kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 27)

Hello guys I know I am quite late as I got my free time between my exams I am posting this….

  Still in the club….
         Abhi , what the hell ? He yelled as pragya shouts near his ears. He didn’t even realised that she was not in her sense while nikkil chuckles saying bro..she is drunken . Tanu looking at pragya says let’s get her back to home . Abhi , yes you are right..arjun , can we move then. Pragya says ek minute..she moves out of abhi’s hold and arjun holds her arms saying be carefull. But pragya pushed him saying i know more about you. She smirked on his face while riya irritated by her act. Pragya comes to the centre as all her friends are surrounding her , she looks around saying why we gonna move back..we came here to enjoy right? ? Let’s party now..Abhi , don’t be childish pragya..let’s move.he holds her hand but pragya pushed him saying i want to enjoy your success..and moreover I have a suprise for you..arjun , kya suprise..you never told me about that..

pragya looking at him keeps her finger near her lips says i am going to suprise him ,she points abhi..then why should I have to tell you..arjun , woh ..I would have helped you right..pragya smiles saying I know you will help but I don’t want my abhi to know about this..Abhi was smiling at her while pragya moves towards the dance floor. Everyone looks at her while tanu whispers , I don’t know what this idiot gonna do now? NIKKIL  , you better learn from pragya that how to suprise your love . Tanu in anger says for that you have to achieve something right..nikkil clearing his throat , let’s see what pragya gonna do..

    The lights went of dim while pragya stands there with a mike
   ” As Days Go By she looks at abhi..Abhi looks at her in suprise when all are in awe moment. 
            As days go by,
     my feelings get stronger,

          To be in your arms,
      I can’t wait any longer.
   Look into my eyes & you’ll see that it’s true,
Day & Night my thought r for U..
 I can’t imagine a life without you in it,

Pragya looks at him saying you may think i am more romantic but you are more than me… so my last sentence…she looks at abhi lovingly while abhi sighs her in what expression.. riya is boiling in anger as she never expected this..it’s almost a shock for her . She just stands there  with hatred in her eyes while all were adoring the couple.

   ” I am opening an emotional bank.. 
             account for u sweetheart
      So deposit your love in it and
            you will get the interest.

   She ends that saying you have fought with me that I never proposed you..now with these people as wittness I am saying that I LOVE YOU ROCKSTAR…. I LOVE YOU..IDIOT…do you love me.. Abhi smiles saying to know you must come down right.. pragya ,no..you have to say now…Abhi says yes..I do..I too love you.. everyone claps for her while she bends down accepting their applause.  She moves towards abhi while he is admiring her.. pragya smiles at him asking how was my suprise..Abhi hugs her saying i am almost in impressed…thank you …pragya pushed him saying will you dance with me.. Abhi looks at her in shock while all shouts him to go…

Arjun sings while taking abhi and pragya to dance floor while purab comes with tanu and nikkil behind…

C’mon c’mon
D d da.. dance.
Pragya pulls abhi towards her while abhi starts to sing..
Ni gori tera thumka
bada kinky kinky type da
( he sings by looking into her eyes)
Ni gori tera jhumka
bada funky funky type da
(He ponits her earnings while pragya pokes his shoulders )
Kateeli teri ankhiyaan
Jaise nok nukeeli knife da
(Abhi points her eyes while pragya surrounds her hands around her neck )
Ni gori tera nakhra
Bada hanky-panky type da
(PRAGYA acts to be an attitude girl while abhi kissed her cheeks )

Oh girl your dance move
Is quite a kinky type..
Oh beautiful girl your earring
Is quite a funky one..
Your sharp eyes are like
The sharp point of some knife.
Oh girl your attitude
Is quite of a hanky-panky type..

Kisi hit gaane pe jo
Kamar matka degi tu
(Abhi holds her waist while moving her towards him)
Fateechar se ye dil ban jayega shehzaada
Oonchi waali heel pehen kar
(Abhi points his heart while abhi keeps her hand on his hand)
Dance Basanti..
Da da da dance Basanti
Ho.. har limit ki height pe chadh kar 
Dance Basanti…
Da da da dance Basanti (c’mon c’mon)
Da da da dance Basanti

If you move your waist
To some hit song,
This heart will become a prince from a pauper..
With the high heels,
Dance basanti..
Get onto the height of every limit and
Dance Basanti..

Pragya pushed abhi while she starts to sing and moves around everyone …
When see me you go wow wow
You want my love you want it now now
You see me dancin like a star 
You know you know that i’m at the bar..
When I pump it up on floor or..
I know the boys be goin offo..
And I’ll be shakin’ it up
Take in it up breakin it up

I’m gonna be funking it up, what?
Hey Basanti tere ghar ka address bol de
(PURAB asked pragya while pragya moves towards him..)
Basanti tere dil ka tu gate khol de
(NIKKIL tells tanu while she smiles )
Basanti visphotak bas ek smile hai
( arjun points pragya while she holds his hand)
Tu sar se paaon tak poori missile hai
(Abhi pulls pragya while saying this )

Hey basanti, tell me the address of your home,
Basanti, open the gate of your heart.
Basanti, you have an explosive smile.
From head to toe you’re a complete missile..

Kisi hit gaane pe jo
Kamar matka degi tu
Poora nahi to chain mil jaaye pauna-aadha( abhi sighs relief)
Aashiqon se deal tu karke, dance basanti
Da da da dance basanti( purab points this at pragya..)

If you move your waist on
Some hit song,
If not completely, I’ll get some peace..
Have a deal with your lovers and dance Basanti..

Da da da dance basanti
Ho.. har limit ki height pe chadhke
Dance Basanti…
Da da da dance Basanti (c’mon c’mon)
Da da da dance basanti…..

       The song ends while pragya kissed Abhi’s cheeks and says love you..with that she falls unconsious.. while everyone shouts abhi..pragya ..

Riya moves from there in anger while purab hugs pragya saying you are impossible…
      Abhi takes pragya off from the stage and they reached abhi’s flat as all were speaking about pragya.. pragya gets up after an hour asking what happened while purab hugs her saying you are impossibe. ..

pragya says I am feeling like my head spinning. Arjun , it’s because of your drinks..pragya , when I get drunken .. Abhi , ha..how your drink got spilled..pragya looks at arjun and he says abhi..onething you should accept..because of that..she proposed you..
    Pragya looks at abhi…while tanu shows her the video while pragya keeps her hands on her mouth saying is it me…
Everyone laughs at her…

Screen shifts between their laughing faces…

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