kumkum bhagya – CONTRACT MARRIAGE (Part 12)


Hi guys. ..hope all are fine. ..I am sorry..if I hurted anyone…because I know I am not good in writting ..I used to write something..which come in my mind with my improper English..so guys. ..please support me..it’s only thing I am asking..so let’s get into the story..

Abhi ,pragya reached home.dadi ,aliya welcomed them…all were happy about their arrival.pragya takes blessings from dadi and hugged aliya.
Aliya, I missed you so much bhabhi..
PRAGYA ,me too..and missed her fore head.
Abhi, so no one missed me…
Aliya, ofcourse bhai and hugs him.
Dadi, it’s late beta…you both go and take rest we can talk later. PrAgya and abhi left to their room.

In abhigya’s room..
PrAgya Sat on the bed with her dairy ..it’s been after a year she is entering the things in dairy. .because she is happy today.she dont know why but she is happy..she closed the dairy when abhi comes out from changing room.
Abhi, what you are hiding from me..he sits beside her.
Pragya ,just..it’s my dairy..and shows him.
Abhi, you have the habbit of entering dairy..
Pragya, ya. .ofcourse.
Abhi, feeling sleepy..huh…
PrAgya nods no..Abhi, let’s talk about something. ..our dislikes and likes..pragya h ds her head in happy..
Abhi, so what’s your fav colour…
Pragya, white and black..for you..
Abhi, red and black..
Pragya, fav spot..
Abhi, beach..
both put an hifi. .two similarities. ..
Abhi, hobby..
Pragya, reading books..
Abhi, music..
Abhi, what is it you love about yourself..
PrAgya,my profession ..
Abhi,my good looks..he praised himself..
Pragya in shock tone..seriously..
Abhi ,why not..how many girls die to me to spare a glare from me..
PRAGYA ,okay..” friend..”
Abhi,pragya …came instantly. PrAgya grinned like a fool..
PrAgya,the feelings are mutual..abhishek mehra..
Abhi ,what do you expect from me..
PrAgya,trust me..and don’t leave me alone..
Abhi, I will always and I too trust you ..you never leave me..PrAgya blushed hearing this..
Pragya ,what you want to give me..
Abhi,hmm ..umm..a blank promise..you can ask what ever ,when ever you want..
PrAgya ,well..I need you to move on..In your life..and be happy in your life..I need it..that’s it.Abhi placed his hands on her and pragya smiles at him.
After few minutes..Abhi, do you love karan now too..pragya ,I could not answer you about it now..as I am confused..do you love ritika. .
Abhi,no..I loved her but it’s my past..
Pragya the person you never want to see. .
Pragya ,karan and closed her eyes..she feels hurted but a hand surrounded her.PrAgya placed her head on his chest…and cries.
Abhi, its late..let’s sleep..Abhi hugged pragya and now pragya too hugs him back and both had a tight sleep..
Next morning..
Abhi ,pragya got ready and went to dinning hall..everyone greeted them.they starts to eat suddenly pragya gets a call.
PrAgya,ya. ..sure I will see..ok..no problem..
Abhi, who is that.
Pragya, Abhi..actually..there is an emergency..as I am here there is no doctor in city hospital ..the doctor who was about to attend is late so I have to go..
Abhi ,ok..let’s go..we can go..I will drop you.
ALIYA checks abhi’s temperature..
Abhi, what you are doing..
Aliya, bhai..are you ok..I mean..you are going to drop bhabhi..
Abhi,pragya ..let’s go.
Abhi dropped pragya..Abhi,have a good day..PrAgya,you too..and leaves from there..

Abhi was having video conference.he finished and thought to call pragya .she picked up after two rings. .
PrAgya ,hello..in sad tone.
Abhi, what happened..why are you sad..
Pragya, nothing ..Abhi..today I went for an operation right..it’s for a small girl..who was at last stage in cancer..while giving her treatment..we could not save her and she cried.
Abhi, I know baby..how much pain when a small girl dies in front of our eyes but trust me..god has planned something for her…
PrAgya ,I know Abhi..but..
Abhi, do you still have any work..
PrAgya in monotone , no.
Abhi , ok..see you soon..and cuts the call.
PrAgya heard a knock..with much hesitation she asked the person to come in..
The person, sorry to disturb you doctor..PrAgya looked at the person..
she was shocked to see abhi..
Pragya, abhi..you told you have video conference..how come you here..
Abhi ,actually I finished…so thought to take my friend out for lunch..because she is sad …
PrAgya ,not meant abhi..
Abhi, you asked me to move on right..come with me..and drags her with him.
Still pragya was in sad mood..Abhi thinks to light her mood up.
Abhi, kya. .hua. .I cancelled all my meetings for you but..you..
PrAgya looks at him..Abhi thinks you are caught abhi..
Pragya, what you cancelled..that too for me..
Abhi, I mean ..I had a break..thought to visit you and moreover don’t ask questions…PrAgya skilled back..finally she is normal..
Abhi ,pragya reached a restaurant.
PrAgya,abhi..how love comes in our life.
Hearing that..Abhi choked up..PrAgya rubbed his back and gives him water.Abhi thinks ,why she cares for me..but whatever may be I am loving it..
PrAgya asked again..
Abhi, well…I think love occurs suddenly..without any reasons but will come along with our life..but mine was not a love..I moved on..so I don’t know what true love is..
Pragya, is that so..I too have a chance..
Abhi in shocked tone..what…pragya hung her head down..Abhi thinks..ya. .what you are doing abhi..yes..she deserves a chance..it’s just that ..I didn’t expect her that’s she is straight forward.
Abhi, pragya..sorry..I didnt mean ..on that way..woh. hm..
PrAgya starts laughing..Abhi thinks ,why is she laughing..oh..is she playing with me..now I admire this playful pragya .
Pragya, Abhi..your face..haha..that was worth laughing…offf..
Abhi, but pragya…still we have chance..we can both..
Pragya, is that so..mr. mehra. .then ok with me..
Abhi, pragya..
PrAgya,abhi…I am bored..let’s go out..
Abhi,ice cream..
PrAgya and abhi reached icecream parlour and bought their ice creams
Abhi, I am so happy today..
Pragya ,I am too happy abhi..thanks for it..
Both sits in car.PrAgya placed her head on his chest and abhi places his hands around him..they both closed their eyes in each others embarace. .

Precap.. Abhi pragya’s reception party….

Hope you are liking it…

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