kumkum bhagya – CONTRACT MARRIAGE (Part 8)

Sorry guys..I know many of them were quite dissappointed with my last episode. But what to do..this crazy thought came to my mind last night…ok..now getting into the story..

Abhi and pragya reached mm.pragya was in fear how she will face her family .what will they think about her.can’t she just wait for more days to get marry. But I did this for him..her thoughts were broken by abhi.Abhi,come let’s go. PRAGYA and abhi wuth garlands entered mm.both the families are in hall and they were shocked to see them .Sarla,pragya what’s this..yeh mangalsutra, kumkum..you got married..en ipadi panna ( why did you do like this ).Abhi, aunty please…don’t blame her she is not wrong at any point.dadi, abhi..what is this beta.Abhi, dadi,aunty I have to go to London immediately.I got my dream project.I could not give off the project nor pragya.as I don’t know when will it get over .I could not assure you that I will be back in months..it may take years too.but I don’t want to make pragya wait..same time I could not leave her too..so I thought to first marry and then to explain you people.and dadi today night we are leaving to London.Sarla ,if this the reason..you would have told n.a. beta..Abhi, sorry aunty and looks at pragya .pragya,ma..not to worry..I am happy with this decision.dadi, ok..fine.I am leaving you both this time but after your project you both should come back ..we will have a small function…Abhi, ya dadi..it should be secret one…i don’t want others to know about this rather than our members..dadi, ok beta.bulbul,but jiju I missed my d i’s marriage..it’s because of you..Abhi, sorry bulbul.I am in rush .Sarla, bulbul ..be quite..it’s ok beta but take care of her.we will miss you both.Abhi, don’t worry ma.Sarla,then we are leaving..from now pragya is your’s. Abhi, we will come to home ma..don’t worry…pragya hugs bulbul and Sarla and they both left.pragya gets tears but aliya consoles her.

Abhigya’s room..
PRAGYA gets inside abhi’s room.she looks around and could find many postures of him.she smiled at them.Abhi comes there from behind asking her what you are looking for.pragya got shocked and abhi looks at her .
PRAGYA,nothing I was just looking at things.Abhi asked her to get ready.pragya,why..flight is at evening.Abhi, ha..we have to get your stuffs right..we have to meet your mom and sister before leaving .pragya,ok..I will get ready.

In evening…Abhi and pragya got blessings from dadi and left to arora’s mansion.to her suprise her bag was packed by bulbul and purvi.pragya hugged both of them and Sarla ma and they both leaves to airport.
Abhi,are you going to join tomorrow.pragya, yes..I think there are lots of work …I have to go Abhi, nice..pragya smiles at him.both boarded the flight and it was a safe journey.

In London…
Abhi opens the door .pragya enters the hall.it was a luxurious flat with many people working .they greeted them.Abhi asked pragya to take a look as they gonna live there.pragya looks around….
After few hours abhi got ready .he sees pragya in yellow kurti and blue pant with matching accessories.she was looking pretty and abhi could not take his eyes from her.but he thought one thing is missing .he wants no one to eye on her.she forgot to keep kumkum.Abhi thinks whether she forgot or not want to .he goes near her.pragya was busy in checking her stuffs. Abhi asked her to wait and leaves to his room.pragya thinks now what happened to him and looks at the watch.he comes there and stands before her.pragya,what? Why you asked me to wait..see abhi..I am getting late.before she could complete her sentence abhi keeps her kumkum.pragya closed her eyes and was shocked.after he finished she looked into his eyes.she could see herself in his eyes.
Abhi, you forgot or you not interested to keep it.pragya smiles, hmm..I forgot..and moreover you said we have to keep it secret.Abhi, I told but it doesn’t means you have to go like…pragya ,ok baba. .from tomorrow I will keep ..happy. ..pragya starts to leave but abhi holds her hands .pragya sighs in what..Abhi makes the mangalsutra visible. PRAGYA looks at him.Abhi, I want you to be like this until you are mine. PRAGYA looks at him and says you are impossible and leaves.Abhi, why I am thinking more about her.why I want her to keep kumkum..I know she is pretty ,beautiful. ..I am falling for her..no I can’t…I will not..Abhi control yourself…..and leaves.

Both leaves in opposite direction…will their destiny unite them….hope will …let’s wait…

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