati festival event. Dadi says we are happy. Abhi says I will call fashion designer at home. Aaliya comes and asks how can you go? You don’t believe in God. Abhi says yes, but Mr. Sethi offered me money which I couldn’t refuse. Aaliya says it is good, thinks if Dadi sees Pragya there, then she will be hopeful and will try to unite them. She thinks to do something.

Sarla brings vegetables. Janki says she has to rub the vegetable leaves to get rid of small insects. Beeji says vitamins will go away. Pragya is tensed and thinks how to inform them that abhi called them for event. She tells everyone that Mr. Sethi is releasing album tomorrow at the Ganpati event and that’s why Abhi wants them to come and invited them. They get excited. Sarla says how can we go? Pragya says I will go and see if his family come there. Pragya thinks from Aaliya’s perspective. Abhi asks everyone to come fast and leaves. Aaliya stops them and says nobody will go to the event. Dadi says when Abhi asked us to come, we will go. Aaliya says it is for Abhi’s betterment, and says we have went to similar event before also, but if he stresses his mind finding the similarity. Dasi says but. Aaliya says it is dangerous for him and asks them not to go. Tai ji says what we will tell him. Aaliya asks what is more important? She asks them to think about their own excuses and tell Abhi. Purab hears her and looks on.

Pragya eats breakfast. She calls Purab. Purab picks the call and tells that Aaliya has gone mad. He says Aaliya has spoiled everyone’s mood and asked them not to come to event. She asks if you are coming? Purab says no, as he is going for some important work. Pragya asks them to get ready and says we will go. Sarla agrees hesitantly.

Abhi comes to the event and looks at Pragya. Dasi tells Dadi that there must be something going on in Aaliya’s mind. She says may be Aaliya wants Tanu to meet Abhi at the event. Dadi says yes and says she will try to return. Dasi says Aaliya will bring her back and tells Tanu has started modelling again. Dadi says I don’t want to see Abhi with Tanu again, and says she will visit Sarla’s house.

Pragya thinks what to do now. Abhi sees her and thinks she must be sad as her family didn’t come. He is about to go towards her, but Aaliya stops him. She introduces him to someone. Purab comes. Abhi gets happy. Pragya hides her face and says she shall leave from there, else Purab will ask her series of question. Abhi comes and holds her hand, asks if she was stealing something. He argues with her and asks her to say Abhi ki Jai ho…..Purab comes. Abhi asks him to come and introduces Pragya as Nikita, Miss Hawa Hawaii….Purab sees her face. Abhi says she is fan no. 1 and will become my bhakt no. 1. Someone comes and asks Abhi to come, as Mr. Sethi is calling him. Abhi asks them to talk and goes.

Purab asks Pragya what is happening? He asks why called you Nikita. Pragya tells him that she is a receptionist at a company where Abhi has recorded the song. Purab says I am happy for you and asks why didn’t you tell me. Pragya says I thought I wouldn’t meet him after this album launches. Purab says Abhi is normal after meeting you and says we shall tell this to Dadi. She says Dadi will be happy now. Pragya says Aaliya will not let me enter house and says whenever I want to meet him, I will tell you.

Pandit ji asks Abhi to call his wife. Abhi says he is not married. Pandit ji tells that only couple can do puja, and says a girl with God’s bhakti shall do the puja. Abhi looks around and thinks Nikita will do havan if I asks her to do puja. He asks her to do puja with him. Pragya asks why as he don’t believe in God. Abhi says he is doing puja for money. Mr. Sethi says lets start the function. Abhi says he is waiting for special guest. Jeetendra comes. Pragya and Abhi greet him. Jeetendra blesses them. He begins the event by do aarti of God…..Jai dev plays………….Ritesh Deshmukh does the aarti, followed by Abhi, Pragya and Purab. Aaliya comes and sees Pragya doing the aarti and is shocked. She thinks how did she come here again and thinks she is getting daring now.

Pragya keeps modak. A woman praises the modak taste. Pragya promotes Mahek Show. She calls Mahek and asks if modak is made. Mahek says she has made all the arrangements. Purab tells Abhi that his album will launch during Ganpati. Ritesh comes and hugs Abhi. He introduces Nargis to Abhi. He performs in the show. Dadi and Dasi come to meet Sarla and Beeji. They greet them and ask to sit. Beeji tells them that Pragya went to work early morning.

Rani of Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani performs on the song Aaja Piya….Raja also joins her and dance with her Pashmina Dhaagon ke sang.

Purab comes to Aaliya and says I came to know the reason behind your act of stopping family member. Aaliya is shocked. She says if you comes to know about the truth then I am fine with it. Purab says whatever have to happen will happen. He says you didn’t want Abhi to meet Pragya, and told this story to family. He says Abhi is fine after meeting Pragya and says when he remembers everything then what will happen. Aaliya says they will not unite and asks him to see what she will do. She says Pragya will be nobody for Abhi and says it is my promise.

Dasi eats the samosas and says it is good. Janki says it is outside food. Dadi scolds her and asks her not to eat sweets. She gets Abhi’s call asking where were they? Dadi tells him that Dasi got unwell so she brought her to Doctor. Abhi asks about others. Dadi says I don’t know about others and ends the call. Abhi thinks what happened to Dasi and all family members. He asks about Pragya’s family. Pragya says they will come. Abhi goes to meet Purab. Pragya thinks Abhi is caring towards her family.

Zee TV stars performs on a catchy songs. Saira tells Pragya that she wants to handover Abhi’s release copy to her. She asks her to keep it safely and be around so that she can take it during launch. Pragya says okay. Aaliya hears them. Someone calls Pragya and she goes leaving CD and purse there. Aaliya thinks to steal CD and make Pragya’s image down infront of Abhi. She changes the real CD with fake one. Purab comes to Pragya and asks her to go from event now. He tells that Aaliya warned him that she will do something against her. Pragya asks him not to worry and trusts her. She asks him to be with Abhi. Pragya calls Sarla and comes to know that Dadi and Dasi come to meet them. Dadi takes the call and tells Pragya that she is missing her and says you might have got busy in work. Pragya says yes. Dadi blesses her and ends the call. Dasi tries to cheer Dadi and tells Sarla and Beeji that they will also come with them.

Pragya’s dupatta gets stuck with Abhi’s watch and she goes on stage following him. Abhi argues with her. Pragya says she was trying to get her dupatta. He apologizes to her for the argument. Pragya says it is okay. She moves back looking at him and is about to fall, but Abhi pulls her and have a romantic eye lock. Purab comes and teases Abhi that he is liking his fan. Abhi says she is cute, but not my type. Purab says okay. Dasi says now we will go to do Bappa darshan. They are in the car. Sarla asks driver to take right. Beeji says left…and asks her not to argue. They argue. Saira tells Pragya that it is their work to dance. Pragya says you can dance on stage. Saira says yes. Pragya says if I go on stage then my legs will shake. Saira says Abhi’s dance will be best. Pragya says yes, his dance will best. Abhi hears her and says my fan has stage phobia, never. Aaliya comes and asks Saira what they were talking about. Saira tells that Pragya has stage fear. Aaliya says middle class people can’t be equalize us. She insults Pragya and says I will get depressed hearing her. Saira asks Pragya not to feel bad.

Abhi is taking Pragya on stage. Pragya says I am afraid of go on stage. Abhi says I want you to face your fear, asks her to become like him. Pragya says no, I will go. Abhi asks her to look at him and asks do you trust me? Pragya says yes. Abhi promises her that he will not let anything happen to her and asks her to give her hand. Pragya looks at him, gives her hand in his hand. Abhi says lets do this. Aaliya asks media to stop clicking Abhi and Pragya’s pics. She threatens the media. Purab asks why you are angry? He says you tried to make Pragya down, but she is on stage with Abhi. He says truth is that nobody can separate them. He says I want to give free advice to you and asks her not to do same thing again.

Abhi goes on stage with Pragya and introduces Pragya as his biggest fan. He says she will sing with me on stage. He turns to Pragya and asks her to forget that audience is infront of her, rather think that they are in the room and she have to impress him. Pragya sings kyunki tum hi ho…….Abhi also sings the song. Pragya sings Tum hi ho….and looks at him. She closes her eyes and imagines dancing with Abhi on the song….O karam khudaya hai……

Pragya dances on the song Agar Tum Saath ho…..Abhi dances with her on the song Junoon ho main tera……then they dance on the song Allah Wariyan….Abhi hugs Pragya and smiles. Pragya’s imagination ends….Everyone claps for her song. Pragya looks for Abhi.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. where to watch this full episode guys if anyone of u know just pizza tell me ee. …. plzzzzzz

    1. amy watch it in yodes.net full episode

    2. U can watch the episode in desiplex.net or if you have an Instagram account then you can watch in episodes_clips or tsvidss (only abigya scenes ) accounts

    3. Amy, you can watch full episode in this website……”www.ozee.com”

    4. in zee tv app u can watch full episode in HD

  2. I meant plzz tell me

  3. Asmithaa


  4. episode was good abhigya dance was very fast.most of the part was edited.abhis white dress was not shown properly. it could be more romantic.

  5. nice

  6. Asmita, they again included Tum hi ho song and it was better than last time, as in the way Abhi starts singing and completes the song. I was thinking of you only while that was playing.

    1. Hai guys h r u all after few days u am commenting ya sahithi I watched it its really so nice I didn’t expected this scene so nice but I was really feeling sad fr upcoming episodes this stupid abhi what he was thinking at once he will be very nice with pragya and he is asking about most irritated tanu even he took her number what is the need to do like to this again this stupid aalia is already did her work to insult pragya and I think this time he will misunderstands pragya and aaliya will do her work thus stupid tanu will again enter his life which will be more irritated

  7. i loved allah wariyan moment at last ,i was just awesome they just amazing

  8. New promo out.
    New promo update- Aliya’s evil attempt to prove pragya as cheap and characterless.
    Written update-
    Pragya in office goes to a room for some office work. Voiceover says that pragya is unaware from aliya’s cheap plan. Aliya sends a guy to molest pragya and to prove characterless and cheap. That guy goes behind pragya and gets start molesting her, pragya shouts for help. Then that guy also gets start to shout for save him from pragya. Aliya gathers with office staff in that room and that guy accuses pragya to use him for publicity. Pragya slaps that guy hard and says that he is lying. Aliya pulls pragya and push her on the chair and about to slap her by saying her cheap, just then abhi enters and stops aliya by holding her hand. Abhi and pragya looks each other. Voiceover says that what will b abhi’s decision on this shameless accusation on pragya?
    Link for the promo-

    1. My god, why CVs are doing like this??? It seems, they doesn’t know anything other than to make Pragya as a characterless girl and abhi has to judge on it… Then the story moves around it. Same plot but in a different situation.???.

    2. Isnt he the same guy whom Purab hired long back to be model along side Pragya in a music video. Is that intentional by Aaliya to bring same guy or will Abhi get some flashes on seeing him or its just that production team got someone at random..

    3. by seeing abhis expression he vl definitely doubt on pragya for sure b coz he is a type of guy who does n’t knw to read the eyes of another person . just like his songs he only blive in what he sees

  9. Y always tis cvs making pragya to face all kind of cheap things. .they dont hav anything to show other than playing with her character. …cheee RIDICULOUS

    HOPE atleast this time Abhi will trust her…

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