kumkum bhagya – CONTRACT MARRIAGE (Part 3)

Thanks guys for your support…and riya ,actually I don’t know Tamil but MY friend is Tamil ..she is helping with me in dialogues and moreover ani ,not to ask such questions..basically I am poor in conversations…so that only I could not reply for all comments…so if you want to ask anything you can drop it in comment box ,I will reply soon..because I am like amnesia patient..I used to forget some things..riya,seriously I thought to reply in last episode but I forgot…many things happened like this..so don’t think bad guys id I didn’t reply..ask me twice or thrice….please guys dont mistake me….

Ok there is a task for you..
What will you name me ..if I am not aditi. …
So my dear friends ,di’s and Bro’s ..answer id I am important to you..this choti will wait for your answers…sorry for not updating forced marriage because I am cracking my mind to what to do next …

Coming to story…
The scene starts with pragya and her family reaching their home.pragya enters her room and locks the door.bulbul comes after her and knocks the door shouting…( akka, enaku therium ne vandhathum itha tha seiva nu. .akka door open pannu. enaku en room venum…door open pannu)
di, its not fair..today you came so you snatched my room..please open the door di. ..there is no answer.bulbul shouts Akka please….suddenly pragya opens the door and throws her set of dress and accessories and says bye.bulbul catches it and says it’s not fair…..and leaves from there.

Everybody assembles for dinner.bulbul complains about pragya to Sarla.Sarla asked her to eat as she has came after many years.
Pragya: amma…na oru mukiyamana vishyam pesanum ( I have to say something important )
Sarla: aa. .sollu ma
PRAGYA : Amma. …and thinks ( I should not say about that contract..amma is having nice impression on abhi..it should not be spolied as their bonding is good)
Sarla: pragya…
PRAGYA comes out of her thoughts…
PRAGYA : amma. …nenga enna ninaikiringa…nanum abhishek kum ….I mean Anma epadi intha kalyanathuku othukutinga
( mom..what you think..me and abhishek ..I mean how did you accept for this proposal)
Sarla: first nan vendam nu taa sonen but avanga pati enna accept panna vachutanga ma ( I said no to this first but she made to accept )
Pragya: ma..I don’t think this will work out
Bulbul: en akka apadi solra ( why are you saying like this di)
Sarla : intha kalyanam nadakum …avalavu taa. ..and she leaves from there
Pragya: but ma….
BULBUL: ya..you should marry that’s it ..and she too leaves

In night…pragya could not sleep.she walks to sarla ‘s room.she sees her sleeping ,she went near her and sits with her.
PRAGYA slowly calls amma..but no response.she calls again..no response..she got panicked and calls everybody…all were trying to wake her but could not..they took her to hospital and admitted her.pragya and bulbul were crying ,purvi consoles them.
After an hour..the doctor comes out and says we have to do a small operation.pragya asked what happened to her.doctor says mild attack…pragya sits there lifelessly.she blames herself and says ok..we can proceed..I will do further arrangements..the doctor leaves.pragya and purvi clears all the bill and jhanki asked her to call abhi. First pragya denies but called him
Abhi picks the call.
Abhi: hello..pragya..what happened..why have you called this late night..everything ok n.a.
Abhi : are you crying..
Pragya: ma..ma
Abhi: what happened to aunty..tell me..see don’t cry..
PRAGYA : Abhi can you come to city hospital.
Abhi: ok. .I will…but what happened.
Pragya: first you come n.a…
Abhi: ok..I am coming.
He cuts the call and informs aliya and they both leaves to hospital.

Back to hospital
PRAGYA was consoling bulbul and was crying when abhi comes there with aliya and purab.when pragya sees abhi she immediately hugs him.Abhi was shocked first and don’t know how to react.he placed his hands on her shoulders and consoles her.aliya sits near bulbul and both hugs each other.purab sits with purvi .
Abhi: what happened..aunty is fine n.a…
PRAGYA : no..she is not and breaks the hug.
Abhi wiped her tears and takes her with him sighing purab and aliya to take care.
They reached a garden near hospital and both sits .
Abhi: what happened to aunty
PRAGYA : she had a mild attack..
Abhi in shocked tone. ..what..but how .
Pragya: I don’t know..when I went to see..she was unconscious.
Ábhi: nothing will happen to her..
Pragya: shall we go..
Abhi: oh..yes. ..

Both comes and all were silent.the doctor comes out and says it’s successful. .no need to be worry but take care of her and don’t tell any shocking news..and who is abhi ,pragya
She wants to see you both.both heads to the room

Sarla smiles seeing both.pragya rushed to sarla and hugs her
Pragya: enna vittu tu epadi polam nu nenachinga( ma. .you scared me..how would you think you can leave me)
Sarla: apadi illa ma( no ma)
Sarla looks at abhi.Abhi smiles at her.she holds abhi’s hands.Abhi looks at pragya and pragya too.she then holds pragya’s hands and joins their hands saying god bless you both..you both have to live happily for many years.both hugs Sarla and pragya says ma. .bulbul is waiting out..I will call her and leaves from there

After pragya leaves…Sarla speaks to abhi..
Abhi..beta…you have to care for my daughter.from the small age..after her father left us..she was working hard.she sacrificed her happiness,freedom for me and bulbul.I think now she should be happy and I also know that you can give her more happiness than others. .so please accept her beta
Abhi: aunty…what’s this…ok..I will keep your pragya happy…you are happy now..don’t worry about her aunty..I am there na. .and smiles at her.

Precap: pragya signs the agreement and the wedding ceremony starts

I don’t know whether it’s boring or not..but I will try to make good..see you guys..answer me..if you think I am special to you…

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