kumkum bhagya (creative episode of imagination) Episode 2

guys really very sorry for the inconvenience i am unable to continue my article because of this heavy rain networks are down and chennai is drenched in rain
now i am continuing my article from after the naming ceremony track and really thanks for your opinion and support

the episode starts with pragya saying to purab bulbul and dadi that how did aliya know that i have delivered twins dadi says yes i too have this doubt and pragya says when abhi says that she can stay she smiled with a vigorous face purab and bulbul are shocked bulbul says with some revenge in her mind only she came to this house anyway keep an eye on her purab and dadi too alert pragya bulbul says ok bye di dadi and pragya says take care

jhanki says to sarla that everything is going well and it should be like this sarla says i am very happy purab and bulbul says i too happy for pragya di suddenly she feels like vomiting and runs to washroom sarla and purab are shocked they thought that it is food poisoning they called the doctor doctor says happy news that bulbul is pregnant sarla and purab are excited sarla calls pragya and she too drenched with joy pragya says i am coming purab kisses on bulbul forehead she says i am going to become dad they hug each other

pragya rushes to the hall she calls everybody in the house she says that bulbul and purab are going to become parents dadi and abhi and everybody in the family were so happy dadi says abhi take pragya to her home abhi says of course dadi i want to see purab too they were happy but at the other side aliya is crying so much she calls tanu and says everything tanu says don’t worry aliya i and nikhil are with you patience is more important i also got so much angry with them we have to do something that they should not forget till their life aliya says this our time they are so happy here know this for till some time and i will leave that four of them (abhi pragya purab bulbul)

abhi and pragya came there she hugs sarla sarla says how is my naughty friends abhi says they are with dadi and she told to greet you pragya hugs bulbul and purab hugs abhi they congratulate them abhi says we are finallly to our destination they four hug each other abhi says i am going to give party to all of you in star hotel he calls a hotel manager he says i need a hall on sunday hotel manager agrees abhi informs dadi too

dadi informs all of them that abhi is going to give party on coming sunday hearing this aliya gets angry she goes to tanu’s home

aliya reaches tanu’s home she hugs tanu she says they are so happy and i can’t tolerate this nikhil arrives he says don’t worry aliya aliya tells they are going to arrange a party on coming sunday and this is the nice chance aliya says the plan while saying this somebody hears it behind the curtains and goes

Precap: bulbul says to purab we are going to start a new life with our child they have their emotional talk abhi says to pragya we are made for each other pragya says yes it’s true they have an eyelock

guys i am soon going to end this ff after this aliya’s plan track and because of whom tanu’s baby has been affected if you like this ff and want me to continue this means please share your opinion in the comment box and i hope you will like it and give positive response

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  1. Ya sure. Plz continue plz. Ur ff z very interesting and fabulous. But why r u ending it so early. Plz atleast till Purbul children u can show na.plz don’t end it early.some new twist should be there in abhigya and Purbul’s life.

    1. Ya I am trying for it sahima sure I will try to do it

  2. hey its very nice y u want to end it soo early plz continue it

    1. ya pavani if i got the track definitely i will continue it

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