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The episode starts with abhi opening his eyes due to sunrays faling on him .he could not find pragya and he was sure she may left for hospital but he could hear lakshmi amma’s great pathetic voice.he thinks, morning itself her drama started and goes to fresh up.he comes to dinning hall to see her but was shocked that both ma and beti sitting on opposite direction.he could not guess what happened but not intrested to involve in it because he knows sure if he enquired about it then sure they will dance on his heads.he slowly sits beside pragya and starts eating his breakfast.he didn’t even took a glance at her and pragya was pissed off by his acts.abhi, waise bhi. .it’s too tasty but ma..why is she sitting here…i thought you left to hospital.pragya,see..I told na ma..he will never have any objection on me to go..but you are not leaving me.abhi laughs, arey..is she holding her hands ..no n.a…leave I will make her understand.pragya pouts sadly..abhi could not resist him to kiss her but he controlled himself.abhi ,what happened. .pragya asked him to look down..with such much confusions abhi looked down and he started laughing …pragya looks him in anger..abhi, haha..haha..ma..you are great..you had nicely tied her leg with a rope. Actually pragya’s both leg has been tied with a rope and that rope was holding by lakshmi.abhi, I could not help dear. .I am sorry..pragya,I know you can’t do anything. Lakshmi, arey …don’t create scenes..I know you are cooking stories against me..it won’t work.pragya pouted. Abhi, one day you take rest n.a…tomorrow you can go..ok..and raina will come I think..they heard door bell.pragya ,I think raina is here..ma..can I see.lakshmi, for what ..to escape.no problem. .abhi will see.abhi; open the door.abhi with smiling face opens the door.raina, rishab and purab is at door.abhi, here they are ..come in..raina..pragya is missing you..he sees rishab standing there with guilty .he asked raina and purab to go and walks towards rishab.rishab, I am sorr..he got a slap from abhi..he placed his hands on his cheeks and looks at him.rishab,I am sorry bro..abhi, you want another…rishab looks his angry face. Soon abhi smiles hugging him..arey rishu. .chill..no problem..I slapped you because you asked sorry to me..how dare you..can say sorry..next time if you say n.a…sure I will throw you out..rishab ,ok bro..chill..abhi drags rishab inside.
In hall..
Abhi, pragya,rishab ,raina and purab are having a great time.pragya feels comfortable with them and she is feeling guilty for hiding him about karan.pragya,guys..sorry..I am not feeling well..so .you guys continue..I will speak to you later..and leaves to her room.abhi ,guys..we can meet in office.the three understoods that now abhi and pragya needs time and says ok baba. .take your own time ..we are leaving..

Abhi sees pragya sitting on the couch thinking something.he is sure that she is feeling guilty .abhi sits near pragya.pragya senses abhi and asked why you came..I am just..abhi, pragya ..I am sorry to say but I know about karan.pragya was shocked..she thinks how he knows about him..oh god. .I thought to say about him but he knows..i am sure..ma would have told him.but he would have insisted her to say..abhi, you are right..first she denied but after she told.pragya in her mind, he could read what I am thinking..abhi, ofcourse I can.pragya looks at him.abhi, it’s ok no problem..pragya,actually. ..I was about to say about karan to you..abhi, it’s ok ..I told na..listen ..I don’t know whether I could replace him in your heart..I am sure ..I can’t ..but I will be a good friend to you..you don’t need to be sorry because..I know how it feels when someone leaves …pragya,do you experienced it..I mean..abhi thinks it’s time for him to say about his past. PRAGYA,abhi…are you ok..abhi,yup..hmm..pragya in sad tone,I asked you had experienced about it .abhi…pragya..I M sorry..I didn’t want to hide it but I never wanted to hurt you..I too had a past! Trust me but even it’s traces weren’t left when I married you!”pragya, I’m listening to you if you’re comfortable go ahead!” pragya pressed his hands which were in her hands..! Abhi, pragya ..i was never like this before! I was a normal boy with friends…………..

Fb starts…
Abhi,purab,rishab ,naina in Nehru college.all are final year students .such a fun having gang.purab is the one who used to make jokes.nikil is abhi’s classmate and soon he becomes his close friend.all finished their college life and abhi started to go office.abhi started to work with his uncle , AMIT who is looking after abhi’s father business and also he is nikkil’s father.abhi had given all rights to amit.he thinks amit as his father and purab was appointed as associate head and rishab as their partners. All were going good until the day ritika enters their lives changed.ritika , nikkil’s cousin and amit insisted abhi to appoint her as she is suffering a great loss as her parents died in an accident.abhi too accepts it and she was appointed as marketing head in mehra’s industries .in very short time she got her place in abhi’s heart and other but aliya ,purab dislikes her.
Soon abhi and ritika started to hang out each other. They spend their week’s together by going to beaches ,shopping ,long drive etc. .there was a quite change in abhi’s behaviour …he started to have feelings for ritika. .he appointed her as managing director of mehra groups..ritika starts to spend her time with abhi and he feels special .all were happy about them except aliya.aliya tells about this matter to dadi and when dadi spoke to abhi..it’s the worst day..he blast upon his family..very badly he spoke with his family…
To calm himself he went to ritika’s home instead of calming him..she started to provoke him.after this abhi started to keep distance from his family…everything went beyond when abhi ,ritika decided to get married..court marriage ..they didn’t informed any of their friends…abhi reached the court but not ritika reached.abhi waited but it’s the worst dream he never dreamt off..he gets sad and goes to all the places where they went ..spent…he thinks..” no..she can’t do this to me..”
Almost at 5 am in morning..he felt a tap on his shoulders..he turned to look it’s ritika..suddenly he hugged her saying..I know you can’t never leave me…finally you are here..but he didnt get relaxed as forums didn’t hugged him back.he pusjed her back abd looked into her eyes..he could not feel love instead a smirk in her face..with a broken voice..” was all this f. ..fake “he could get a smirk in return..” oh..abhishek mehra..the multimillionaire fall in my trap..you remember venkat..your ex chief executive of marketing team..” ya..In my young age ..I had seen him..he cheated dad and was fired. .” .ritika,good you remember him..because he is my dad.he could feel a hurt in her voice.after he was fired he was bankrupt. Yes..the mistake was his but your dad humiliated him before the media. .
His social image is crushed ..he could find any jobs.he finally committed suicide..I had only my father and he too dies..thar day I decided to take revenge..I decided to call for me..to separate you from your family..how I was standing alone here..you should feel hurt..by seeing you your father will get hurt..I know he too passed away..but will see from there..she pointed up..abhi stood lifeless. .not for her betrayal .he didn’t trusted his own family..he felt ashamed..ritika,good bye..abhi..you lost your fame, because your all belongings are mine. .you remember sigining in a document..I inserted a power of attonomy paper in it .so mehra group of industries is mine now..and your love is one sided. .because I didn’t love you..I love nikkil..nikkil comes there..abhi could not believe his eyes..his own friend cheeted him.abhi shedded himself in dark..after a year he started a new career in London as a rockstar ..now he have everything..but not a person to love him..

Fb ends. ..

PRAGYA had tears in her eyes..she was simply hugging abhi…and abhi felt comfort in her embarace..he had dried tears on his face and gave a sad faint smile..
Abhi’s pov
First time like first time I had dared to let my past flow out of my lips!! I felt relieved! The most surprising part was she was shedding tears! Though her face was expressionless flowing with tears but her eyes held lot more! Unknowingly she had side hugged me and this again for the first time gave me the much needed peace! But what does she think? Will she leave me? No she’s not the one! But still I want to hear it from her!After a while she composed herself, wiped her tears and said “I really don’t know how to console but all I can say is thank-you and sorry! Sorry is for bit being able to do anything make you feel better and thank-you that you could trust me enough to tell me this!” she didn’t even hit the point is leaving me instead she is thanking me! “You really don’t have to say that but I’d you genuinely feel it then reciprocate my trust on you and when you feel like sharing your pain I’m all ears to you!” i said wiping her left over tears! She seemed to be taken aback as she must have not guessed I could read her eyes but yes her pain was never left unfolded to me from the day 1!!pragya shared with me how she felt when karan left her..I slowly wiped her tears saying..pragya..don’t forget you have a friend with you..she smilled at me and we started to ralk about some random things…
PRAGYA,abhi…why can’t we visit dadi and others..it will be great right..and I am missing too..abhi, if so..then we can leave tomorrow..I will book tickets and we can fly..pragya,thank you…

Next day .. ..both reached chennai. ..pragya was happy that she gonna meet her family..ma. and others.rishab ,raina, purab too accompanied them.. sarla ma welcomed them and All gathered for their breakfast and pragya was sitting on the dining table of her own house on the same chair but feelings were truly different!pragya thinks…” I was MARRIED! Abhi was sitting beside me! This was my old home! Mom was formal with me! Arjun uncle, who is supporting my family…from that day when dad left us arjun uncle is supporting us.but I never talk to him but bulbul is attached to him .he felt worry that i am not like bulbul to talk with him..but I don’t want to fall for father’s love who thrown us out of his life .he is trying to be friendly but alas we all were new in handling this!abhi amazed me on this as though he sensed our uneasiness he managed to enjoy with my parents and I sat there like a fool gaping at my husband and he roistered with my family like they were his parents! Did I forget to mention abhi is an awesome guy! Unlike karan he could understand me! Karan claimed to have loved me but left me but not abhi ….. Nothing to say! But right now I was getting bored and irritated as I felt like I was some Mr. India and I was invisible to this family!
Pragya’S pov
“Mom the food was just Fab!” Abhi uttered as we stepped into the living room together followed by mom ,bulbul! I smiled and he settled on the couch! Doesn’t he want to go home??pragya gone nuts? Agar voh jayega toh even you’ll have to leave so just shut a and sit back! “Abhi muje bohot achcha laga that you accompanied pragya and spent your time here!” ma expressed her happiness with a genuine smile and abhi replied”Pleasure was mine mom!” “Abhi so what’s your future plans son?””But yet planned ma.. Dekhte hai!” he replied and I face palmed myself! “Mumma dadi mai apne kamre mei hu call me once you’re done!” i stomped my foot and marched towards my room!” i could hear abhi chuckle and I frowned in annoyance! My room was still the same! Not evena paper was moved! The was the room I spent my 20 years of life! I walked to the balcony attached to my room and stood there inclined to the railings having a brief look at the glowing water!The chilled breeze touched my skin blowing away the few tresses from my face! Today’s events automatically drew a gentle smile on my face and i felt relieved and contented after a long time! I felt a hand ground mine placed on the palisade grabbing my attention towards his face! Abhi stood there enjoying the view with a serene smile! Since the time I had met him he never was this calm but today maybe sharing his turmoil he was able to attain his tranquility! “Thank-you pragya!” he spoke after a good time of silence! “Why is that for?” i asked and he said”After two long years I’m able to experience the feeling of being happy with a family! My guilt never let me close to my family but your family are though strangers to me they give me a feeling of home!”
End of pov. ..

PRAGYA,it’s ok..my friend..and I think..it’s time to leave..so we can reach Delhi .we have to leave right..abhi nods and this time I didn’t cry..because I don’t feel of going out of home because I am going to other home where I could meet dadi and aliya….

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