kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 49)

Thanks guys and you want abhi and pragya to unite …soon it’s gonna happen why many suspenses …

Pragya gets ready in a white chudi with light makeup and she leaves from there earlier.

She doesn’t want to even look at aditya as because of him she is going to do such a big thing which may destroy abhi.

But her mother’s health is in danger and she can’t take risk in it.

She called bulbul and asked her to come with her as she can’t go there alone.

Bulbul reached London two days and she informed that she gonna stay with aliya in her home.

Though it’s abhi’s home she is hesitated to go alone.

With much thoughts she reached abhi’s home.


” jiju …..” bulbul screamed while entering abhi’s room.

He was just sleeping until she enter and gets up with a shock.

Seeing that bulbul smiled sheepishly and sits beside him.

” you know what…di is coming here…” bulbul said as she was in happy mood.

Abhi looked suprised and wonders what made her to come..but he is happy that atleast he can meet her.

Bulbul looks confused as she didn’t get any reply from him and called him aloud.

Abhi returning back to his sense asked ” i am not deaf ..why you are shouting like this?  ” he asked by getting up from bed.

” she asked me to take her in as she feels awkward to look at you..” bulbul tells and abhi nods his head.

” what bhabhi is coming…” aliya shouts while entering the room.

Both abhi and bulbul were shocked by her loud voice.

” arey…can’t you people talk softly..why you are shouting as you have won a crore…it’s just pragya is coming right…” Abhi asked casually as aliya and bulbul looked at each other.

Abhi noticed that but didn’t reacted for it.

He have to talk with pragya before jumping into a conclusion.

He wants to know whether she is ready to marry him as he thinks time changes and people too change.

But his heart says that she still loves him and want to share her life with him. He could not believe what’s happening before his eyes.

With his thoughts about pragya he got ready and left from there.


Pragya walked inside the hotel with much hesitation.  It’s an Indian hotel and they have arranged for the holi celebration.

She looks around as she could not find anyone as every one is having colours on their faces…

She tried calling bulbul but tired that she dudbt pick her call.

She was about to call purab and turns to enquire about them but suddenly hits on a tall , handsome guy…

She thought to ask sorry and looks at person and was shocked.

” what you are doing here? ” pragya asked as she instantly looks terrified.

” well. .. I am here as abhi invited me..and also want to see that you are not cheating me.. ” aditya tells with a smirking face.

PRAGYA feels of slapping him for everything but she could not as her mother’s life is at risk.

” don’t over react darling…may end somewhere.. ” he tells as he adjust her hair strand behind her ears.

Abhi saw them from far and was heart broken.

” she had totally changed. … ” abhi thinks and moves from there.

” go to his room and do what I said…” aditya tells eying at her.

Pragya without any other way moves towards the apartment.

She entered the lift and waits to reach his floor.

Everything changed now…because of her love for ma , she have to hurt abhi…what wrong did he did ? He loved her unconditionally but what she gonna do…she gonna back stab him.
She never thought in her life that she will face this situation. She was the one who encouraged him a long years back but now she is the one who gonna destroy his fame and everything.

She reached his floor and her legs were shaking in fear.

But she strengthens herself and pressed his door bell.

” it’s open…” she head abhi’s voice as He was busy in viewing his files.

Pragya entered as her heart starts to beat fast.

Abhi looks at her as she entered and was mesmerized by her.

Pragya was also lost in his eyes and abhi gets up from his seat reaching near her.

She comes back to get sense as she looks at abhi again who was walking towards her.

Pragya smiles gently as abhi marched towards her.

She stopped him before his hands sets on her waist and abhi came back to his sense.

He moves a step back and looks away from her .

Pragya feels worried as she could not tell him that she too wants his embrace and wants to hug him tightly and to tell how much she misses him.

She brushed off her thoughts as abhi looked at her asking what happened.

” I came here because…” she looks at him with fear with blinking her eyes.

”  now why is she blinking like this…” abhi thinks as I looked at her .

”  woh …I need some water…as I could not find anyone…thought to come here..” Pragya finally managed to speak.

” oh..um..wait I will get for you now..” Abhi left telling her to wait.

Pragya looked at the CD which was beside the table and takes it.

” I am sorry abhi…I have to do this…I know you wont forgive me..but I have to do this. ..” Pragya thinks while misplacing the CD with that she brought.

She runs from there not even have the gutts to look at his face.

Abhi comes back to the hall to find empty.

” now where she went? ”  Abhi thinks as his phone rings.

He picks the call and says ” ya purab…I am coming…” . He cuts and placed the glass on the table and  moves from there


” here….what you asked for? “PRAGYA tells handling the CD to him.

” you are smart pragya…” aditya tells while taking the CD from her.

” now…leave my mom..” pragya pleads and ha smiled  at her

” call her..she is safe…” He tells and went to check about the CD.

Pragya takes her phone from her bag and calls sarla.

” ma..are you fine …” sarla asked as she picked the call.

” relax dear..I am near you…actually aditya called me to come there as soon as possible ..I am coming to see you…don’t worry…” she tells while cutting the call.

PRAGYA was confused now and looks for aditya. He shows his hands sighing that he is here…

Pragya walked towards him with anger asking ” why you asked her to come here…”

” I just thought to show her that abhi is not correct for you…” aditya replied while looking at his laptop.

” how cheap you are…” Pragya tells gritting her teeth as aditya nods his head.

As they heard abhi’s voice pragya turned to look at him.

She was worried as in some time he gonna face a big issue because of her.

Abhi too looked at her as she was worried. He want to ask her but he stopped as aditya surrounds his hand around pragya’s shoulders assuring everything is fine.

PRAGYA looks at aditya with anger and turns away .

Abhi announced that he gonna release an album that’s close to his heart and it was dedicated to his friends.

Every one claps for him and aditya grins inside…

Sarla ma comes there and abhi looks at her in sad .

Pragya hugs her and aditya gets her blessings.

” why you asked me to come here..” sarla asked with a sharp tone .

” ma…I thought to give a suprise to you.. ” he tells while looking at abhi.

That’s it…I can’t ..enough for today…let’s see in next episode. ..

Bye guys…

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