kumkum bhagya – CONTRACT MARRIAGE (Part 6)

Haha..after a long time I am able to touch my laptop…thanks to readers ,commenters and silent readers. …hope I’M HIS CHASHMISH , pragya will have a part I think..but I am not sure about it..and you guys know yesterday I saw remo, the Tamil people who know..what a movie yaar…I love that hero’s dedication…really super. …let’s get into the story…

pragya was angry on bulbul ,she didn’t speak to her for more than a hour.bulbul was trying her best to broke her silence but she could not.only bulbul and pragya knows the value of ring.they reached arora’s mansion.
PRAGYA was the one to be stepped out and ran to her room.bulbul followed her and to her luck she entered before she closed the door.
PRAGYA in frustrations : wgars wrong with you bulbul..
BULBUL : what’s wrong with me..
Pragya: I don’t have the freedom to be alone for sometime.
BULBUL: ofcourse you have but …you rememberwhat you did..why the hell you didn’t remove that ring di.

PRAGYA looked at her and looked at the ring abhi puts her.she looks on the ring abd gets tears .she says bulbul ,what happens if he comes to know. .you know right..I am doing this marriage for ma. .if he says no..then what about ma..I am not prepare to say the truth.BULBUL makes her to sit and says di. .remember one thing..past is past .abhi jiju is going to marry you..and one thing nothing will happen wrong..and trust me you will have a beautifull life…and when you are ready to say ..you say the truth ok. .PRAGYA just hugged her but was silent to think about her future.
BULBUL made her to lie on bed and sits next to her.She just give her a assuring smile and says I want my di back and kissed her forehead and leaves to her room.pragya didn’t hat intrest to sleep.so she just stares on the ring on her finger.while that she heard a noice from outside.she was feared enough to see.she thinks to call bulbul but before that a big man in black dress comes inside. PRAGYA was not even have strength to shout as her voice is stucked.she thought to run from there but before that a strong arm stopped her.she just turns to see his face but to her bad luck he covered his face with hanky.she was about to shout but befure that the man closed her mouth.he mutters her not to shout and shows knife that if she shouts he will kill her.pragya nods yes and he removes the hand from her mouth.pragya asked what he want…who is he..the man says why thieves will come..to sleep..no n.a…pragya looked at him.the man says you are not wearing anything like gold chain,earings etc. PRAGYA says I don’t like to wear.the man says but I like to rob and looks at her ring.the man asked whats that..pragya looks at her hand and hids it from him nods no .the man asked her to give.but pragya says no..I will not..the man ,if not I will kill you..pragya then smiles saying acha. ..you will kill me .then kill .wait but why should I give my life for this worthless ring .she removes it and says have it…enjoy your life with this ring.the man takes it from her and asked you don’t need it.pragya,no..I never..it’s irritating me.the man removes his mask and it’s abhi.abhi, it’s irritating you..then why you are staring at the ring.

PRAGYA, I know it’s you..so I just played with you and smiles.abhi, how you identified me..I changed my voice ,my hairstyle everything…and you were somewhat frightened at the beginning..pragya ,aiyoo…muruga..I was in fear..but you changed everything but not this ring and looks at him.abhi slapped himself and says how can I and puts ring on her finger again.pragya, why you thought to put this tricks on me..abhi, to meet you.pragya, oh god…world’s best rockstar is longing to see his wife to be.abhi says I want you to be happy .I know it’s our contract marriage but I want you to be happy till you are with me.pragya becomes sad after hearing contract.she was back to her form and abhi looks at her.he asked did I said anything wrong pragya says no..it’s the truth right..abhi says ok..I am leaving now..nd it’s just for fun ok..and leaves from there.pragya looks through the window..till he reached his car.he waves bye to her and leaves.pragya, I m falling for him.why I felt sad when he said it’s just contract marriage. .its the truth right…then why am I…no I will not fall for him…I can’t …how can I when I love someone ….

Ok guys…hope all will be in anger after reading the last line. …so sorry for irritate you..but trust me..it will be nice…

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  1. Sabeenia

    By trust oly,v r waiting long to read ur ff…..as usual u rocked….

  2. oh god prags already love some one??? k write it soon!

  3. Reshma_Pradeep


  4. i cant understand
    does she love someone
    its making me mad

  5. i cant understand
    does she love someone
    its making me mad
    but the story is sprb yar

  6. Mukundraj

    pls be regular

  7. Nyysshh one.
    Aditi ? U know Tamil even I watched Remo movie its was fully fun.

  8. Wow nice sweet heart…

  9. Oh my god…what??? prags love someone…today abhi’s prank was nice as always he is crazy guy keep going

  10. I love it

  11. Nice cutie…i too watched remo mve..super flim…asusual u rocked it dear…pls update regulary cutie

  12. It’s really cute funny n awesome bt @last its interesting yaar…eagerly waiting for next part

  13. Rithu

    Very nice dear

  14. Hmm.. Hero is shivakarthikeyan… Heroine Keerthi suresh. I am very glad that u liked Tamil movie.. And I think u have a twist with Pragya’s last line…

  15. And sorry I forget.. It was a nice episode dear..

  16. Trisha


  17. Saranya24

    Realy cute dear not borng awesome loved it????

  18. Wooow u are back with a bang??? superb epic with an unexpected twist dear… Eagerly waiting for yr next part……

  19. Im his chashmish

    Ausum episode aditi

  20. Awesome dear!….

  21. this is asusual wonderful. you rocked even this one. its superb. not at all boring. waiting to read the next

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