kumkum bhagya- current scenario (Epi-1)

actually I am fed up with on going episodes.so it forced me to right this episode.I don’t know whether you people recognise me as I have not updated my episodes. …soulmates forever.I am sorry for not updating ,actually it’s my worst situation and I also gave my prepared story to aju to join in her ff. but today I posted this because I could not take it anymore…let’s are what’s the current scenario. ..

This starts with pragya going for an interview to a music company.
pragya feels nervous as it’s her first time for a company that too music company.she had a knowledge when handling abhi’s things.but it’s different situation where she have to work for a company.with more thoughts pragya enters the office.she sees a young girl of twenty five’s sitting in the reception by talking on her phone.pragya goes to her and says she had came here for an interview.the girl looks at pragya and comes towards her and asked her file.pragya looks confused.the girl says I am manager of this company.pragya asked then why are u sitting in reception.the girl says there is no one to look after so I was siting. and if you are eligible I will give all this works to you and gets the file from pragya.the girl says you have a double degree then why you want this job.pragya looks at abhi’s postor and stays because for him.the girl looks at the picture and her asking what…pragya comes out of her thoughts and says I am his big fan …so..the girl says you are appointed .I am saira. pragya smiles and says nice to meet you.saira says you have to meet a special person.saira says abhi’s sister.pragya thinks oh..I am gone. .how can I meet her.sure she will make plans to separate me from abhi.it’s better I should leave.pragya gets the file from saira and turns to leave but saira says here she comes.pragya closed her eyes and turns back to look but she was shocked to see a young girl of age 21 in her jean and kurti with her cute smile waving her hand.pragya looks at saira and saira says aditi it’s pragya and pragya it’s aditi. abhi’s sister.pragya smiles at her to which the young girl returns.aditi asked saira to go and takes pragya with her to canteen.pragya was quite suprised by her behaviour as she was behaving normal ..not like boss’s sister unlike aliya she is sweet ,kind hearted like abhi.but her thoughts rosed asking but he has only one sister and who is she..may be someone’s daughter but who’s. aditi waves her hands and asked where are you lost.pragya adjusted her chashma saying sorry..mam.aditi says no need to say sorry and no mam .between us.call me aditi…and come let’s have a coffee and will discuss more.pragya smiles at her act and sits with her.

aditi orders them coffee and looks at pragya.aditi, why are yiu smiling like this.pragya was shocked by her question but then says you are like your brother.aditi laughs at her answer and asked is it..impossible.leave it.you have best degrees then why you opted this company.pragya says because I want to see abhi the rockstar for atleast a time .aditi says you are a true fan of him.to meet him you are leaving all your things..hands off to you ..for sure I will say to bhai about this.

pragya says no need..I will look at him from far and will na fulfilled.aditi says you are a different fan but I will help you in this.pragya, don’t take me wrong..till now I heard abhi has only one sister..how come you.aditi says you are proving me that you are true fan.pragya,actually I used to read about him.from that I came to know..sorry if I..aditi, no matters..ya you would have not heard about me.I am not happy with this.I don’t want to call me as rockstar’s sister ..I want to be Abhi’s sister.i am not his favourite like aliya ..I will not pamper him…we used to have lots of loads of fight..at a time I reached my peak and decides to leave India.both bhai and aliya were happy that there will be no one to stop their rude acts for money.but I am not interested in this.I left this home with my two set dress and a jacket and went to my friend’s home in London.I pursued my fashion designing course.first both of them laughed at me and says I will return once my money is empty but I not.I worked many park time jobs to stabilise me ..I had many days skipped my breakfast ,lunch and dinner ..I had cried a lot..of their behaviour to me..I didn’t hate them but I don’t want them to seperate me from them.after three years of my struggle I achieved what I want..I became a young fashion stylist and was in top 5. later I heard the news that bhai got an accident and lost his memory..he want to see me.so besides all my desires I came here for my bhai.I accepts MY defeat that I was wrong and was looking after this company. I have never contacted them but for a person..it’s my dadi..who truly cares for me.I used to talk to her in late nights. pragya got tears and says a big hands off to you…you had achieved what you want ..aditi says it’s not like that..don’t praise me more.pragya says you deserve it and says I told na..you are like your bhai.aditi gives her a fake smile and says ok..from tomorrow you can join.pragya says thank you..and if you not agree tooo you are like your brother.aditi asked how you know this much about bhai.pragya was tensed and says it’s due to the news telecasted. .aditi says ok..feeling relieved after sharing with you..pragya says ok..bye see you tomorrow and leaves.

pragya tells everyone about her new job and also about aditi.dadi and Sarla asked pragya to bring her home one day so that they too can enjoy with her.pragya was continuosly saying about her as like aditi.
aditi was saying to all in mehra mansion in dinning hall .aliya asked her about the lady’s name.but aditi says I could not remember her name.abhi asked her whether that lady gave anything to drink.aditi looks at him confused.abhi says you were continuosly talking about her for past two hours…first eat. .aliya says Leave bhai..let her speak..she only knows how to fall in one’s trap.if someone speaks cheesy to her she used to keep them on her head and used to dance…both abhi and aliya laughs.aditi gets angry and says yes. ..I will fall for one’s love but not like you..a stone hearted women.ya..I long for person who shows love towards me..because in this home dadi only shows love towards me..not you as a sister or brother as him.If dad or mom were now I would not have longed …I hate this life and leaves with tears. abhi looks at aditi as like others. he knows he is not doing a justice by treating aditi like this …some thing in his heart kills him for behaving like this to aditi .
in night..abhi could not get proper sleep..he went to aditi’s room.he sees her sleeping with tears on her cheeks..that had dried. he remebers of his mother’s voice to take care of her …he cries seeing his baby sister who used to come near him with lots of eagerness in her eyes but abhi and aliya used to avoid her as she is not their type. abhi thinks she never loves to live luxury like my mother..she is like my mother but we love to be luxury.this was a major difference between us and soon it makes a bridge between us.she used to adjust what she have not not we.I know how much she would have struggled when she left home ( actually according to abhi..it’s five months) . he could see pain in her eyes but he doesn’t know how to behave to her or what she likes.he wants to give her happy life but she stops him.he was feeling guilty for behaving like this to her sister and wipes her tears and went out of her room.

next morning…pragya was getting ready .sarla asked her to bring aditi to home for dinner.pragya says she is rockstar’s sister not some random girl..I will ask her but not sure she will come.dadi asked her to inform if she is coming before itself.pragya says ok and leaves.
in mehra mansion…aditi was getting ready casually and she gonna get hair and goes down.she doesn’t want to have breakfast or even to look at the rest of family.before anyone could see she rushed out .in donning hall all were present except aditi.abhi asked about her but bunty says she left half an hour before.aliya didn’t respond but abhi feels anger on himself and left from there.he knows that she will be in office and leaves there.
in office…aditi sees pragya coming and hugs her.pragya was quite confused but comforts her .she asked what happened and why you look worried.aditi says yesterday bhai and di teased me beyond their limit and starts to cry.pragya says it’s office and says it’s office and calls her.pragya wiped her tears and says you are good by your heart ..and good things will happen..nothing will happen wrong.aditi says but…pragya says no but…go first wash your face..it doesn’t look good or suits for you.aditi smiles at her and says ok..I am leaving.she turns to leave but looks at pragya.pragya asked how what..aditi ,can I call you as di? PRAGYA was overwhelmed by her word and nods yes.she thinks about bulbul but had a smile.aditi hugs her saying thank you and leaves from there happily.
PRAGYA was doing her work when she sees all of them running towards aditi’s cabin.she was confused and goes there.she was shocked to see aditi lying on the ground and sees all were standing including saira.she walks towards her and placed her head on her lap and pats her cheeks.she shouts to bring water.
Abhi comes there with aliya.aliya was busy on her phone she went straightly not looking at the scene.but abhi sees the crowd and goes towards them.he was shocked to see aditi on the floor.he rushed to her but sees a lady in her beautiful pink chudidar was caring for her.crying for her to get up.he thinks aditi’s own sister or brother have no feelings for her but she have.he slowly parched towrds them and kneeled before aditi.pragya didn’t looked at abhi but her heart starts to beat faster.while saira gives water to pragya ,she says abhi sir…pragya looked at him..his eyes with pain and tears .by looking at his eyes She could say he is hearted and how much he loves his sister.she knows there is quite misunderstandngs between them..abhi looked at pragya and was mesmerized by her beauty.pragya sprinkled water on aditi and she opened her eyes.abhi supports her to get up and aditi looks at pragya with smile.pragya asked did you had your breakfast…abhi says you didn’t right…you left in anger ,he gestures all to go but aditi holds Pragya’S hands. PRAGYA wants to leave as brother and sister will have their personal matter but aditi was not in mood to leave her.abhi without minding pragya,he asked you were anger on me right..then why are you showing your anger on food. It will spoil your health.see how weak you are..can we go to doctor.pragya says no need…first have your breakfast…then you both can speak abkut your matter.abhi asked who are you to order me.pragya says I am not ordering but giving a suggestion and by the way I am her di Abhi asked di. ..and looks at aditi.aditi was controlling her laugh of abhigya fights.abhi says oh..you are her di means them I am her brother…I know what to do..come let’s go adhu.aditi fakes her anger.abhi asked you will not come right.aditi nods no.abhi says I know how to take you.he gets up and takes her in his arms.aditi burst in laughter saying cheater and beats him.pragya smiles at their childish behaviour.

Abhi arguing with aditi enters his cabin.abhi placed aditi on the sofa where aliya was sitting on Abhi’s chair.aliya thinks what happened.they both look happy and wonders what happened.abhi says can I order something special for you.aditi says no..I need alu parotta.abhi says where to buy these stuffs..come on have a nice cheesy filled pizza.aditi says no..no..I need…only.aliya says how are you behaving aditi.you are not a kid.better eat what is available…and you are a master in adjusting right.abhi asked aliya to keep quite as it’s office and murmers to her that he wants aditi to eat because she is in hunger from last night.aliya gets anger because she feels that his bhai started supporting ,pampering aditi a lot..though aditi was her sister she doesn’t want abhi and aditi to join and thinks she must do something to keep them away from each other and says I can’t think anything here..I should go home and leaves in anger.abhi didn’t noticed when aliya left as he was busy in arguing with aditi.pragya comes there with a tray.aditi says di and rushed to her.she sees the plate.it’s her aloo parotta.abhi feels relief and asked her to eat.he thanks her and sits near aditi. ADITI makes pragya to sit and asked how di you get this..it’s super..beyond the words.pragya smiles at her and says it was made by my ma..aditi asked her to thank her mother and pragya says I was talking about you yesterday ,so my ma asked me to give this to you…but I don’t know whether you will have or not after seeing your eagerness i brought it.abhi thanks pragya for helping him and also her mother.aditi feeds abhi by her hands and abhi too accepts it.she also feeds pragya but pragya denies but aditi being stubborn makes her to eat .abhi looks at her who is pouring all her love to both of them and hugs her saying sorry.aditi too hugs him saying it’s ok..pragya snapped a picture of both and saves it.aditi tells abhi that pragya is biggest fan of him.abhi smiles at her and says she will be and aditi says she will do her works by seeing your posters. .she used to talk with that too.abhi smiles at her and says he is impressed.pragya thinks ,why not abhi remebers anything and thinks I am now a fan to him.but it’s ok..whether he remembers me or not but I am happy near him.abhi,why I feel like I met her before…why I am feeling restless by seeing her eyes.no..abhi..she is just your fan and good friend of your sister so behave properly. Abhi asked aditi whether she finished her breakfast.aditi nods yes and thanks pragya for the yummy breakfast.pragya says no thanks between sisters and says I am leaving.abhi too says let’s leave as you are not feeling well.aditi too agrees with him as she was feeling weak.
Aliya comes to abhi’s cabin to take her purse but was shocked to see pragya.pragya was also equally shocked.abhi introduced pragya to aliya.aliya wonders how abhi is reacting normal after meeting bhai.this means it doesn’t affect him…but no one should know about this .abhi and aditi leaves from there.aliya start a to mock at pragya but pragya ignores her.aliya thinks I have to keep pragya away..I have to prove her bad in abhi’s eyes and plans some thing with ajay, assistant manager of the company.he too agrees.
In night ,abhi was thinking about pragya and pragya thinking about abhi.abhi thinks how she cares for his sister.aditi comes there and shocks him.abhi acts to be shocked and both laughed.abhi asked tell me one thing..woh. .your friend..I had not noticed her..that pink chudi with chashma…aditi asked you said you never noticed but saying this much things…actually bhai..it’s pragya di.she is double degree holder.abhi asked really.aditi nods yes and says she works here for you.abhi asked what..she wants to work with you bhai..you know Sr is your true fan…abhi says no 1 fan.aditi pokes him.abhi says how its time to sleep.aditi says I am going to sleep with dadi as it’s long time and runs before abhi stops her.abhi thinks he missed all her crazy acts and smiles at her.
In morning…abhi and aditi entered office and sees pragya staring at abhi’s photo.aditi teased her but abhi stares at pragya.pragya tries to leave but aditi was not in mood to leave her.abhi asked her not to embarace pragya.aliya sees this and thinks today you will loose everything.
PRAGYA was marching towards aditi’s room when some one pulled her towards a dark room.pragya was shocked to see ajay. He starts to open his shirt buttons.pragya tries to leave but he holds her hands and pushed her to ground. Aliya goes to abhi’s room and informs abhi and aditi that pragya is taking their advantage in wrong way and asked them to come.aditi didn’t believe as abhi they left to ya room.while ajay hears foot steps he makes pragya on him and shouts to leave.pragya was shocked by his sudden behaviour and was shocked to see abhi,aditi and all staffs.all starts to talk bad about pragya.ajay too complains about pragya.aditi goes beside .aliya starts to talk about pragya’s character so cheap.pragya knows it’s her plan but could not defend her.abhi stands beside aditi and aditi asked him to look at her phone.abhi was suprised Nd smiles at her smartness and aditi asked abhi to save pragya .abhi gives her a smile and defends for pragya that ajay had already tried to rape a girl because of that his wife got divorce from him and asked pragya to slap him.pragya to slapped him and felt happy that abhi believed her.she knows that aditi is behind this and thinks one sister wants to ruin her but another one wants to save her.abhi asked her not to thank him.pragya says I will not say as you neved did anything..my adhu did this.abhi says adhu..and looks at her.aditi giggled at abhi’s expression .purab comes there and was shocked to see pragya but he tried to act infront of them.aditi hugs him saying you became fat and pokes on his stomach.purab acts to be hurt and hugs her.aditi asked this much time you took to meet your best friend and said i am angry on you fakes her anger.purab says acha…and tickles her.aditi laughs and beats him.aliya was in anger and left from there.aditi introduced pragya to purab and both shakes their hands as they never met.purab says oye. .angry bird. ADITI burst in anger.purab says you itself say bhai..it suits her or not.abhi says don’t pull me..aditi beats purab and all leaves
PURAB offered pragya that he will drop her.purab says about aditi and her good things.abhi and aditi were on their way and both were having a talk about pragya.now abhi is liking to have pragya on his side.

Precap: aditi knows about pragya’s truth. She tells abhi that pragya can work as his personal assistant.will abhi agree. ..will aliya be silent..let’s see..

How is my episode..tell me what you feel about this..in this I tried to show more about aditi and abhi. From next episode abhigya will be focussed …did you like their brother – sister bond..then I will give more..it’s in your hands..

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