kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 52)

what happened jaanu. .. ” abhi asked as pragya moved away from him.

She walked to a short distance and looks at the sky with her blank face.

Abhi noticed that and wondered what happened now..

He mentally cursed sarla for spoiling their romantic mood.

Abhi walks towards her and surrounds his hand around her shoulder making her to look at him.

Pragya bends down her head as she could not face abhi.

Abhi makes her to look at him as her eyes filled with tears.

” what she said pragya…” asked abhi with a concern.

” abhi… this could not happen… I know that you love me and you know how much I love you …. but the Destiny doesn’t want us to be together…better you marry a girl of dadi’s choice. ” pragya said controling her tears.

Abhi holds her shoulders and pragya gasped in pain .

” are you mad.. I explained you but you again started from first…” Abhi asked looking at her in anger.

” tmrw is my engagement abhi…” pragya said as abhi left her .

Tears brimming in her eyes while she controlled not expressing to him.

” I can’t understand one thing… it’s your life pragya… but you always accept what your ma say. . If she says it’s good then you believe it’s good.. you don’t have anything on your choice. .. I know you love your mom and I agree you should hear to get but not everything… it’s you who gonna live not your mom…understand…” Abhi shouts as pragya looked at him .

” I agree with you…but I could not take risk in her life…” pragya said looking at abhi.

” please say no … ” abhi said holding her hands

” please you forgive me abhi…” pragya said and removed from her hand and runs from there.

Abhi looks at her as pragya ran from there not able to control her tears

” always leaving like this…” Abhi thinks as He kicks off the near by stone.

Pragya reached home and looked at her mom who was busy in the arrangements as whole home is getting decorated for her engagement. But pragya have no interest in this.

She tries to seek into her room but before that sarla and aditya stopped her.

” look beta…aditya almost decorated this home all alone ” sarla said praising him.

Aditya grins at pragya’s helplessness.

Pragya smiles as if she was suprised by the decoration

” sleep well… you have to look pretty right…” aditya said by placing his hand on her cheeks.

Pragya tries to stop him but he sighed her to look at sarla..

She could not do anything and just looked at him uninterested.

Sarla leaves as someone called her and aditya walked towards pragya.

” wait and watch… tomorrow after seeing us , sure abhi gonna break down into pieces and I want to see his face…” he said and smiles at her.

Pragya pushed his hand as sarla left and she looked at him in anger.

” I am eagerly waiting to see abhi’s reaction…I want to see how his face changes when we both get engaged …” he smirked at her and walks away .

Pragya rushed to her room not able to see these arrangements and closed the door.

She cries bitterly and falls down as she could not think another person in abhi’s place.

Though she respects her ma but she could not betray abhi for his limitless love for her.

She feels like ending her life but she is not that much weak to think about it.

She decides to call abhi and ask him to take away from here to some other place for some time

Though she betrays her ma ,soon she will understand her love towards abhi but once she marry aditya, she could not return back to abhi.

Pragya searched her phone restlessly and found inside her bag.

She called Abhi with a hope that he will pick the call

But her bad luck , abhi didn’t pick her call.

Pragya tried continusoly and became tired of calling him.

She tried to call purab,arjun and riya but all went in vain

No one attends her call and she felt like everything over.

She lies on the bed thinking about tomorrow and sleep over took her thoughts


It was  a bright morning as the sun rays hits on pragya’s face.

She opened her eyes with much irritation and then comes to the reality that it’s her enhancement today.

She checked her phone whether abhi or others called her back but no one replied her.

She thinks it’s all waste to call them again.

But somewhat she have to stop this marriage.

She heard bulbul’s voice banging at the door.

” di…open the door..” bulbul shouts from outside while pragya moved with a hesitated look.

She opened the door and saw her standing with her dress

” di. . Ma asked you to try this dress and if there is any alterations. .. please say to me before. .. I will make sure it’s fit for you ….”

Bulbul said in a hurry as pragya looked at her in a startled look.

Bulbul was about to leave when pragya holds her hand.

” you are okay with this marriage…” pragya asked while bulbul smiled looking at her confusion.

” di. .. it’s your marriage …you gonna marry that adi and who am I do tell my suggestion…” bulbul asked looking at her

” it’s not like that… ” pragya starts to talk but bulbul stoped her.

” di. .. it’s your life..I am not going to live..you are going to live with him… so if you are okay then I will be fine with this marriage…” she tells and hands over the dress to her and leaves .

PRAGYA closed the door and looks at her dress and then the mirror.

” what should I do now…” pragya thinks while sitting on the bed with her hands over her head.

Screen shifts between her full face and bulbul’s smiling face.

Soon will be continued….

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