kumkum bhagya – CONTRACT MARRIAGE (Part 4)

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Let’s get back to story. …
PRAGYA,ot god…I don’t know whether it’s wrong or right .but I could not see Ma in pain.the only way I could make her happy is by marrying because she had sacrificed a lot to me.it’s my turn to do.she prays to god and leaves .

A week passed.Sarla was now discharged and abhi is visiting her daily.though abhi and pragya had no more talks but abhi builds a strong bond with BULBUL and dadi.pragya was also happy that abhi is maintaining a fair relation with them.
It’s a clear morning ,pragya reached mehra’s mansion.she went inside and saw dasi, dadi chatting with mitali .she doesn’t know how to say she thought to go back but dasi hold her hands and made her to sit.dadi asked what happened beta..Sarla is fine n.a..pragya says ya. .she is fine..dadi sees pragya feeling uncomfortable and asked her to relax and asked robin to bring juice.dasi asked you came to meet…us. pragya says no.dasi, then in teasing tone.dadi, arey chup. ..beta..you need something..pragya,no dadi.I came to meet..( thinks) what should I say..I should say abhi..or him or inke) dadi, beta.pragya came back to sense…dadi I came to meet mr. Abhishek.dasi and dadi looked at each other and starts to laugh.pragya was confused now..

Dasi, Mr.abhishek…oh. .ho. ..dadi controls her laugh..he is in his room beta..you go
PRAGYA leaves from there quickly and enters abhi’s room.it was dark so she switched on the light.she sees abhi sleeping at the corner of bed.his one hand and a leg is out of the bed.she opened the curtains and looks at abhi.he makes a pout when sunrays fall on his face.pragya stands in between the rays and abhi …abhi smiles.she again moves.he made a pout.she smiles at him and sees he was about to fall .she runs to him and made him to lie comfortable but instead she falls beside him because he was holding her hands.he puts his hands around her and legs on her.pragya mentally slapped herself for helping him.he murmers, I love you
PRAGYA looked shocked.she thinks he is awake..or he is dreaming..abhi , I am saying n.a…I love you..don’t leave me Katrina…please.pragya sighs a relief and starts to laugh on hearing Katrina.abhi opens his eyes by loud noise near his ear.pragya starts to laugh aloud on seeing his expression.he looks at her and his position and pulled her away from him.

Abhi ,what are you doing here.
PRAGYA,I came here to talk about an important thing
Abhi, then what you are doing in my bed
PRAGYA, I am not the one who jumped on your bed.you pulled me
Abhi, IMpossible. ..I never do that
PRAGYA, it’s my fault..I thought to hel you but you blame me.. abhi looked at her. pragya,..you was supposed to fall I made you to lie but you caught my hands and ..abhi, enough..ok..I am sorry..pragya looked suprised , haha..today gonna rain. Abhi,why..pragya ,because world’s famous rockstar is saying sorry. .abhi says you are irritating me..I dont know how I gonna live with you.pragya ,first you fresh up. .I will arrange your coffee and leaves.abhi thinks she is very dangerous man.you have to be alert and leaves

After 15 minutes pragya comes to room sees abhi sitting on the couch.she gives him coffee.abhi gestures her to sit and says thanks.pragya ,don’t need to say sorry or thanks.actually I have to say for behaving well with my family.abhi , you are behaving good n.a. with my family ,so I have to be right…pragya smiles.abhi,what’s the matter .pragya,I came here to say that I am ready with this marriage .I accept this and ..abhi, are you ready..it’s your decision right..

you are forced right. .pragya nods her head.abhi takes the paper from his bed side drawer and gives to pragya.pragya read it and signed.abhi,so..finally..miss.pragya arora. .you are now Mrs.abhishek mehra.congrats.pragya smiles at him .abhi says I will ask dadi to arrange all things .pragya, abhishek. .abhi looks at her.pragya, I need a favour.I will continue my job.you dont have any proven Right.abhi, it’s your right you can..I dont have any problem.pragya ,thanks And leaves from there.
Both pragya and abhi says ok to the marriage.Sarla and dadi were the most who looked happy pragya thinks that now her ma will be happy.dadi too feels happy that finally her grandson is going to get married.

Precap: Abhi, no I didn’t mean that. PRAGYA, you mean that abhishek..waise bhi. .I am not your Katrina..don’t expect me like that .all laughs ..abhi was embarrassed. ..

So what happened…let’s wait..hope I didn’t forget anyone….thank you once again guys..

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  1. Yeah I know its funny but then leave it no probs I will call u as Aditi itself . Awesome epi aditi ! Waiting for the next !

  2. nice ff! its some differend kind of story! i really lv this caractors!

  3. Sandy

    Hellooo dear,? How r u ? I know its been a long time I left my thoughts?
    I like this track, though the general idea may be from film am sure the way you narrate will definitely be cool and it is cool so far.
    Of the 4 Episode#2 is my favorite. Each scenes were beautiful. #keepgoing.
    Scenes I ? : Blacksaree, bookworm, Pari calling aunty, park talking to abhi,

  4. Balasonika

    Super I love ur fff and I am waiting for ur forced marriage and pls do update innocent love also

  5. Hey sry yar..little busy..thats y not commenting 4 ur ff…anyway ur ff is gud..make it different kind of twist…i want to c abigya romance…they wil feel and realize both of luv..some jealous scene…

  6. B_Ani

    thanks sissy. that was a lovely epi my doll.
    and, katrina scene was funny. keep rocking!!!

  7. Im his chashmish

    Aditi you rocked it waiting 4 ur nxt epi

  8. Hi cutie,so cool episode…
    Pls update ur other ffs too dear

  9. Aditiroy

    Oh….it’s ok Rajesh bhai and Sandy. ..thanks for your feedbacks….I will work for it…

  10. LakshmiSiva

    sema aditi, chance illa,

  11. Superb Aditi u always unique…and funny ?

  12. hi sweet heart nice epi dear n waiting 4 u’s 2 ff………

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    nice one

  14. Aditiroy

    Thank you ..keep supporting. .


    Really good going dear…

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    Awesome darlu loved it precap is gud waiting fr it love u????

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    superb yaar… loved it?? are u 10th??

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    Thank you..

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