kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part-8)


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“What you said ? ” abhi was now curious to know what pragya is hiding.pragya after realizing what she said covered with her lie..pragya,I mean..this may be our last drive as friends. Abhi looked at her in confusion as she is swinging in her mood from sad to normal. Just know she was sad but now she is normal with her crazy talks. Abhi further enquires her, as friends..it means..now pragya gets irked by his questions back to back.she just looked at him and asks are we going or not. Abhi nods his head upside down which makes pragya to laugh. Abhi , don’t laugh.. pragya controls and says let’s go abhi.. i am excited too much.she said with glittering eyes. Abhi looking at her excitement says dont fly high madam.. pragya looks at him in what ever may be in look. Abhi , okay..don’t look like that. PRAGYA looks outside window to quit the rest of the talks. The journey was a peaceful one. Abhi was often looking at pragya to make sure is she okay and pragya stealing glances on him. The car stopped near the beach where both gets down and starts to walk hands in hands. They listened to the sound waves which helps pragya to forget all her pains and just brings peace in her heart whereas abhi enjoying the atmosphere. Abhi looking at pragya,can we sit for sometime..he looks at his legs saying my legs are paining. PRAGYA nods her head and both sits not far from the waves. The waves are touching their feet which brings a special feeling to both of them.

Abhi by settling comfortable ,you know what..pragya looks at him as his face became serious  . “I used to come here often when I feel lonely..I used to share my feelings with them.. and in my life nothing is favourable to me..my dad and mom passed away in an accident when I was young and dadi worked hard to bring up. And I faced a big poverty so I stopped my schooling but you know what a golden opportunity came in my life..an angel entered my life . You know whom is that…” pragya nods no..” Riya..she came into my life ..she insist her pappa to join me in her school. We are friends from childhood as she used to come to her home every month or vocations as she stayed in hostel. We will meet , play and she used to return back to her hostel. But after my parents death I stopped to visit her and one day she came to my home with her father and asked me to join in her school ..not only me ..aliya too ..her father is a nice person..he cared me as my father and we joined om her school..she used to help me in all situations and support me when I am broken.you know because of her I pursued my course in music..now I am a rockstar of this college is because of her..she supported me mentally and financially too..

I am studying in this college is because of her..because of her dad.. pragya looks at him as his face brightens when he speaks about riya.she can understood his pain as well as his feelings for riya.it clearly indicates that he is considering her as a friend ..more than a friend but there is a difference between love and friendship..she then comes to her sense when abhi tells , she comes into my life to spread happiness.. she is more than a friend to me. PRAGYA interrupts him asking more than a friend means … Abhi holding her hand says how to make you understand..more than a friend who cares for me as mom,who supports me as dad ..I am considering her as my parents gift.  PRAGYA looks at him and says I can understand..Abhi,but i got another precious gift . PRAGYA asked what gift..in innocent tone but she was curious to know about it. Abhi looking into her eyes says you..though I had everything in my life , i never had a person to share my feelings …ha..riya is there. .but certain things should be shared with someone close to our heart..and that’s you..I never shared about my parents even with riya but I shared with you..because i believe you can erase my pain. Now abhi is in verge of crying and pragya could not believe her ears. He is believing her that she can erase his pains..He shared something that he could not share with anyone..

she immediately hugs him to console him saying i am really happy that you shared your pain with me..I am not here to share only your happy things but also sad feelings too..you believe me and i believe you and this makes our relation strong… I never thought of having a person like you who cares itne and I am happy that you came into my life..I am so happy abhi.. Abhi without breaking the hug then tell me those magical words…i just want to hear from you.. pragya breaks the hug and moved him from her side. She looks into his eyes and says I…Abhi looks at her with eagerness. PRAGYA,I..but before she could further move on ..abhi’s phone rings. Pragya smiles and sighs abhi to pick the call. Abhi nods no and says first complete that..pragya says I can say after that phone call too..pick IT..may be an emergency call..Abhi looks at the caller id and it’s arjun. Abhi ,ha arjun bolo..he speaks while scratching his forehead . Arjun ,bro..riya opened her eyes..she wants to meet you..abhi,i will be there in an hour..Arjun,no ..she wants to see you now..she is not having her medicine…she is so stubborn and want to see you.. Abhi ,what nonsense..she is not taking her drugs..ya. .I will come immediately. Abhi gets up while pragya too gets up asking what.Abhi in rush ,let’s go..we will talk about it later. Before pragya could react abhi holds her hand and made their way to car. They both reached hospital and soon to her room. Riya was fighting with arjun and abhi asks how much will you do..first you cut your hand now this medicine walla drama..he sits beside her where riya smiles at him.

Arjun, but riya..whats the need to cut your hand ..riya looks at pragya..pragya looks it and says i will wait outside and turns to leave but a voice stopped her. Riya smiling at pragya , nothing like that..you can be here..as you are abhi’s lover. .you are close to me also right.. pragya is confused now..till yesterday she saw hatred in her eyes but today after this much happened she is smiling at me and i thought she loves abhi..it means I mis understood or what’s happening here…I could not understand anything. Abhi ,now..will you have your medicines.by saying this he makes riya to have her medicines. She just smiled at him asking where you went..I was looking for you..Abhi , I just went for a drive with pragya..riya in possesive tone,I am here admitted in hospital and you went a drive with her.  PRAGYA looks at riya. Abhi looks at her . Riya controlling her emotions , I mean..how can you leave me like this.. when I am hospitalized. .I am bored you know.. Abhi smiles at her saying oh ho. ..ok baba ..I am not going anywhere..

purab comes in saying abhi ..we need to consult doctor. Arjun ,yes..we will go abhi..pragya is here na..all left leaving pragya and riya in that room.Abhi left by patting pragya’s shoulders. Riya,  why you are standing..come sit..pragya smiles at her and takes a seat beside her.pragya , how you are feeling now.. riya ,fine. PRAGYA thought to ask her about abhi. PRAGYA,riya..I will ask you one thing..you should not mistake me..riya says ofcourse you can..and no need of these formalities. PRAGYA in innocent tone,  do you love someone ? There is a silence for few minutes and riya breaks it. Riya , yes..I am in love ..pragya, with whom..pragya is praying to god that it should not be abhi.. riya ,ABHI…Pragya looks at her in shock..riya with smile ,abhi..you came.. and pragya looks behind as abhi came with arjun and purab. Pragya looks at abhi who says ya. .what you both are speaking about..riya,there can be many things between two girls..it’s secret ..Abhi by sitting beside her putting her hand around her shoulder saying hmm..I agree..Arjun,abhi….dadi called me and asked where you went. I covered with a lie.

Abhi ,thanks bro..and looks at pragya who is thinking something..Abhi ,oh hello madam..what you are thinking. . Pragya  looking at her watch, I am getting late..Arjun ..where is tanu.tanu enters saying i am here..she side hugs her asking what happened.pragya ,let’s leave ..tanu,why so soon..pragya in sad tone, I am feeling sleepy..tanu chuckles her saying you only rushed me here…now saying let’s go..okay baba..let’s go but nikkil is not here..pragya by looking at abhi, will you drop .. Abhi nods yes but riya stops him.

Riya holding abhi’s hand  ,abhi..please stay here na..I am fed up ..I want to share with you something..important.
purab,he will listen once he returns back.. let him drop them.riya looks at abhi.. pragya , nothing matters..we will hire a taxi.  Though she smiles but the pain , disappointment in her eyes.
Tanu in anger because she never speaks up , it’s late ..how can we hire.. Arjun,no need to worry..I am here right..I will drop you both.. pragya, no problem..we will manage..tanu,arey kya we will  manage..he is saying right..just be silent ..pragya looks at her in shock as it’s first time tanu shouted at her. Tanu in her mind ,how riya is trapping abhi but she is just saying i am ok..no problem..nothing is possible with her..

Tanu after looking at pragya who is controlling her tears hugs her saying i am sorry baba ..I just shouted at you without knowledge. .please forgive me..pragya hugs her too as she is the one who understands her feelings.  Purab, arey..tum itne sensitive. ..pragya breaks the hug and looks at him.purab to chear her says come on..say Mr. Romeo..listen..pragya smiles at him.purab leaving his breath out says finally you smiled… Arjun,finally your so called drama is end..let’s go..purab , oh pragya..you call me Romeo..what about arjun. PRAGYA looks at arjun and says his name is Mr.INDIA.. and smiles. Abhi quite possesive ,Mr. India .. pragya,ha..he cares for everyone..Abhi ,then I am not caring for everyone. Purab , don’t compare you with arjun. .hey na pragya.pragya puts hifi with purab and both smiles leaving abhi irked.  Arjun ,ok..madam..let’s go.he drags pragya with her and tanu follows them. Purab says she is crazy abhi and leaves saying pragya…tomorrow you have to…Abhi looks in anger while riya smiles at him.

Screen flashes between abhi’s anger face and riya’s smiling face..
Will be continued…

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