kumkum bhagya- current scenario (Epi-2)


As per request of ani and others…I am updating this…
the episode starts with pragya getting ready for office.Sarla comes with two boxes. Sarla;pragya,here for you and aditi.pragya,ma..i dont know whether she will eat or not.Sarla ,give her..if she likes let her eat. pragya,ma…I am leaving..as it’s getting late .
in mehra mansion…aliya was thinking…she thinks how to separate abhi and aditi and also abhi and pragya.aliya,why the hell she came back..it’s almost irritating me.I have to plan something big as such they three hates each other..only one person can help me in this..

pragya was about to leave when she sees dadi on the door.pragya gets blessings from her and dadi too blessed her.pragya,what happened dadi..everything is fine right..dadi,everything is fine unless you..missing you..pragya tries to avoid her gaze.Sarla too greets her.
pragya,it’s ok dadi..I can do anything for him..dadi,I know you are working in his company..pragya was shocked..dadi,that day aditi was saying about you..but I don’t have any clue but later when she said your name ..I am confirmed..so I thought to meet you..pragya,aditi is good by her heart dadi.dadi, yes but she never accepts..you know I’m childhood she is the one who is naughty..I could not control her but after years she became cold , pale and lost her smile …but after seeing you I am seeing my aditi back..thanks beta..pragya,it’s nothing like that dadi..it’s because of her.

purab and aditi were in restaurant. aditi,why you called me here.purab,just to romance with you.aditi in shock,hey you…purab,then what..always asking questions..aditi smiles and purab looks at her.aditi sighs what.purab, I am getting my old friend..aditi,when I changed that now you got your friend.purab, when you stopped smilling.angry bird.aditi,don’t call me like that purab..ok tell me..if you love someone.purab,what type of question is this.aditi,it means..purab,no nothing like that..aditi ,you are lying..I know you love bulbul.purab was shocked..how you know about this..aditi ,I also know about bhai’s marriage.purab ,about pra ..aditi,I know..I know pragya di is bhai’s wife.purab ,how come you know..aditi ,come on purab..I am not so dumb..you know when di was accused by that assistant manager I was wondering why he wants to blame di.I confronted him..I blackmailed if he never says truth..he will be off..he says that aliya asked him to do.I was taken aback..I didn’t believed him.with just confused mind I went to home..dadi asked me to get some stuffs from store room.with much annoy I went there.while I was searching a big frame was lying on the floor.I took it and was shocked to see their marriage photo.it confused me more.I searched more..I got many pics.I thought to ask pragya di but I know that she will never say true to me.while I was searching I saw a diary..it was written by pragya di. i know it’s wrong to read once dairy without permission but for my confusion it’s only solution right.so I took it with me.from that day I started to read.in that dairy , I came to know about her mother,father who left them and how her mother brought them about bulbul ,most important thing how bhai married her and about aliya ,tanu and their love ,seperation,di’s new avatar, bulbul’s death , pragya di left home and all.. I know purab..how can anyone in life will handle it.purab gets tears in his eyes..that’s pragya di …adhu..she is different from all.aditi,purab I know you miss bulbul.I am sorry for what aliya did. I know she is arrogant but killed a person is not a light thing.purab,why are you asking sorry when she doesn’t bother about it..leave it.aditi,we have to teach her a lesson purab.purab,she will not ..but aditi cuts him off.aditi,I will.purab holds her hands I don’t want to loose you too.aditi,come on purab ,let me try..I am not such a fool..till now she played with all people’s feeling now I will teach her a lesson..don’t worry..I will take care of her.purab, you are not going to change your decision..go ahead…and let’s leave.it’s time right..all will be waiting for you..aditi,one minute..where will you go..straight to home or ..purab,I will go to di’s home.aditi,can you take me there.I want to suprise them.purab ,are you sure..you gonna frighten them.aditi,come on idiot let’s go…

purab and aditi reached pragya’s home.aditi hide near the window and asked purab to ring the bell. he did as pragya opened the door. purab sighs aditi to come.she comes before pragya saying boooooo…pragya was hell shocked by sudden sound and sudden appearance.aditi and purab laughed at her as she dropped the milk glass.pragya pouts at aditi.aditi,oh..come on di. .it’s just a glassm.it’s not bigger than me.purab,yes di. .it’s not bigger than her and she is not useful than that.aditi beats him.purab says sorry let’s go in.before he could complete aditi entered .purab,this girl n.a…

sarla and r.dadi were arguing for something.aditi suddenly falls on sarla’s feet.sarla makes her to stand and she just said namaste and falls on dadi’s legs.r.dadi asked her to get up.she hugged her.pragya and purab laughed at her act.sarla, beta who is this..before neither pragya or purab could say..aditi ,I am going to marry purab.all were shocked of her statement.sarla in tears I am happy for you ..finally you moved on.purab,ma..aditi burst out laughing.pragya,enough of your jokes. .ma it’s aditi. aditi smiles childishly.sarla hugs her saying I am so happy to see you beta. aditi,aunty how can I marry him when ne loves bulbul.I know no one can replace her but some thing miracle will happen aunty.may bulbul return.pragya,enough …id your talks..why are you here now..it’s late right..did you informed him.aditi,whom..your husband.pragya in shock ,what..aditi slapped herself and asked purab to help her but he was not in mood to help her.she have to excuse herself.aditi,I said because..you are referring him right..so I got confused.pragya,I am asking about your bhai.aditi ,bhai..I..no…she looked down.pragya in stern voice ,purab drop her .we will see tomorrow.aditi,it’s not fair di. .I came to meet you but you are asking me to go.pragya,I said leave.aditi starts to cry.all gets panicked.aditi,no one cares for me..I am not happy to leave home.I dont want to see their hatred towards me….she holds Sarla ma’s hands.aunty..I never saw my dad or mom..but after your care towards me..I saw my mom in you..I have a request ..sarla asked her to say.aditi,can I call you mom.sarla was in tears ..she hugged her saying sure..you can beta..you are also my child…all gets emotional.aditi,ma..I will be here for sometime and will leave.sarla nods her head.to chear her all sits in living hall.they started to talk about random things.while convo..aditi places her head on sarla’s shoulders and she was caressing her.pragya was sitting next to aditi and was admiring her.purab and r.dadi on other side.soon aditi drifted to sleep.pragya was the one who noticed.she wakes her but aditi was not in mood to get up.purab,it’s ok di. .I know about her..she will not get up..let her sleep here.I will inform abhi. pragya asked purab to take aditi to her room.purab placed her on the bed and leaves from there.pragya sits near her.suddenly her phone rings.with no doubt it’s abhi.abhi,adhu..where are you..pragya clearing her throat, i am pragya.abhi,sorry ..pragya,her sister.abhi,oh..is she..but how come aditi went there and her name is pragya…ya I heard some where ..but I don’t know where..pragya,are you there.abhi,ya ..i am coming to pick her..message me your address and cuts the call.first thing he want to pick aditi next he want to know where pragya lives.with no desire he went to pragya’s home.he was about to knock before pragya opened the door which surprised him .she asked him to come in and takes him to her room.he saw aditi sleeping peacefully.pragya ,she was tired…so she slept.ma and dadi liked her.she was not in mood to leave .abhi,oh..pragya,can I tell you one thing.abhi ,ya ..pragya,I think she needs your care.you know what happened today .she narrated him everything happened today.abhi,I know she need a person who love her..who care for her.when my mom and dad left us..the last words of mom is to take care of her.aliya was grown enough to understand but not adhu.she is just a year old baby.after my parents ..I used to spend my day with her .I used to care for her but after times I changed..something changed me..I could not show my care for her.I thought she is different from us.she starts to fight for small things..me and aliya starts to hate her.we thought she was not our type. I know many times I irritated her and I didn’t care that she wil get hurt so these things made some bad memories in her.but now I had changed..I earned many hearts but not my sister’s.pragya,it’s ok..don’t worry..abhi,how can I win over her.how can I earn her trust on me.pragya,don’t worry..she will understand and will understand you.abhi,I feel happy ..I mean relaxed after talking to you..I have to say..I don’t know what’s there between you and me..but I am feeling strange feelings .pragya,it may be..abhi,ok. .it’s late .I think I disturbed you.I will take her .pragya,no..let her sleep here..no problem. Abhi,no..don’t mistake me..I will take her.I need to give her medicines to her.pragya ,but she is asleep.abhi,I know how to give her.pragya,then fine..abhi takes aditi in his arms and leaves saying good night.pragya gets a hope that abhi will soon accept her.

Aliya received a person from airport..it’s tanu.aliya,you can help me..you know pragya is back.tanu ,because of her ..I am too back.aliya laughs at her.tanu,I want to marry abhi..so if you help me..I will help you..aliya ,come let’s go.

Abhi reached home with aditi.he made her to lie and searched for her medicine.he took her tablets and carefully pressed her cheeks so that her mouth opens.he puts tablet and made her to drink water.she choks lightly but slept.abhi,always pushing me to do this..silly girl…he was about to leave when he heard aliya’s voice.
aliya,bhai..meet tanu.abhi was not intrested but smiled at her. Tanu was about to hug him but he excused himself and leaves.tanu was pissed off .aliya, leave..let’s party …

Next morning.
Aditi wakes up and sees herself in her room.soon her smile faded. She was about to get up when abhi entered with her coffee. Aditi was suprised.abhi,good morning madam..the your coffee.aditi made him to sit and sat beside him.aditi ,what special today..abhi,I prepared it..have a sip.aditi filled her eyes in disbelief and she sips. Bhai..really super..you know..I liked so much..thank you and hugs him.abhi pats her back and asked her to get ready soon and come for breakfast..

In dinning hall
Dadi was wondering why tanu is here.abhi and aditi comes there and greets them.aliya was irked by aditi.aditi thinks..I have to execute my plan soon…aditi,bhai..can I ask you one thing..will you promise you will do it for me .abhi,promise .now say what should I do..aditi,enough..I will say you soon..now I am leaving..abhi,but have something …before that she left.

Aditi reached pragya’s home.she saw pragya getting ready aditi, di come let’s go. PRAGYA,where..aditi,it’s a suprise for you..and ma..I am giving you a guaranty that she will be safe .Sarla,I trust you beta..aditi drags her and both reached mm.
aditi,come di ..let’s go.pragya,no I am not coming..aditi,di

Inside mm…
Abhi,what she gonna do ..she should not drag me in any issues.aliya,bhai.no think she is getting mad.abhi,stop talking like this.she is your sister…aliya ignored it.aditi came running.abhi gets up and marched towards her.
Abhi,slow down..catch your breathe.
aditi, bhai…I have a suprise for you..
abhi in suprised time,what .you gonna marry some one..aditi glared at him..bad joke. She says di come in..pragya comes there.all were happy to see her but not tanu not aliya.
tanu,what the hell is this aliya.
ALIYA,I dont know whether she is my sister or my enemy.
abhi,hey. .fan no..1.. .you are here and adhu ,did you troubled her .aditi smiles at him.
aditi, bhai..she is your personal secretary.
Abhi,what..are you out OF mind..
aditi,bhai..after that Incident no one gives respect to di. I thought that she should leave her job.and now because of me She left the job.
aliya,but bhai..we can get her new job right
aditi,exactly .that’s why I brought her here..bhai..why can’t she be your Secretary..aliya will be busy with her works and me too.how much we can work for you bhai..that’s it..you promised me right..
abhi thinks yes because of us she lost her job.I am too happy that she will be my Secretary.
abhi,ok as your wish. ..aliya,but bhai..abhi cuts off her, let her wrk. .aliya..all gets happy to see pragya back..aditi hugs pragya thinking my first step got suceed….

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