kumkum bhagya – CONTRACT MARRIAGE (Part 9)

Thanks guys for your support…and ani you can call me doll. .I too like it.and Sandy bro thanks yaar…so let’s get into the story. …
In hospital ,as  pragya enters all burst out shouting happy married life.pragya thanks them and asked them to continue their work.pragya’s close friend riya comes there.she hugged pragya saying happy married life buddy.pragya too hugs her.riya brokes the hug asking where is my treat.and who is he…pragya,ya. .sure and who…riya ,woh.. your husband.pragya thinks,what to do..should I say..no.”.his name is abhishek”.riya ,oh..what he is doing.pragya,he is a business man yaar..and leave that..we have to concentrate on work.riya annoyed, unromantic buddy. .pragya smiles at her saying ya ..I am.

      Abhi was thinking about pragya in his cabin.his close friends rishab, raina and purab enters .Abhi, hi guys what a suprise.raina, we are not going to talk to you…you idiot.Abhi,what I did.rishab, you married man..I mean you are a family man.purab,exactly..you didn’t informed us.Abhi, how you guys come to know about it..raina,dadi called me and asked me to take care of pragya…Abhi,oh…in oops reaction.rishab,now tell why you didnt informed us..we would also have joined that so called register marriage n.a..Abhi thinks they are mad at me for not informing them about my marriage. .if they come to know that this marriage is fake..sure abhi you are gone. Rishab,oye. ..what you are thinking..Abhi,guys sorry…it’s the only way I had.he explained about his situation.purab, oh..even though atleast you would have informed na.

Abhi,sorry bro..I can’t..next time I will inform you..raina,abhi..are you out of mind..what you mean by next time..you gonna marry again.Abhi,arey …not like that..if something happens important in my life I will call you three..that time you refuse n.a…then sure I will kill you three..purab,leave it..where is our treat..and we want to meet pragya.raina,ya..me too.Abhi, come tomorrow..let’s have a get together.rishab, ok bhai..we are leaving…we have an important work.Abhi,ya will see you later.

    In evening,abhi thinks to pick pragya but he doesn’t know where she works.he gets sad but he got an idea.Abhi dialled Pragya’S number.she picks up in a single ring.pragya,hello..Abhi..

Abhi,ha..did you reached home.
PRAGYA,not yet…soon to wrap up
Abhi,ok..give me your address ..I will pick you..
PRAGYA,are you sure..if someone seems
Abhi,it’s my problem..send me your address..
PRAGYA,ok and cuts the call.

PRAGYA,what happened to him. .sure something is there..he is going to pick me..really I could not believe ..Abhi comes to pragya’s hospital.he waits in the parking area.pragya calls abhi .Abhi, I am here in parking area.pragya,ok fine..I am coming.pragya sees abhi’s car and gets in.Abhi droves to their flat.

  Pragya’s Pov:After reaching our home, I went straight to our bedroom to change. I changed into a simple saree in case if someone wants to visit us today. The bride should be pleasantable all the time.As if she’s not a human anymore ! I should have asked abhi, if he needs anything to eat or drink.I’m such a bad wife, Am’t I? ‘A wife should take care of husband’s every need’ were my mother’s exact words.I made my way to kitchen to only to still in my place. Why the hell is he cooking ? What would I do if someone see this and think I am incapable of taking care of my husband ?”pragya, you’re here ? 10 more minutes and the dinner is ready to serve” he said smiling.”You could’ve asked me to cook” I mumbled.”Hey, don’t worry. I love cooking, if you feel bad come, lets cook together” he said giving another heart melting smile.”What can I help you with?” I asked him in a small voice.

He turned to me grinning and said “yeah! will you chop these veggies for me” giving me a tray filled with vegetables.”Are you hungry? Take some rest, I’ll prepare dinner” I said smiling.”No, I’m not hungry, you are. I know you would have handled many cases , so I started preparing dinner early” he said making my eyes wide. How the hell did he know that I didn’t eat…”riya” he answered my unasked question”I could have known, she is the only one who cares for me.. ” pragya!” Abhi yelled pulling me out of the reverie, I stared at him confused. “you’re about to cut your fingers. what the heck were you thinking about? Its my fault to ask you to help me” he said trying to control his anger.If its my ma,she would’ve slapped me already.Just wait for few more days pragya, he will slap you too. You’re just useless just like all told you. “Sorry” I whispered trembling with fear. His eyes went wide, when he saw the look on my face.

Almost immediately I was pulled into a big bear hug. Its not remotely intimate, Its something you expect from your parents or friends. Its comforting. Sure my heart was doing all kinds of weird stuff like beating fast, skipping its beat and most importantly driving my mind go crazy saying he might be different from others.If only its possible !” I’m sorry pragya . I shouldn’t have yelled at you. But you should pay more attention to your surroundings when you’re working and you should stop zoning out all the time. Just tell me if you need a helper, I’ll appoint someone” he said in a soothing voice. ” Now you go and watch TV while I prepare food for us” he added letting me go. The warmth that was feeling a while ago was now gone. I nodded and left the kitchen and went to the garden in the backyard to spend some alone time. Actually to clear my mind. I need to be a dutiful wife from now and stop thinking about past. It only complicates everything. I’m glad that abhi was not forcing me into anything, but what if he got vexed with me?

Should I tell abhi about him ? what if he think that I cheated him for not telling him before marriage? He would’ve cancelled the wedding if he knew about my past. Its all my fault. I blame bulbul for this mess. I trusted her but she failed me.A few minutes later, I went to check on abhi but startled to see a lady  talking to him. They were in a deep discussion about something. Abhi sensed my presence and smiled gesturing me to join them.i looked at her.abhi,she is my mom.i looked at him in shock.he never told that he had a mother…Abhi,her name is pragya ma.pragya it’s ragini ma.my head was spinning around.ragini, i think she is confused ..yes beta..I am your mother in law..I could not attend your wedding..sorry beta.I missed your wedding..I was about to take my mother-in-law’s blessings but she stopped me “You don’t have to touch my feet dear. You’re my son’s wife, your place is here in our hearts not at our feet” she said hugging me “Don’t do that again , okay ?” added sternly.’You shouldn’t utter a word infront of your in-law’s and listen to their every word. You should touch their feet and take blessings from them. If you ignore these traditions, you failed as a wife and daughter-in-law as well ‘ my mother’s voice rang in my ears.”Okay Aunty” I said in a small voice. “Aunty ? Who the hell is this aunty ?Call me mom pragya, you’re my daughter now” she said smiling.”Mom?” it sounded more like a question.

I didn’t even called my mother as mom . “Yes. Mom. And no arguments about this now. Sorry for intruding your privacy but I want to make sure you guys were okay” she said and added” Thanks for making my son cook today, I really missed his cooking. I love his cooking.” and winked at me.I stared at her in shock. Is she even my mother-in-law? I heard a lot of stories about evil in-law’s and how they torture their daughter-in-laws. But she’s different, the stories I heard from my friends and relatives are all trash. But what if this is all just an act?”pragya, come lets have food. You look very weak dear, you need to eat alot” my mom said serving food for both of us and herself. I told her to eat first so I could serve but one look is all it took me to give in.

The food was amazing and I couldn’t stop myself from moaning which leads to the weird duo to chuckle.Mom started to serve more food in my plate. I tried to protest but she gave me a stern look again. I finished all the food that she served with a lot of difficulty but abhi was looking at me amused. Stupid !I took all the dishes and started washing them. She came out of no where and started helping me. why is she so kind towards me? “Let me help you dear” she said when I asked her to take some rest.She left after chatting with us for a while. I asked her to stay here but she left saying we need some alone time to get to know each other. When we are in our room, I noticed that abhi was making his way towards couch.”umm you can sleep on the bed, its too big for me” I said looking down fidgeting with my fingers.”Are you sure” he asked and I nodded ” Thank you” he said taking other side of the bed.

Hope you loved….intro of rishab ,raina and ragini will give lot of twists….

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