kumkum bhagya (creative maha episode of imagination)


the episode starts with dasi says to everyone that we will play a game to entertain us she says everybody were very happy so the game was based on innovation and co-operation it is a cooking game within 2 hours any body can participate but they should be an loving couples and from them two couples will be declared as the best couples

dasi arranges everything to the participants while that time sharukh khan and ajith kumar arrives to the party they congratulate abhi and dasi declares an idea she said to sharukh and ajith that they should be the judges the participants are abhi-pragya ronnie-payal purab-bulbul akash – rachnna they start the game

ABHI-PRAGYA: abhi says we have to do something innovative pragya says we will do a sweet abhi says we will do apple jamun they laughed at the dish name

PURAB-BULBUL: they decided to do paneer pulav

RONNIE-PAYAL : Payal said that she didn’t know to cook ronnie says we can do maggie

AKASH RACHNA – they decided to do fruit halwa
dasi stops the timer they submit the foods on the judges table everybody tastes the food sharukh and ajith said to akash-rachna and payal ronnie little bit innovation is missing so all of them declared abhi – pragya and purab – bulbul as the BEST COUPLES seeing this sarla maa was very happy
at abhi’s room pragya gets phone call from rk she scolded him nicely abhi sees her and tells to whom she is speaking pragya says to abhi that rk is my college friend (according to my track)he is blackmailing me with fake photos abhi says i trust you

abhi and pragya trace rk phone number and went to his home abhi slaps him and asks for wat you are doing this he says tanu made me to do this my mother is admitted in hospital so for money i did this abhi gives him money and rk apologizes to pragya pragya says that you are always my friend if you want any help you can ask me
abhi leaves pragya in his house and says he had a small work pragya asks him to come soon

abhi in tanu’s house says to her that how dare you will plan to seperate me and pragya nikhil arrives he says to nikhil that your wife is disturbing my life he says everything to nikhil and nikhil apologizes to abhi nikhil tells tanu to apologize to him tanu with arrogant face says sorry abhi wents out

pragya’s stomach came out it is near to delivery abhi takes care pragya very well they discuss their baby names and cute talks

Precap : pragya is shouting with pain abhi and the family admits pragya in hospital abhi informs pragya’s family

guys and viewers sorry for the inconvenience i am unable to post my article due to heavy rain and network problem i finished rk track and i am going to start new track hope you like it

Credit to: reji

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  1. It is nice reji… Keep going…

  2. thanks achu just my dream only

  3. Thala epdi ithula vantharu

    1. srimathi just for joke and imagination

  4. It was interesting! 😀 kitchen super star ft. Ajith&sharukh 😛 nice idea reji. Keep going! Abhiyaaaa ♡

  5. guys thanks for your positive response

  6. guys when school reopens i can update only saturday and sunday so sorry for the inconvenience keep posting your comments

  7. Thanks yum srk yum ah .. Super ji super jo

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