Hi guys…I was writing this ff in wattpad..thought to share you here…it’s just a teaser ..soon the first episode will be uploaded..

Hi guys …again your aditi here with another sweet story of abhigya…it’s amost different from the orginal track…

Any resemblance to other works it may be due to co- incidence..all the characters and story is an imaginary one…it’s almost fictional and purely belongs to the writter only…please don’t copy this work and enjoy the blissfull story…

Old boy who is pursuing his final year in lambark university.he is popular one who is a rockstar. He is hot handsome guy and every girl fall foe him. He wants to become a famous rockstar and loves his dadi and sister more than anything in his life.
PRAGYA ARORA : A bold 20 years Old girl who is much attracted with books. She is a rank holder and due to her family problems ,she and her sister was transferred to lambark university. She joins in second year and abhi is her senior .
RIYA MALHOTRA : A 21 years old girl who is more fashioned.abhi’s childhood friend ,loves him secretly but doesn’t have the guts to express him.she feels abhi too feels same for her and she is waiting for abhi to express. She is also final year student and abhi’s classmate. She is quite have some ego which could be controlled by abhi.
ARJUN KAPOOR : Abhi’s best friend and also his classmate.his dream is to become a national wild photographer.he loves riya secretly but words fail when he meets her. He lost his family when he was young and to him abhi’s family is his family.
PURAB KHANNA : Abhi’s best friend more than like his small brother. He is more flirty type used to get scoldings from dadi and others but never stop flirting with girls. He is also classmate of abhi.

BULBUL ARORA : 19 years old girl who joins in the same college as a first year student who is Pragya’S sister. She is quite equal to her sister who is bold,mischievous and cute looking girl.
ALIYA MEHRA :Abhi’s sister who is bulbul’s friend too.they both have a better understanding and she is quite adorable girl who loves her bhai very much.
TANUSHREE MEHTA : Commonly called tanu. Pragya’s classmate and her friend too.pragya shares with her very much.she becomes attached with pragya as she is the only one who understands her.
NIKKIL BOHRA: arjun’s childhood friend and ofcourse abhi’s friend too..he is quite charming and helping person.
Here abhi ,purab,arjun,nikkil ,riya are already friends and final years.
  PRAGYA, tanu are second years
  ALIYA and BULBUL are first years..

Hope you like this intro…soon will be updated…

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  1. Awesome intro yaar loved the character sketch eagerly waiting for the first episode

  2. Hi cutie…nice intro Dear..
    Pls update soon dear..im waiting..

  3. Saranya24

    Super darlu waiting fr it and ur othr ffs love u????

  4. Thank you…so much minu


    Nice intro waiting for episode

  6. Wow nice dear

  7. welcome back aditi I am a silent reader to all your ff’s….I commented to your ff for the first time… eagerly waiting for the first episode…..

  8. Jasminerahul

    nice cs.what i liked is all characters r positive.Riya is Jennifer?Arjun luvs her secretly.just opposite to beyhad.thats sweet.but riya luvs abhi.hope she doesnt create probs 4 abhigya.Shabbir was Jennifer’s husband in Kasauti

  9. very nice dear keep writing

  10. Its quite interesting yr….

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