kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 53)

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Let’s get into the story…

Pragya gets ready in her golden dress which bulbul gave her .

Her face was looking dull but her intense beauty reflects in the mirror.

She looks at her for a last time and tears starts to brim near her eyes.

She wiped the tears and checks her phone for a last time but she could not find any notification in the name of abhi.

She throwed the phone in anger and says ” you gonna worry for this Mr. Mehra. ..”

Bulbul comes there and looks at her with an awe face.

” di. .. if I am a boy , sure I would marry you…” she said while pulling her for a hug

Pragya smiled at her compliment and hugs her back..

” let’s go..my jiju is waiting for you…” bulbul said teasingly. .

” she mentioned aditya as her jiju. .. very strange ..” pragya thinks as bulbul takes her with her.

Pragya’S dress

” she came…” aditya exclaimed while he saw pragya and bulbul was coming towards them.

” hold on your horses… it’s just an engagement…you have to marry her bro..” aditya’s friend gave an idiotic explanation.

Pragya walks to sarla who was looking at her happily. She hugs her expressing her love towards her.

Pragya breaks the hug and wipes her tears saying ” ma…i hate your tears …” .sarla smiles at her…

” bulbul…this makes me to love pragya more..” sarla tells while bulbul replies her ” I will accept ma as I won’t be quite like her…”

Sarla puts a fake smile on her face and pragya asked bulbul to keep quite.

” shall we start … ” panditji asked them and sarla takes her .

” you are looking beautiful…” aditya complemented PrAgya while she sits beside him.

Pragya glares at him and looks around to find a glimpse of abhi.

” today is a most precious day and the pair who marries or getting engaged today is God’s child and they are lucky…” panditji says while pragya gulps in fear

The function starts and was going on a full swing .

Pandit asked both to exchange their rings .. .

Pragya looks at the door in a tension filled face…

” bulbul …. go beta…stand near her..” sarla says looking at pragya’s face…

” you are going to be mine pragya…” aditya murmers near her and pragya closed her eyes in fear.

Every thing gets dark….

The whole area remains silent.

Pragya could not understand whats happening around her.

” ten minutes left…don’t wait for the current to come…exchange the rings…as the bride is standing before the groom and vice versa. …” pandit tells and aditya nods his head.

Though he could not see her face but he could see her face covered with a duppatta .

He holds her hand and he could feel the nervousness in her hands.

He smiles at her inability and thinks ” now the game comes to an end Mr. Mehra ….”


” who are you … where you are taking me…” pragya struggles on his hold as someone with a mask on his face is dragging her away from mandap

” just keep quite and come with me ….” the man ordered her.

“I feel this voice is abhi’s. .. ” pragya thinks and tries to look at his face.

They reached a place at the back side of her house in which the sea accompaines with it.

It was fully decorated yet simple and pragya’s eyes gets tears on seeing that place

Now she confirms it’s her abhi and holds his hands tight

He slowly takes her towards the area and removed his mask.

It’s abhi who’s face is glistening in the sun light.

Pragya gets happy seeing him and hugs him tightly as he would vanish off in few seconds.

Abhi smiled at her and pats her back.

” it seems someone missed me…” Abhi asked with a grin on his face.

” you idiot..I was trying to speak with you…but you didn’t picked my call…” pragya pokes his shoulder.

” oh…it’s a part of our plan jaanu…” Abhi said while nuzzling near the crook of her neck.

The fragrance of her making him to loose his senses.

Pragya pushed him asking ” plan…but you would have informed right…” she fakes her anger.

Abhi pulling her towards him ” how much time you played with my feelings…its just a reply for you…” Abhi said while pragya looks at him in shock.

” tit for tat …” Abhi said while pragya frowned at him.

” oh my god…Abhi…I am here. .. sure they might be searching for me….” Pragya said with a worried face..

Pragya was about to leave but abhi holds her hand.

” no one will search for you… in fact, your engagement will be going to end…” Abhi said with a grin.

” how is that possible… I am here with you right…” pragya asked him with a confused look.

” you know the people who are getting married or engaged are very lucky…” Abhi said dramatically like that pandit.

” ek minute… you know these were the same lines spoked by that pandit..

“My dumb pragya… you can’t guess who is that…do you think he is original pandit…” Abhi asked looking at her .

” what…he is not orginal means…then where is he? And who is there…” pragya asked Abhi in a rush.

” oh my jannu …we locked him and the one who is there is out nikkil…” Abhi said holding her hands.

He takes her to the centre while pragya still in shock.

” its Nikkil….I could not believe….” pragya said as abhi moved back to light the candles.

” then….if the power comes they will come to know that I  am not there…” pragya asked worried

” if I say my work is over…then only the power will come…” Abhi said moving towards her.

” what…is the electricity board is under your control. …” pragya asked holding his hands.

” nahi … but its under the control of your bhai…”said  Abhi .

” arjun…” pragya exclaimed.

” and the big joke is that… purab is in your place… he disguised himself as a girl like you…”pragya said and laughed aloud.

” kya… you have planed this much…but you didn’t shared with me…even this much…” she narrowed her fingers.

” it’s a suprise for you…and close your eyes…” asked abhi while holding her hands.

Pragya closed her eyes and smiles because of his craziness .

” open your eyes…” Pragya opened her eyes and sees abhi kneeling before her.

” I know you love me. ..and I am bored of proposing you as I did earlier…so will you marry me…” asked abhi.

Pragya looked at him in anger.

” arey I am sorry…forgive me and accept me…” Abhi said while looking with a puppy eyes.

” I will agree…” pragya said and abhi holds her hand but pragya pushed his hand.

” I will accept only after ma accepts you…” pragya said and abhi nods his head.

” ok …I promise you..but please accept this ring..otherwise you can’t escape from aditya…” Abhi said with a grin and made her to wear that ring.

” it looks like the same ring…” asked pragya looking at the ring.

” yes…we ordered and you know what purab too will wear this same ring..” chuckled abhi.

” now its your turn…show your hand…” pragya said holding his hand.

Abhi looked suprised and pragya smiled at him.

Pragya takes her ring and made him to wear that.

” I want ma to accept you soon…” pragya tells as abhi pulls her towards him.

” soon…she will…” Abhi said and missed her fore head.

” but how you planed these things…” pragya asked as abhi smiled at her.

Fb begins

” we have to stop this bro…” Abhi said as all were discussing in their living room.

” what we can do bhai…” purab asjed irritated as it’s almost half an hour abhi was repeating this

” you have to do a favour for me bro…” Abhi said as purab looked confused.

” what can i do…” purab asked confused.

” you have to disguse yourself as pragya and the power will off and just show your hand to aditya and he will put a ring and in favour you should do the same with him…” Abhi said as purab gasped in shock.

” are you crazy ….out of mind…how can I act as pragya…” purab asked and riya says ” I can make you to look as pragya… no one is going to see your face… ”

” this is not fair guys…” purab says and arjun says ” it’s fine in love and friendship…”

” please you have to help…riya will be there for you…” Abhi said and she nods her head.

” ok…I accept not  for you…but only for one person…” purab said as his face starts to glow .

” whom. ..pragya…remember she is my girl…” Abhi said with a jealous tone.

” arey yaar..I am talking about bulbul…” said purab.

” when you started to love her… if my girl comes to know.. then I am dead…” Abhi said and arjun smiles.

” it’s all fair in love and friendship….” purab says and moved from there.

Abhi and his gang reached engagement area.

Everything happened as per their plan and the power goes off and abhi pulled pragya and purab stands beside bulbul.

Episode ends here….

By aditi…

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