kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part-6)


Thanks guys for your wonderfull support..let’s get into the story directly….
PRAGYA and TANU reached their hostel. Tanu noticed that some changes in pragya who is smiling all the way.after reaching to their room,tanu made pragya to sit. PRAGYA,what you are doing ? Tanu, first tell me what happened to you..pragya looking at herself down and asked what happened..tanu ,you are so happy today..and blushing all the while .pragya smiles again.tanu,say the truth.pragya tells her everything till abhi’s proposal..tanu in eager tone,what you said..did you say I love you too..pragya nods no.tanu ,why..pragya looks at her in sad face.tanu sits beside her asking what happened? Pragya, you know I too love him but I could not say now.. tanu,why..in confused tone.you love him but why can’t you say..pragya, you know riya is behaving weirdly. .I don’t know what’s problem in her but whenever abhi comes near to me I could see some hatred towards me.tanu,you are doubting riya.pragya,not like that tanu..she holds tanu’s hand and says you know she is abhi’s best friend..that too childhood friend..abhi was sharing everything with her till I entered his life but suddenly he now wants me ..he wants to share everything with me..

and moreover she will have some possessive feel na as he was sharing everything with her but after I entered ..I don’t want them to be separated because of my love.. I dont want abhi to be seperated from his friend. .tanu, so now..what you gonna do..pragya ,first I have to talk to riya then I will decide accordingly..tanu in sad tone,I think you are thinking too much..pragya,may be..but I don’t want to destroy his friendship..I know riya supported him in his past..tanu,ok chill.. I can understand.. we can speak to her but now it’s sleeping time..let’s go to bed soon as we are having college tomorrow… pragya ,tanu..except saturday and sunday ..we have college .. tanu stands and goes to her side of bed saying, what to do as it’s my usual dialogue for you..in night.. pragya smiles at her and both sleeps peacefully..
Abhi drops riya .riya,thanks abhi..inspite of dropping pragya you came with me..abhi smiles ,its ok..riya,ok let’s see tomorrow. .she hugs him . Abhi too hugs her friendly but riya was feeling happy from inside.riya thinks you are mine ..only mine …abhi breaks the hug and says good night..riya too wished him and leaves. Abhi too returns to his flat.

Next morning , it’s almost 8:30 in morning as tanu was getting ready for college..she was calling pragya for last half an hour but she was not responding to her. Tanu got panicked and sits beside her.tanu,pragya ..what happened baby…she touched pragya’s forehead and was shocked..her temperature is high.tanu turning pragya towards her ,baby..look . See let’s go to doctor.your temperature is high. .pragya still closing her eyes keeps her head on tanu’s lap.pragya still closed eyes,no..I am fine tanu .tanu almost shouting ,what you are fine. See you are boiling like a cooker..come let’s go to hospital..pragya opening her eyes ,am I looking like a cooker to you..tanu in serious tone, don’t say you are joking now..come let’s go..you would have waked me na..pragya,I thought not to disturb you as you may be busy in dreaming.tanu caressed her hair saying how can you be so cool.. how did you got fever. PRAGYA, arey baba ..

I don’t know..actually yesterday itself I sensed cool breeze and roaming in late nights…i am new to this lifestyle right..so I think..tanu,what you think..you would have said before na..I would have cancelled my drive and we would have reached room soon.pragya,now what happened..she gets up and says i am fine darling..now I will get ready..we will leave together..tanu,we are not going anywhere today..you need rest.. pragya,no tanu..I can’t miss octopus class. Tanu laughs at her.pragya,like my girl..keep smiling..I will get ready soon…with that she leaves but still she is not okay.. although she is not feeling well she decides to attend college.. and if her sister comes to know about this sure she gonna dance on her head.
Abhi and others were waiting for them.riya is getting anger but she controlled herself.riya,guys..they will come ..

let’s go to class.abhi, no riya..you people go..I will see her and will come.arjun,abhi..why are you too stubborn like a kid.abhi, I don’t know why..because something in my heart says she is not fine.purab,arey wah. ..abhi come. .she will be fine..you know na..today we have to attend otherwise that Hitler will not leave us.abhi with some what convinced, ok let’s go… they moves to their classes.just then tanu and pragya enters. They too leaves to their classes.
The time passes as it’s lunch break.abhi was impatiently waiting for pragya in canteen. Abhi, nikkil.call tanu .where are they. .nikkil,ya. .abhi ..I will . He makes a call .riya, abhi …don’t you think you are over reacting.abhi,what you mean..listen ..I dont know if I M over reacting or not but I care for her.purab smiles at abhi’s sentence…finally today abhi is not dependent on riya. Riya felt insulted but she could not make abhi anger on her. .I am sorry abhi..,riya finally opened her mouth.abhi,I am sorry..

I just bursted on you..riya smiles at him.nikkil,abhi..they are coming..but tanu sounds sad.aliya and bulbul comes there. Aliya ,bhai…what happened ..you guys seemed to be in tension. Purab ,it’s because of your bhai..that time tanu comes with pragya.who was shivering slightly. It’s enough for abhi to boil in anger.abhi shouts ,what happened. He moves towards pragya who was gently smiling at him .” She will not say..tanu ,what happened to her ” Abhi asked tanu.pragya eyes tanu not to tell. Tanu, you keep quite..abhi yesterday we returned late night right..actually she got fever due to cold breeze . I itself noticed today morning. .I asked her to take leave but when did your love listen to my words..she just came and see she became worsen more. Abhi looks at pragya who was trying to look somewhere. That time they heard a voice, di ..all looks at the person its bulbul. PRAGYA was shocked as she never expected her. Pragya , bulbul …you..what you are doing here..bulbul looks at her in anger.abhi, how you know her.pragya, she is my sister..bulbul,di. .you are not well and you didn’t informed me..seriously di. .I don’t know why you are doing like this.. pragya ,arey take some breath..I just thought not to disturb you..bulbul ,disturb. ..di it’s not fine. .pragya,ok. I am sorry. .bulbul, between what’s happening between you and abhi bhai.pragya looked at her in shock while purab,arey meri ma..how much will you talk ..aliya, bulbul ..come with me..now.he drags both of them with him.pragya sighed relief and arjun sighs riya to come. Abhi sits in anger. While pragya sat beside him.riya in her mind,today…she gonna die because of his anger..I am sure abhi gonna burst on her. Arjun takes riya with him.nikkil and tanu too leaves.

Pragya, I am really sorry abhi.. abhi didn’t reply . Pragya ,I am saying sorry n.a. baba.and holds her ears . abhi looks at her. Abhi, tell me one thing..did you ate anything after leaving from my flat.pragya looks down.abhi quite raising his voice,I am asking you..pragya without looking at him nods yes. Abhi,what did you ate madam.. pragya looks at him as child caught by her mother.abhi,tell me.. pragya,I will tell but you should not scold me .abhi, I will not say.. pragya,I ate Icecream.abhi,how much? .. pragya,only three. . Abhi,only three..pragya,yes..only three..abhi..abhi,are you mad..pragya looks down again..abhi , rishi bhai..a 40 years old man comes there.he is the manager of that canteen and knows abhi well.
Rishi, ha abhi bolo ..
Abhi,bhai..can you get some hot veggie soup..pragya,no I don’t like vegetables..please abhi..I don’t want.abhi ,bhai..please ..you go and can you prepare soon.rishi, ha abhi.I will bring soon.he leaves.
Pragya somewhat in sad tone, abhi..

Abhi, what abhi..just stay silent.
Rishi brings soup and pragya makes a baby face.abhi takes a spoon and feeds pragya.she made cute antics. Abhi smiles at her but didn’t show. Finally she finished and abhi smiles at her. Pragya ,are you happy now..
Abhi, how are you feeling now..
Pragya, better … Pragya hugs him and keeps her head near his chest.she could hear his heartbeat. She was lost in that . Abhi caressed her hair and both were lost in each other.

All comes there while nikkil, abhi. Even me and tanu never romanced like you both..pragya moves away from abhi.tanu, pragya..let’s go..abhi,tanu..you go .pragya will stay in my flat..I will drop her Tomorrow. Tanu, it’s not fair abhi..I have to stay alone. .abhi,take nikkil …nikkil, I am not a thing abhi..tanu in anger,abhi..it’s not my home to take him ..it’s hostel..women’s hostel..abhi,it’s your problem..but I am not letting pragya there..you can’t take care of her properly.. tanu,what you mean abhi.. abhi,you know.. she ate three ice creams yesterday..what were you doing that time..tanu glares at pragya who was looking everywhere except tanu.tanu,no..what ever. .she is coming with me..abhi ,no.with me..both started to fight. Pragya almost shouts ,will you both stop..already I M having headache and you both are eating my brain .

And you abhi..I am not coming anywhere. .I am going to hostel..abhi ,no I will not leave you.. pragya in harsh tone ,Abhi…I am not a kid ..I know how to care for myself..so please..abhi in anger, ok fine..do what ever you want..he leaves from there. He walks to a distance and stands there in anger .pragya looks at him and all sighs her to do something.pragya runs to him hugging From back..” I am sorry abhi..I didn’t meant to say…please forgive me..” pragya cries while abhi turns and wipes her tears saying it’s ok..I know you are old enough to look after you..but I promised myself that I will take care of you..I can’t see you like this..it hurts me more..she looks at him in tears and could see the person who loves her more.

pragya pressed her lips on his to which abhi was shocked first and later he pulls her towards him.both broke due to lack of oxygen. Pragya ,I am sorry..abhi,you told no hugs and kisses. .pragya,yes I told but I hurted you right..so it’s my punishment. Abhi,then I too hurted you on first day, second day too..about four times..so four kisses. Abhi moves towards her asking so say those three magical words and looks at her but pragya pushed him and runs from there saying i hate you rockstar. ….abhi smiles at her..

Screen flashes between their faces.

Soon to be continued. ….

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