kumkum bhagya – CONTRACT MARRIAGE (Part 2)

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Let’s get into the story..

PRAGYA reached her flat with thoughts of abhi.
Pragya, how can this happen.I mean how can a marriage be a contract .I agree that I don’t have any interest in marriage…it doesn’t means I can do a fake one.what will others think if it comes out…does he have some sense? how can I lie to amma.no I have to talk about this to her.I have to call.she takes her  phone.
PRAGYA, amma idhu nadakathu ( this can’t happen).
Sarla, en pragya ipadi solra..abhi romba nallavaru ma ( why are you saying like that..he is good ).
PRAGYA, amma enna la ellathaium phone la solla mudiyadhu..na India ku varen ( ma..I could not say everything in phone..I am coming to india)
Sarla, pathu vama…( be safe)
PRAGYA cuts the call.

Abhi, why she gave that shocked expression?may be she have not prepared for that I think.suddenly his phone rings..dadi…and he picks the call.
Abhi,dadi ..I spoke to her..as your wish
Dadi , I know Abhi..what she said
Abhi, she needs time dadi
Dadi, it’s ok beta..I called you to say onething
Abhi : ji dadi..anything serious
Dadi: beta ,pragya is coming to india..you better join with her.if you both come together we will be happy beta.
Abhi, I will speak to her about it dadi..I will call once we are ready to come and cuts the call.

PRAGYA was packing her bags.her phone rings…
PRAGYA,  hello who is this..
Abhi,I am abhi.
PRAGYA, you..I mean aap ..what happened..you called me late.
Abhi, nothing..Dadi told that you are going back to india.
PRAGYA in her mind, .na…. amma kitta solliruka kudathu..adhukulla ivaru ku sollitanga. ( I shouldn’t have told to amma..she told to him).
Abhi, are you there
PRAGYA, ya..in iritated tone .
Abhi, this ya is for first question or second one.
PRAGYA ,for both..tell me why are you asking these queries
Abhi, dadi asked me to come with you..
PRAGYA,  kadavulle ( oh god)
Abhi, what…
PRAGYA, nothing are you coming with me.
Abhi, when you are leaving..I mean you booked tickets..
PRAGYA, no..I have to ..tomorrow I thought to leave.
Abhi,ok..I will book tickets and will let you know.
PRAGYA,ok..anything else.
Abhi, no..good night..
PRAGYA cuts the call…and says sidumoonji ( kadoos).

PRAGYA gets the message in late night…she mentally slapped herself for asking him to book tickets..but she have to..as it’s her family and dadi’s wish.she replies I will be there..and sleeps.

Next day..
    Both reached airport.Abhi sees pragya in black saree.he thinks
.this girl n.a….really have no sense..who will wear sarees that too in London..stupid..
PRAGYA,I am not stupid..it’s my right to wear what I like..I don’t care what people think about me.
Abhi, how can you read what I think..I think..you are a magician.
PRAGYA, it’s simple..if you are thinking something n.a…it will reflect in your face..we can guess easily.
Abhi looks at her in shocked expression.
PRAGYA,  let’s go..it’s time to board.

    Both takes their respective seats.PRAGYA takes her book and starts to read.Abhi looks at her and thinks book worm. .PRAGYA says ,yes I am and looks at book.Abhi,you are not leaving me to think also..impossible.PRAGYA asked him to be quite.
Abhi was playing His video games..when  a group surrounded him..all shouts abhi..Abhi…Abhi was proud and he have a smirk by looking at pragya.but she ignores it.all asked him autographs and photos..later the crowd was cleared by the guards.Abhi , see how much fan followers for me..PRAGYA, they like your songs..not you..Abhi, really you think like that..it means…i am beautiful..yet bachelor. ..many girls are falling for me.PRAGYA , if you have a bad look also..people will call for you..it’s for your voice..your songs..your theme..that’s it..Abhi, wait..are you jealous..PRAGYA, why should I…no..I am not.Abhi,silly girl and pinched her hands.PRAGYA, don’t touch me and takes her hands..

Time passed..PRAGYA was reading   the book..Abhi was looking here and there..that time a girl  of age 5 passed abhi.he thinks she is coming to her bit not..she stood before pragya.Abhi looks on.pragya looks at her and gets happy.
PRAGYA,pari. ..how are you and hugs her.where is your ma..and breaks the hug.she makes her to sit on her lap.
Pari,  aunty..I saw you..so I came..mumma is coming .
Abhi in smile, aunty..
PRAGYA looks at abhi In anger.
Abhi: scary..
Sheela comes there and both pragya and sheela hugs each other.they talked about random things and soon both left.
The flight landed safely.Abhi, you go and get out bags.
PRAGYA,why should i?.
Abhi, while coming..I did n.a…it’s your turn
PRAGYA in anger,  you are impossible
Abhi, I am possible..go..go.
PRAGYA, muruga…enna kappathu ( muruga..save me).
Abhi, again he..it will not work..go
PRAGYA, ha…I am leaving and leaves.

      Abhi feels someone pulling his pants.he looks down and it was beautiful girl, pari.he takes her in his hands and asked what happened..you are alone..where is your mom.
Pari,  uncle..I am here to ask you onething..
Abhi, ya..go ahead..
Pari,  you gonna marry pragya aunty.
Abhi smiled at her, who told you this..
Pari,  my mom..answer me uncle…
Abhi,  yes .  And nods his head
Pari,  you are so lucky uncle..please don’t hurt my aunty..she is very nice
Abhi,acha..so you like her that much..is she is your neighbour
Pari,  no..she is my fairy who gave me life ..yes uncle she only did my heart transplantation operation..luckily I was saved by her..
Abhi was stunned by her words.
Pari,  ok uncle..mumma will search for me..I am leaving and kissed his cheeks.Abhi too kissed her and leaves her down.

     PRAGYA comes there and says let’s go..Abhi,well done..PRAGYA,you are praising me for carrying your luggage.Abhi, no..PRAGYA, then..while checking her bags ..she looked at him…Abhi, for saving pari. PRAGYA, it’s my duty ….let’s go.and thanks for your compliment.

   Both reached mehra mansion..PRAGYA,ok I am leaving..Abhi,  no..you should come with me..actually your family is here.PRAGYA, really and gets down.both enters mm.PRAGYA sees Sarla and hugs her.
Sarla, epadi iruka pragya ( how are you)
PRAGYA ,Amma. .na nalla iruken  ( I am fine ma)
Abhi hugs dadi..aliya too hugs him.
Bulbul hugs pragya
Abhi, alu. .are they speaking Tamil.
Aliya,  ji bhai..
Abhi, I could not understand what yet are speaking.
Purvi, dont worry  mama (jiju). .I will help you to learn Tamil..
Abhi, that’s my girl and hugs her.bulbul too hugs him.
PRAGYA gets blessings from Dadi,  dasi..
Abhi, purvi..how to say greeting to elder ones..
Purvi, vanakkam ( namasthe)
Abhi goes to Sarla and says vanakkam ..she gets happy and hugs him..
PRAGYA was happy to see their bonding..

Precap : Sarla was admitted in hospital..she calls abhi and he with aliya comes to hospital..screen flashes between their faces…

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