kumkum bhagya – CONTRACT MARRIAGE

Hi guys. …it’s aditi here..I know you are angry on me for not updating the forced marriage..but here comes a contract marriage. I know I am quite funky in keeping names..so it’s gonna be a romantic love story …ofabhigya..
Read and adore..
Let’s get into the story…
Darkness cannot drive out darkness:
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate:
only love can do that.

ABHI- A famous rockstar falls for a girl after realising his love for her after many hurdles..will she accept him…get into the story to know more…

” today I have to meet him.I am really feeling nervous but why should I…I will not? Yes he is a stranger to me but ma will not understand what I am feeling.how can I marry a Punjabi…being tamilian..I mean pure Brahmins, how can I..but how ma got convinced…bulbul too joined with her.and dadi too….you are confused right..let me introduce myself .I am pragya swaminathan.a pure Brahmin. My father died when I was young. Me ,my ma ( Sarla ) ,my dadi,my small sister  ( bulbul ) and care taker, jhanki ma and her daughter ( purvi ). I finished my MBBS and I am working in a multispeciality hospital as a chief doctor in London. Ya I want to be far from my family so that I can achieve my dream.I am cardiologist .it’s my small age dream because though I could not  get my appa back who died in heart attack but now I am able to help many people.My dream or aim is to build a hospital and to help poor.I know it may look like a speech but it’s true.I didn’t mean i am not intrestef In marriage but I need some time.time to achieve my goal.but my family is not getting my point.they are eager to finish my marriage.I even don’t know whats his name.see he messaged me to come here but it’s almost an hour.what he thinks about me..I too have many works..more than hundred patients to see…he is wasting my time.I know he is world’s rockstar but it doesn’t means he can be late.I know about my sister,she is also in amma’s side because rockstar is her favourite.she wants to see his concerts so she is pushing me to this relation.I am totally confused and after meeting him I could take a right decision but how could I find him.ya. he is world’s rockstar but I don’t know about him.I don’t know what’s his name too..let me wait here till he arrives.”

     ”  Ha ..she doesn’t have punctual time.she is making the rockstar to wait for her.what she is thinking about herself .i know she is a doctor but she has to be in time right..ya guys I am abhi the rockstar. I am here because of my dadi.my dadi is forcing me to marry a girl of her choice.I don’t know her name too..but my dadi liked her.whole world is fan for me but my dadi is fan for her.I don’t know what magic she did on my dadi. First I have to look at her and then I should decide.”
     Abhi was sitting there and opposite to him pragya was sitting .both were looking at the watch and door.Abhi looks at pragya and smiles .pragya too smiles at him and looks at the door.suddenly both gets the call from respective person and walks to opposite direction.

Phone conversation
PRAGYA to bulbul
Abhi to aliya…

PRAGYA,  enna ammu idhu ( what’s this ) …you know how much time I am waiting here you know..I know he is a rockstar but it’s not fair bulbul ..I am leaving..that’s it ..I too have work right.

Abhi, aliya…enough is enough..am I looking like a joker to you all.I know dadi likes her but how can she be so irresponsible. I am waiting for her more than an hour…but till now she haven’t reached.how much time will she take.and how much time I should wait…I am leaving. .

PRAGYA,( inga taa irukara ) what he is here..his family informed you. .but I could not find him.

Abhi, what she is here.  But why she didn’t reached me..is she testing my patience.

Pragya,  he is wearing white shirt..but how could I find him..many of them are wearing white.

Abhi, she is wearing blue colour saree..he thinks oh..that girl who sits opposite to him wearing blue saree with black sleeveless blouse.he says I found her…and cuts the call.

    Pragya was talking to bulbul when she sensed a hand on her shoulder.she turns and saw a tall man in white shirt and black pant was standing before her.she thinks it’s him who I saw opposite to me right..

    They both sat on their respective chairs.Abhi ordered coffee for both of them.pragya thinks to start the conversation.she asked how you found me..Abhi with a smirk..our people will wear saree right..and you don’t know about me.pragya nods no.
Abhi thinks …oh ho..abhi whole world knows about you but not her..but why..let me ask..no..I won’t..that time the waiter comes with coffee.both starts to sip their coffee.Abhi,so did dadi told everything..PrAgya nods yes and asked I think you too agree with my decision.Abhi thinks what’s her decision…ha dadi told na..she will be working after marriage..what problem will I have..it’s her passion.Abhi says ya ..I am ok with it.pragya says so you are interested in this marriage.I mean how can a rockstar can marry a girl like me..you too deserve something right.Abhi, it’s because of my dadi..I don’t know why…she said no to Punjabi girls and she wants a Brahmin Tamil girl.
Pragya ,I know your dadi very well..when I am in India I had treated her .how is she now.Abhi, ya ..she is fine.pragya ,hmm.Abhi, so can you sign today please.Pragya was shocked. Pragya, enna sign ( what sign ).Abhi, what you told …pragya , muruga…I mean for what..you need my sign.Abhi, who is that murga..PrAgya in anger tone..he is Lord murugan.god..Abhi, oh..hmm.the sign is for you agreed to marry me and its a contract marriage for a year.pragya ,what contract..you think a relation can start up with this..did you speaker about this to ma ..your dadi. Abhi, I know you are too not intrested in this marriage as I am..and I didn’t informed ma..aur dadi.i have to achieve more in my life like you..i could not manage it with a family …so for my dadi’s happiness and your ma’s happiness we are going to do this marriage.after a year ,we can say that we both doesn’t like each other..and many reasons..would you agree with this.
Pragya looks at him ……

Hope you all like this story..if so..comment id you like….it’s time for a change…

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  1. wow super dear ………….

    update other ff also waiting 4 that also

  2. hello di and everyone

    yet this day i was a silent reader

    today i thought to post something

    and di ur story juz reminds me of the hit movie PRIYAMAANAVALE starring VIJAY and SIMRAN

    with much anticipation waiting to read ur nxt part

  3. Abiya

    Nice dr

  4. plz don’t confuse me with any other varsha over here
    i had always been a silent reader here
    this is the first time i’m commenting
    hope u’ll respond to me
    and guyz all ur ff’s are really rocking
    really waiting to read ur forced marriage di

  5. Rithu

    A very good start dear. Omg abhi asking who is muruga and pragya’s anger very cute

  6. Parvathy.s.nair

    Aditi di y r u not continuing yeh hai aashiqui…. I’m desperately waiting 4 ur ff… Hope u will soon with a cute episode of yeh hai aashiqui…plz di. …
    It’s request of ur choti…

  7. Sabeenia

    Rocking. ………big applause.

  8. RiyaDcruz

    Awwwssssoooommmeee aditi its lyk a tamil movie named piriyamanavala one of ma fav movie nd I’ve a doubt u knw tamil ??????

    1. Asmithaa

      haan yes… i was also thinking about it.. u are right.

  9. Shriti

    superbbbb plz give next episode soon

  10. Princesskrisha

    Superb I loved it pls update nxt part soon.

  11. Aditi I love ur fff but r u going to con tinue ur innocent love I am really missing it

  12. Asmithaa

    nice episode aditi..

  13. Aditiroy

    Thank you…so much guys…keep supporting. .

  14. Sandy

    Back again ?
    Nice one ???.
    Plz continue that Forced marriage as well.

  15. Super…..

  16. NICE episode dear.. waiting for next

  17. Saranya24

    Awesome yaar its like tamil movie priyamanavale but i knw u ll bring smthng more bettr than tat loved it love u dear????

  18. Hemalattha

    fantastic di.such a lovely love story will start between them.go ahead di.

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    Wow adi you are always rocking…… waiting for ur next episode. Plz continue forced marriage too. Keep rocking……. love you.

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