kumkum bhagya – CONTRACT MARRIAGE (Part 10)

Sorry guys for not updating forced marriage. I know many of them are waiting for it..but soon I will try to get some idea about it…thanks for lovely comments..someone asked in previous episodes that I know Tamil..no guys..seriously I am poor in Hindi too..so don’t mistake me.but the lines are by my friend..a big thanks to him.he wil say that I am crazy about abhigya..he used to tease me..but helped me in all my tough situations..he is celebrating his birthday today..so special suprise to him in this episode. INIYA PIRANTHANAL VAZTUKAL.i dont know whether it’s right…so guys let’s get into the story..

The episode starts with abhi waking up in the morning.he could not find pragya .he called her but no use .lakshmi,their servant comes in saying pragya left early morning. She asked me to inform you beta.lakshmi ,a 35 years old lady.she worked in Pragya’S home before but after marriage pragya insisted her to come along with her.Abhi too agrees with her.lakshmi was the one who left her husband due to his cruel acts.he used to rob,kidnap even kill ,he have no love on lakshmi.she divorced him before two years and was living with pragya.she acts like a mother when she is in London.so that pragya didn’t missed her mom.Abhi , ok aunty…I am too going .I will gag breakfast in office.lakshmi,ada rama. .apo n.a. en samaikanum..pragya pappa hospital canteen la saptukuren nu poiduchu,ipo neenga office la saptukuren nu kelamburinga…n.a. orutiye ivalavu sapda va…. ( arey Ramji …pragya told that she will have breakfast in canteen,you are saying that i will have in office then i should eat this whole food).Abhi ,aunty..please i could not understand what yiu are saying…lakshmi,oh I forgot you don’t know Tamil..leave it..you Gonna eat or going to office.Abhi,ok I will have..happy.he sits and lakshmi started serving him.Abhi was checking mails in his phone.lakshmi took his mobile and switched off..Abhi,aunty..why did you..lakshmi,first eat ..don’t to any things while eating..give some respect to food..she murmered PRAGYA pappa..epadi ta samalika poralo. .ivara pathata enaku pavam ma iruku ( i dont know how pragya gonna handle this..but I am sad for him only ).Abhi,did you said anything. Lakshmi nods no.
Abhi,whats this…I don’t like this.where is my toast and omelette. Laksbmi, but pragya asked me to prepare this.she asked you to eat this not that toast…Abhi,who the hell is she..lakshmi looked at him.Abhi,I mean aunty..I didn’t have eaten this idly and sambar.lakshmi, so what …have now ..you will find it tasty.Abhi with no choice had it.In one bite he loved it.he praised her for preparing lovely foods. He asked her to prepare daily.after breakfast he left to office.

In afternoon…pragya called lakshmi.lakshmi, ha pragya ..sollu ( tell).
PRAGYA,onum illa ma. ( nothing ma..)I am free so i called you..so enna sonnaru namma south indian foods ku ( so what he told for our SIF)lakshmi, atha en kekura..tension ayitaru..aprom avara samathana paduthi sapda vachen. Avaruku pudichu pochu. ( you are asking that.he became tension..I convinced him and asked him to taste it..after he took one bite he loved it ).pragya,pina. ..pudikanum la…enga amma senjadhu yaruku ta pudikadhu ( then..you had prepared it..who would nt love it).
Lakshmi,Seri sekrama va ( ok..come soon.).
PRAGYA,ok ma.

In evening…pragya came home before abhi.it’s almost seven in evening .pragya and lakshmi were preparing dinner when they heard a knock. PRAGYA,I will see..it must be him.lakshmi,ha..ok.
PRAGYA opened the door and was confused to see because there of them ( one girl and two men) where standing before her with smile.pragya, sorry may I know whom you want to meet..one man told hey pragya …I am rishab and it’s naina and purab.we are abhi’s friends.pragya,oh…I am sorry come in.raina, it’s ok..no problem. .you never met us right..all marched towards hall.pragya thinks why abhi didn’t informed ..how embarrassing it is.purab,can I have some water.pragya ,sure..ma ,being some water please.lakshmi comes with water.at looks at three and asked who Is this.pragya,they are abhi’s friends ma.raina,hai aunty.lakshmi comes to pragya saying enaku ennamo ivanga abhi friends matri therila..veetla thiruda vandha matri irukanga..obviously raina heard it.she knows Tamil.raina smiled at rishab.he asked what.raina,that lady is saying we are not looking like abhi’s friends ..we are looking like robbers…purab,how dare she..raina asked him to keep quite.pragya whispers,ma..are you out of mind..see antha ponnum kuda vandruka ( she there is a girl too).lakshmi,ipo la ponnunga kuda intha matri thiruduranga( now a days girls are also involving in robberies).
Rishab, let’s play a game with pragya.he shared a plan.raina,rishab it’s not fine..no yaar..we should not.purab,let her be..bro I will support.
Rishab in loud voice ,so you are pragy a mehra. .wife of abhi right…we are not his friends..we came here to kill you..you know your husband had done many things to us.so by killing you we will prove your husband that he is always under us.pragya listens to them …slowly she feel her world turning ….dark.she could not hold on..finally she fall unconscious. Lakshmi run towards her and also rishab ,raina and purab.raina,I told n.a…not to do..see ..pragya wake up aunty ,please bring water.lakshmi doesn’t know what to do.she rushed and got water .raina sprikled water on her but no use.purab, let’s take her to hospital.rishab takes her in his arms and raina asked lashmi not to worry and to stay in home so that she can inform abhi.she too agrees as pragya’s life is important and she trust them.they trio took her to hospital.

Abhi rushed to hospital.he saw trio standing near OT. Abhi,rishab, raina..where is pragya .rishab ,abhi calm down.abhi shouts…how can i..where is she..is she fine..and what the hell you people did.purab told everything.Abhi slapped rishab.it’s hard for him to slap rishab as he is best friend but how can he do these things with pragya.raina,abhi..please call down..hope pragya will be fine.Abhi,you guys leave ..please.rishab ,no we are not going anywhere..she is here because of us n.a…let us solve this..seriously abhi..I don’t know it will become serious issue..I just played with her.Abhi didn’t speak anything.he was just looking at door.raina asked rishab to be silent and all were waiting for doctor to come.
After few minutes doctor comes out.Abhi rushed to him.Abhi,is she fine doctor.doctor ,you are..Abhi,her husband.doctor,come ..let’s go to my cabin.Abhi left with him.
Doctor ,abhi..I know you are a rockstar..and pragya..she is working here for years..I don’t know how she got attack.Abhi, doctor..what you mean.doctor,I am sorry to say but she is having broken heart syndrome.Abhi ,what..doctor, yes abhi..it will show no symptoms but if she fears or she heard bad news her heart or mind not ready to take up the news and in this broken heart syndrome,a part of your heart enlarges and doesn’t pump well but rest functions properly…Abhi was shocked…doctor…it’s curable ..doctor ,don’t worry abhi…we can cure it but care is needed that’s it. Abhi, ok doctor. .can I need her.doctor, sure you can go..she would have gained conscious. Abhi,thanks doctor and leaves.

Abhi entered pragya’s room.he saw pragya talking to them.he knows that they would have told the truth now that they are my friends. ..on seeing abhi ,rishab went outside. Raina,pragya take care..I will see you tomorrow. PURAB,once again…sorry pragya.pragya,purab..it’s ok..no problem yaar…raina and purab leaves from there without speaking anything to abhi.Abhi sits near pragya.Abhi,I am sorry ….on behalf of them.pragya,its ok abhi.when I will get discharge.Abhi, we can leave today itself.pragya ,ma..would be fine n.a..Abhi,ya. .I informed her .lets go.

On the way, abhi kept his hands around pragya’s shoulders.pragya placed her head on his chest.she could hear his heart beat. She thinks why I am feeling that it’s beating for me..if so I have fallen for him..no I can’t..and I won’t.Abhi,why I feel something when she is in hurt.why does it hurts me …is this love…no how can I love her…I won’t..
They reached home.Abhi was about to wake pragya but he could not disturb her beautiful sleep.he carried her to home.lakshmi opened and welcomed them.Abhi placed pragya on bed.lakshmi,don’t worry…she will be fine..it’s normal for her.Abhi what you mean..lakshmi,how could I say to you..hope pragya would have informed about this to you..Abhi,about what..see aunty…please tell what you want to say.lakshmi,she didn’t informed about her love…and where is that ring.lakshmi took her hand in here and saw a new shining ring.then she understood it’s her engagement ring.Abhi gets a thought when pragya denied to remove that ring…..

Screen splits between abhi’s confused face and pragya’s smilling face…

Hope you like it….

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