kumkum bhagya – CONTRACT MARRIAGE (Part 7)

Hi guys…hope all are fine..thanks for your beautiful comments and support…oh..shocked of pragya’s love…me too..but let’s wait for the true
The episode starts with abhi entering a cafe.abhi sees a girl sitting near the window.abhi, why she called me to come hear. Is there any problem..abhi moves towards her.he called tanu.yes it’s tanu.she turned around and said abhi. ..I was waiting for you …for long time.abhi, I am sorry..tell me what’s the matter.tanu, abhi promise me..you won’t get mad after hearing.abhi says ok..first tell.tanu, abhi I don’t know when ,how but I fell in love with you..abhi look shocked .tanu, I know Abhi ..it’s late but I don’t have any other option.please accept me Abhi.abhi , tanu..it’s too late.what will I say to dadi and pragya’s family.I could not harm their family and that will not give me happiness..sorry tanu.I felt that you are aliya’s friend …I mean ..my friend too but I never expected this from you.I am sorry tanu but its the truth.tanu cries and says please abhi..give me a chance.abhi says why can’t you understand. .I am engaged tanu.tanu wipes her tears and says abhi..I am sorry..I don’t know how this thought comes into me..I am really sorry for embracing you …you treated me as a friend but I took it as advantage..I am sorry abhi and hugs him.abhi too consoles her saying I am sorry tanu but you will get a better person than me.tanu, but I can’t loose you.abhi looks at her in shock.tanu, you didnt accept my love proposal but accept my friend proposal please…can we be friends.abhi gives her hand and both hugs happily.abhi says ok bye..I have many important works.tanu too leaves from there.

In arora’s home
Marriage preparations were going on.pragya was irritated to sit like a idol.she asked bulbul to take her out but she refused. PRAGYA thought if I sit like this..sure I will go to mental asylum and secretly leaves from house.she starts to walk on the road happily. She is enjoying the climate as it’s cold.pragya, I could not walk like this once I am married to abhi.I will not get this private space so I have to enjoy as much I can.suddenly she hears some persons laughing.she turned to see and was shocked.there is no one in that lonely road .and it’s becoming dark.four men’s are standing with their bike.pragya holds her chain and starts to walk speedily .but to her bad luck they surrounded her.although she is in fear she didn’t show off.she just remained quite.they starts to tease her.pragya thinks muruga..please save me..you know I am in danger but please help me na. .see I will come to your temple tomorrow.pragya closed her eyes and was praying when one of them holds her hands.pragya opened her eyes and looked at him and her hand.she tries to get free but it’s impossible.she shouts help..but before she speaks next word one person closed her mouth.they dragged her to the near by lane.pragya tries to free by herself but it’s not as possible for her.when one man tried to hold her dupatta a big stick falls on his hand which made him to shout.all looks at the side.abhi comes there.pragya runs to him .she hugs him and said please abhi..save me..abhi calls purab and he starts to beat them.abhi breaks the hug .pragya looks at him and distanced herself.abhi, what’s the need to come out..that too this time.pragya, I was bored in home so..I thought to have a walk.how do you come here.abhi ,I came to meet you in your home but ma said you were not there and we both are on the way to office but was shocked to see you..are you alright.pragya ,yup i am fine.purab comes there..purab, what’s the need di. .If something happened means. Abhi,leave that purab..pragya I will drop you..come .purab I called driver he will come soon.you go to office and check.pragya,no need..I will go..abhi, no way.I am coming..that’s final.purab, ok abhi..I will wait here.you drop di safely.abhi and pragya gets in .pragya,thanks for the help. Abhi, why are you saying thanks for these small things.I am going to be your husband.pragya, but it’s just according to contract right and looks at him.abhi stopped the car and looked at pragya.he could not utter a word.pragya,what happened.abhi,nothing .while driving, why I feel that pain when pragya tells it’s just a contract marruage.why should I feel.I only asked her but why my heart aches when she speaks like that.oh god what happened to me..abhi you are thinking too much…let’s drop the matter – he thought.they reached pragya’s home.abhi says if you want to go call me..I will take you.pragya looks at him.abhi says I mean if I am free I will come..don’t go alone.atleast call bulbul or purvi .pragya nods her head and asked him to come.abhi says no and asked her to go.pragya gets out of the car and abhi leaves from there.pragya thinks why I am getting attached to him when he will not be mine. Arey pragya leave this matter.she goes in.all were angry at her.pragya holds her ears and says sorry.all smiles at her after seeing her .pragya says ok…as a punishment I will cook for all.Sarla says no but pragya says please ma..I am feeling bored.Sarla agrees with her and bulbul hugs her.
Later at night…..pragya gets call from abhi.
PRAGYA,what happened..
Abhi, pragya I have to inform you an important matter
PRAGYA,what ..anything serious
Abhi, tomorrow we are getting married
PRAGYA,what…are you mad..I mean while family is preparing for that but you want us to marry soon
Abhi,I can’t explain to each and every one..I could explain to you…in was voice
PRAGYA, seeing his sadness, what happened abhi
Abhi, i got my dream project…you know I had been waiting for years but now I got this opportunity. I have to leave London soon..so I want us to marry tomorrow and leave next day.
PRAGYA ,I am ok..but how we can
Abhi ,we can marry in register office. Already you know we are married.for formality we can do and moreover it should be a disclosed one.
PRAGYA , even put family too.
Abhi, we can explain them once we are married
PRAGYA,I don’t know what to say Abhi..
Abhi, please pragya. ..accept for this..
PrAgya hearing his please says ok..tomorrow pick me from home.abhi says ok sure..don’t worry everything will be fine. PRAGYA cuts the call and thinks everything should be fine.

Next Morning…pragya gets ready in red and Orange shaded saree.bulbul asked what are you wearing saree.pragya says abhi asked me to get ready.purvi ,so my di is getting ready for jiju. PRAGYA looks at her and asked both of them not to tease her and asked them to manage mom.bulbul, anything for my di and jiju. Don’t worry akka..we will manage ma..you go.purvi gives her thumbs up.pragya leaves from there.she sees abhi’s car and gets in.abhi looks at her and was mesmerized by her beauty.pragya looks at him.abhi comes to his sense and says not bad..you are looking good.pragya smiles at his compliment.abhi thinks oh..god abhi..what happened..this girl is driving me crazy.abhi drives to register office.pragya looks at abhi.abhi holds her hands saying everything will be fine. PRAGYA looks at him and gets out of the car.both reached inside.abhi talks to his lawyer .both enters the officer’s room.he asked whether both are ready to marry.both nods their head.abhi’s friends were there.they both signed and exchanged garlands.abhi ties mangalsutra and keeps kumkum.pragya closed her eyes ,a lone tear escaped from her eye.abhi wipes her tears and says don’t worry and side hugged her.pragya gives a weak smile.abhi says let’s go.I had informed Sarla ma and others to come mm.hope they would have reached .lets go.you have to pack your bags.we are leaving tomorrow.pragya nods ok and both leaves after thanking his friends….

So it’s a big twist..both married…that too in register office..let’s see what’s their family’s reaction.what will they do…let’s see in next episode. ..sorry for late updates..

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    awesome awesome awesome aditi dear it was more than that ohh god i will be gng to mental asylum rather than pragya thinking what will hpn next and also why u r not posting forced marriage u know i hv been reading ur previous episode just post soon na pls love u and loved todays episode a lot take care and try to post forced marriage also .. ok with love, ur sis and jabra fan

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