kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 50)

Oh…it’s so special to me as today I inform prior that abhi and pragya gonna unite ….but how…let’s see…er …wait let me thank you all for your support…I am wasting the time right..lets go..

Pragya looked sad as she could not do anything . Today because of her abhi gonna face a big problem. She cursed her fate for meeting him , falling in love and everything. If she didn’t met him ,atleast he would have lived happily.

Aditya marched near pragya and she wiped her tears that was about to come out of her eyes.

” are you going to say the truth…act as you don’t know anything…” aditya tells and sighs her to look at sarla.

Pragya looked at sarla who was talking with someone and aditya tells ” if something happens wrong..then no one can save her..”

Pragya looks at him shock while he gestured her to smile. He moves from there and she was confused whether she have to think about abhi or her ma.

Her thoughts were broken down by abhi’s voice.

She looked at the direction as abhi was smiling brightly and he was wearing her favourite jacket which she presented him .

Fb starts..

” pragya…where are you?  ” abhi yelled while returning to his flat.

The lights were dim and he could see some one sitting near the balcony.

” oh…who is that…thief. …oh abhi…he will not sit like this…until you come..” abhi was impatiently thinking who might me.

He walked towards the balcony and touched the person’s shoulder with fear.

He suddenly heard a sound booohhhhhh….

Abhi kneels down not less than sitting holding the person’s leg and begs to leave him.

” arey…whom ever you are…please leave me..you can take whatever you want…” said abhi by closing his eyes tight .

With an instance ,he heard pragya’s voice who was laughing continuously loud.

” you are insane…I thought to just play with you…but…you ..” she laughed in between her talks.

Abhi gets up with the sigh and sits near the sofa with the frustrated look.

PRAGYA looks at him and she knows she played with his feelings and sits beside him

” are you mad at me…” pragya asked with a shaking voice.

” no…not at all… I am feeling happy as my love gave me the best gift for my birthday…I thought you will prepare dinner or else will welcome me pleasantly but you…spoiled my mood…” Abhi complained like a child.

Pragya chuckled at his sentence and leaves from there.

” now where you are leaving…” Abhi asked but no response.

Abhi closed his eyes by leaning comfortable on the sofa.

After few minutes…

Pragya comes there with a cake and asked Abhi to get up.

He gets happy after seeing the cake.

” you planned for me…” Abhi asked surprisingly while pragya nods her head.

” Come on rockstar…cut this cake…I will tell you a secret after you eat this…” pragya said with her glistening eyes.

Abhi nods in happiness and cuts the cake.
Pragya feeds him with a piece and abhi accepts it.

Abhi instantly spits it making a yuck face.

” what’s this rubbish…it’s almost scorched…burnt..” said abhi cleaning his face with the near by tissue.

Pragya looks sad and abhi noticed it.

” why you are sad? I complained about the cake… if the person who makes it comes before me..sure I will break his bones..such a drastic birthday…” said abhi by suppessing his anger.

He discarded it and looked at pragya who were in the state to cry.

” what happened…” Abhi asked nearing pragya.

” abhi…I made that…I am not fit for you na…  I could not make you happy…on your birthday too o…I am really sorry.. I thought to suprise you … so I took help from purab…but all waste…” pragya said wipping her tears.

Abhi hugs her and comforts her as she placed her head near his chest pushing herself towards him.

” I am sorry… actually you know it was nice but over cooked…” Abhi tries to comfort her but our pragya was not in mood to hear that.

” I am sorry. …” she muttered while abhi hugged her more close to him.

” not need…but I want my birthday gift…” Abhi asked while pragya looks at him breaking the hug.

” I know you will ask..wait..” said pragya and leaves…

Abhi wonders what on earth she had planned.

Pragya came with a wrapper and gives to him. Abhi opened it and he was suprised…it’s a jacket. Abhi smiles at its his favourite colour .

“:you are my girl…that’s why I love you…” Abhi says as he hugs her…”

Fb ends. .


Pragya comes out of her trance as abhi winked at her.

” now…what he planned. ..I dont know what he gonna do .” Pragya thinks adjusting her duppatta.

” so…the moment you waited for…I gonna launch this audio and you guys will love it…” Abhi announced and pragya prays to god.

He starts to put the scratch card  on the music system and switched on.

After few minutes silent they heard a loud bong noise.

All were shocked and  Abhi was more shocked.

Everyone starts to talk about it and pragya shivers in fear…

” purab…what’s going on…” Abhi blasted him and aditya smiles by seeing him in anger.

” why you asked me to come here …to look at this.. ” sarla asked frustated.

The news channels starts to question abhi and everyone starts to talk bad about abhi.

Abhi lost his control and was about to leave but a pair of hands stopped him.

Pragya looked at the person in shock.

” leave me..I am leaving…” Abhi said pushing her hand.

” abhi….don’t worry…here is your CD. ..” riya tells while handling the CD.

” guys… a mistake happened…” riya excuses herself and abhi asked purab to play.

It was a huge hit . Everyone praised abhi and he was on cloudnine.

” thank god…” pragya thanks the god and smirks at aditya who was fuming in anger.

He moved from there in anger and sarla leaves with him.

Pragya excuses herself that bulbul asked her to wait.

She got a message from bulbul that’s she is waiting in the terrace..

Pragya smiles at her message and moved from there.

She reached the terrace and  looks for bulbul.

But no one were found to be around her.

Pragya thinks to wait and the place was too plesant.

” well done pragya…” she heard abhi’s voice who comes by clapping his hands

Riya too comes with him.

” I am ashamed of you…today i feel like why i love you this much as you are not worth of it.. you know that music is my life but what you did…what have i done. ..  you left me and decided to marry that aditya…I too accept it only for your happiness but today you was about to defame me… if riya didn’t come . .then what would have happened…simple I will not be standing here to speak like this …with you…” Abhi said as riya looked at pragya angrily

” I know you moved away from abhi…but how could you do this pragya….” riya asked as pragya had tears in her eyes.

She could even accept anything for him but not this . She starts to cry and covers her face with her hands.

” enough abhi.. see ….she is crying …” riya blurts out and moved towards pragya.

She hugged her and wiped her tears.

” we are just teasing you pragya …” riya tells while wipping her tears.

Pragya looks confused and could not understand what’s happening around her.

” we know everything.. ” riya tells and  pragya looks at abhi.

” I listened to your and aditya’s talk while he was blackmailing you and informed abhi..” riya tells and pragya listened to her .

” then only I came to know that my CD was missing but to my suprise purab had a copy so we made a plan as such aditya is unaware of our plan so that he won’t hurt sarla ma    ” abhi said as pragya looked at him with tears.

” but ma…now she is with him…what if he do something in anger…” pragya asked as she was worried for her.

” no worries. …arjun is with her…you want to talk to her…wait…” Abhi tells while making a call.

” arjun…pragya wants to talk with sarla ma…” Abhi tells and hand over ed the phone to pragya.

” ma..the climate is chill right…” arjun asked making sure pragya heard her voice.

” ya …it’s cool…” sarla tells and pragya smiles and returns the phone to abhi

” I am sorry…and thanks that you care for my ma.  ” pragya tells not looking at him.

” I will just come   ” riya tells and excused herself.

” I am sorry abhi…I am in dilemma that I could not risk with ma’s life as you know she is my everything…. I never thought to defame you and as you said I am not fit for you…. you still know what’s good for me and my family…but what I did…I ….” pragya starts to cry while abhi hugged her.

” I said n.a. . I will be there for you… I know that aditya is forcing you for this marriage on the name of ma..and believe me … I will change Every thing. … I want you pragya…I missed you badly ….. still i can give my life for you   ” abhi said as he had tears on his eyes.

Pragya breaks the hug and looked at him.

” that’s why I want to move away from you…i am not fit for your love ..you deserve a better person than me… I mean like riya…” PrAgya said and abhi looked at her in shock.

” I know she loves you and she sacrificed Every thing for you… I think you should move on with her…” pragya tells and abhi looks confused.

” can I ask you one thing.. you can do that..” PrAgya asked and abhi assured her.

” you better marry her and move on in your life abhi…” pragya said  with tears in her eyes.

After few minutes of silence..

” I think you are right…yes she loves me…more than anything in this world and I too deserve a person like her right.. ” abhi tells looking at her.

Pragya nods her head sad  and was about to leave but abhi holds her hand.

” but my heart likes only my pragya.. .” Abhi said pulling her towards him.

He surrounds his hand around her waist and pragya looked shocked.

” will you accept me…don’t think about anything or anyone…if you say ok..I will convince sarla ma.. you don’t deserve a person like aditya pragya…” Abhi tells and pragya looks sad.

” but abhi.. ” pragya said but abhi places his finger on her lips.

” no more words…accept me please…I will handle everything…it’s a promise to you…” Abhi tells and pragya remembers about aditya’s words.

” I am going to marry you because you belong to abhi…”  she closed her eyes as the words ringed in her mind.

Abhi waits for her response.

Pragya opened her eyes and looked at abhi.

Abhi sighs what with his brows.

” I trust you idiot ….” pragya shouts and hugs abhi while he twirls her round.

Both were enjoying their day after years and riya clicked the picture of them.

” what you are doing here…” riya heard purab’s voice and he asked him to see.

Purab gets happy and was about to shout but riya shuts his mouth

Abhi kissed her cheeks and pragya hugs him by placing her head on his chest.

” I love you.. ” pragya says and abhi looked at her in happiness.

” I could not hear…” Abhi asked her to repeat.

” I can’t repeat…” pragya said  by pecking his lips .

“Oh…after a long time my baby is in good mood…” Abhi said as pragya blushed after hearing that.

Screen shifts between their faces…

So hope you like…

It’s my dream story…

Actually I worked hard for this update…

Hope I will get equal results…

Soon will update…

By aditi..

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