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  ” What happened to him? I know he is in anger but why? I could not understand him..” pragya was thinking about abhi when tanu comes with nikkil.tanu ,pragya..it’s nikkil..pragya smiles at him.nikkil ,thank you ..pragya .pragya in confused tone,why?. Nikkil ,for saving her from the ragging ..pragya smilling,it’s my pleasure..nikkil  forwards his hands,friends..pragya holds his hands saying sure..tanu,pragya mumma is calling..you both carry on ..i will come soon.she leaves from there when abhi,purab,arjun,riya comes there.riya was the first to see them and sighs abhi to see..they were standing away as they could not hear anything .they could see pragya laughing while nikkil was conveying something to her.riya holds abhi’s hands saying come abhi ..let’s go. .she didn’t even say to you that she is committed. Abhi looks at her and for him she is right as pragya never told about him though they met only few times . His thoughts were broken by arjun who asked him to come. All were in their respective classes when nikkil enters .Abhi was looking at him in anger.purab asked him to control his anger. Nikkil comes there smilling at everybody. He sits beside purab who is sitting next to abhi .arjun and riya are sitting in next row. Nikkil, hey buddy..he pokes purab’s shoulder. Purab smiles and asked how was your trip.. .nikkil,as usual ..fine .mumma asked about you all.he looks at abhi who was sitting in anger.nikkil,what happened to him.he was about to ask further when his phone rings..he muttered pragya while seeing the caller id. Nikkil attends the call, ha..pragya.  on the other side ,nikkil. .I am tanu. .actually my phone is dead..call pragya if you want to say something..nikkil,baby.  For that you called. .I know if your phone is off it’s due to some problem. .sure I will call her if there is a need.don’t worry okay . Abhi was boiling in anger hearing the word baby. Tanu ,okay..professor came..I am ending the call..miss you  .nikkil ,miss you too..he cuts the call and looks at them. All were thinking its pragya who called nikkil.
Abhi in anger,I am leaving. .he takes his bags but riya stopped him.riya,  I am coming with you..Abhi ,I want to be alone for sometime. He leaves from there.nikkil,what happened to him yaar?  PURAB, woh…arjun, he fought with aliya. .that’s it .nikkil ,oh..he will be fine soon.purab In his mind, nothing is gonna be fine. .arjun in his mind ,because of me and purab he is in this state..

Pragya,did you informed nikkil.tanu,yes..he will call you if needed.pragya,ok.. I M leaving to library as the professor left ..and I am sure you will not come .tanu,you are right. .but give me your phone .pragya nods her head in disbelief and gives her.
Whole day pragya spend her day in library.she knows that tanu would have left with nikkil and bulbul with aliya .she have to go alone and was walking on a empty corridor which is full of silence.she was scared but never show off.she was quite walking fast to exit but before that she was pulled by someone inside  an empty classroom. He smirked at her .pragya didn’t know what to do. She is in atmost fear. She was very scared because that person was unknown to her and he was eying her with lustful eyes.
Guy with smirking : U have a great body.pragya felt disgusted at his words.
PRAGYA : who are you…
The guy: oh..myself ajay..
Pragya stammered : wha…. what…..do….u…want
Ajay: you… Saying this he started to come closer to her…pragya was hell scared now and was completely blank. She dint knew what to do. She was moving back with his each step forward. She started to cry out loud
Ajay in loud voice : Cry how much ever u want baby no one is gonna come. And I know u are a good girl so keep ur mouth shut.
PRAGYA sobbing : ple…..please leave me….ple..please
Ajay smirking: When I first saw yesterday I made up my mind to have u  So there is no chance that i gonna leave u. Saying this he started to laugh evily. He pinned pragya to the wall. She shouted for one last time with her whole strength so that atleast a single person could hear and come there. But to her dismay no one came.ajay was forcefully trying to kiss her while she was trying her best to push him down. He was about to kiss when a strong hand gave him a very strong punch that he fell down and blood started to ooze from the corner of his lips. Abhi started beating him black and blue. All of a sudden ajay held his hand and asked
Ajay Why the hell r u beating me??

Abhi: Don’t u have shame. U were forcing urself upon a girl and you are  asking me why am I beating you..
Ajay: Hey she is my girlfriend..
Abhi: If she was ur girlfriend then she wouldn’t have been crying like this (pointing pragya)
Ajay: She is crying because you are beating her boyfriend.
Abhi: Oh really. Then let me hear this from her too. Abhi turned towards pragya  who was still sobbing. He asked her whether he is saying the truth. PRAGYA looked at him who was  glaring at her and nodding her head to say yes. Pragya got more scared and was sweating badly. 
Abhi knows that ajay is lying as nikkil is her boyfriend but he want to hear from her mouth..
Abhi: Don’t worry ..look i am with you .Just say the truth. No one can do anything to u when I am here.pragya got a little courage by his words and Nodded her head in no.ajay was shocked because he thought that she was too timid to open her mouth. That was the reason he thought to misbehave with her. Abhi’s anger rose to peak now. He couldn’t control any more. He went to him and beat him still he was unconscious But he still continued beating him. He pulled away when pragya begged to him to leave  as she thought he would die If he gets more beatings…pragya,abhi..let’s move from here.. Abhi takes pragya with him..

Ajay with little conscious, why the hell you want to help her..Abhi in anger, because she is mine…pragya was freezed for a moment. Abhi nears ajay saying if I saw you again misbehaving with her then sure you are dead that day..with that abhi takes pragya with him. PRAGYA was feeling happy as he told her mine…she knows how much he is in anger he will care for her .Abhi and pragya moves from there. Abhi,I will drop you in hostel.pragya didn’t stop him as she knows that there is no use of it.
   Abhi takes his bike and pragya sits with a small distance. Though the distance is short but abhi feels some pain. He starts his bike and pragya asked what he is doing here as everyone left.Abhi,I was just roaming..suddenly I heard a girl’s voice I came to see who is it..but it’s you.Be aware of him as his character is bad..but how did you get locked with him.pragya ,I was leaving when someone pulled me in..I dont know what to do….Abhi stops as their hostel came.Abhi,it’s okay..don’t worry..take care.pragya gets down and says thanks .Abhi smiles at her and says my pleasure. PRAGYA moves from there while Abhi moves to his flat. .

Hope you enjoyed..soon the truth will be out..and more twist she turns are waiting..

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