kumkum bhagya – current story (episode 1)


Guys….I am fed up with this story.so I tried my best to post this story.

According to my story,abhi can’t divorce pragya nor marry tanu. He want to move his life with tanu but could not betray his love…pragya.he could not see her in pain.he was confused .abhi drops pragya in home and went to beach.he gets out from the car .he went near the water and thinks about his happy moments with pragya.he sees a girl sitting on the sand, he goes near her and sits beside her.abhi can feel that she is crying.abhi asked why are you sitting here.the girl looks at him.abhi can see that the girl is wearing chashma like pragya .he remembers about pragya.the girl says it’s my fate. Abhi says if you want you can share with me.the girl says my name aditi…my boyfriend betrayed me.and now I am alone.actually I am from London for my boyfriend.but he left me and cried hard.abhi consoles her.after some time,the girl asked why you are here.abhi says my wife left me.aditi says no one in this world is true.abhi says there is nothing like that.and moreover you don’t know about my fuggie. Aditi says fuggie.abhi says she is my love,my life .aditi asked him to say about her.abhi behind to say about their meet,their marriage ,their love ,their separation etc…

Aditi says wow…sir…osum..you are lucky to have a wife like her.abhi says I am not and says about tanu.aditi says I am sorry.abhi says come let’s go ..aditi asked where.abhi says come to my home.aditi says I will but I want a job.abhi says you are appointed as my P.A.aditi asked sure .abhi smiles at her.

Abhi and aditi reached mm.all gathered in living room.abhi introduced aditi to all.she gets blessings from dasi, dasi .pragya asked why you brought her here.abhi says she looks like my fuggie and she will stay here. You can cut the amount from my pocket money. PRAGYA says then it’s ok.
aditi asked pointing pragya as fuggie.pragya looks at abhi.abhi says no she is not my fuggie..she is mogembo…pragya looks at him.aditi says oh..tanu asked abhi to send her to hotel..abhi says no she will stay here.tanu gets irked and leaves.
pragya asked aditi to stay In guest room.abhi says come let’s go and holds her hand.they both leaves.rachna says di …it’s not looking good.pragya says I can understand but we have to wait….

Tanu comes to aliya and says about aditi.aditi comes there.aliya says nice meeting you .aditi says aliya ,i know about you .don’t show fake reactions…aliya was taken back.tanu asked what she knows about her.aditi says I know more about her than you.she want to destroy her own brother…am I right.she wants back her love.both tanu and aliya looks on.aditi says I too know about you…tanu asked me what you know about me.aditi says this child doesn’t belong to abhi ..am I right.tanu asked what rubbish..aditi says so this child doesn’t belobg to nikil.tanu was shocked.aditi asked her to be careful.tanu says so pragya made you to talk to us like this.aditi asked did pragya know about this.tanu says nice drama and keep it in mind if I say anything to abhi …he will do that..if I say that you are here to destroy my child by pragya ‘s words both you and pragya will be trapped.aliya says this too nice plan.aditi laughs…tanu asked why she is laughing aditi asked am I mad…you know one thing …if I say who am I too abhi..and why am I here..he will throw both of you out of this house.than dadi he will hear to my words…let’s are who win…I am not on pragya ‘s side..I am fighting for abhi…and leaves

Aditi in her room…thinks why pragya is behaving so wierd to abhi…first i have to find about it…

Dairy hears purab,pragya and dadi speaking…she goes to abhi and says dadi and purab are helping pragya ….their is something within them.abhi says let’s find out…

Hope you all liked …any mistakes please forgive me…


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  1. Its Something Different yaar……….Plzzzzz Continue……. & Update the next one soon…………..Its Really Superb……..

  2. Nice… But I am confuse….. Who is aditi and what she wants and how she knows everything????? Waiting for next episode to find out……

    1. Same doubt

  3. Very nice dear

  4. Nice yaar… It’s somewat doffiyaar carry on

  5. Nice storyline.

  6. If aditi is bulbul

  7. Super super….
    And I confused to who’s did aditi how she know verything.. I think she is bulbul…….. Waiting for ur next episode…

  8. Amazing but who is aditi to abhi?

  9. Nice yaar??? & same doubt as zari n shobu?

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