kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 24)

Everyone in this world want to achieve something..their needs are increasing as the day goes… abhi looks out from his balcony missing pragya . He badly misses her and after knowing the truth ,how she suffered knowing his father’s truth and he was not there with her when she needed him. He feels guilty for it as because of his anger he was about to lose pragya but the fate joined him. He gets a call from an unknown person. Abhi in his mind , who is calling me this time ? He attends the call.
Abhi , hello.. may i know who is this?
The person in phone , hello Mr.Abhi. .I am Ankit .. Abhi gets happy and he jumps asking is this ankit…oh my god..actually I am your big fan sir .. yes ankit is one of the famous music director in Bollywood and he called abhi. Ankit,  Abhi..yesterday I watched your concert video and I love the song ..and your feel for that song. So I decided to work with you on my next project. .what you think about it. Abhi in joy , of course sir..who will say no to you..we can..ankit smiling ,thanks abhi..I will confirm you tomorrow evening and we can soon start our project.  The call ended and Abhi’s happiness is more , he was roaming like a mad. He called pragya who was sleeping peacefully.  Abhi , this girl na .. always sleeping like this..can’t she hear the sound of my call. PRAGYA looks at the phone in her sleep and soon her sleep vanished and a bright smile formed on her face.PRAGYA picking the call walks to the balcony says hello rockstar..didn’t you sleep..she sits on the sofa with happiness while abhi replies no I have a good news for you. .I got my dream project to work with ankit in a film. PRAGYA in happy tone , really..congrats abhi..love you ..she kissed on the phone to which abhi smiles saying but I need it now .. PRAGYA , I gave na baba..now go and sleep..you have to work hard right.. Abhi in kiddish tone , i want know .. pragya , what you want.Abhi , I want what you gave through the  phone. .kiss .. PRAGYA, now how can i abhi.. Abhi , I will come there..so you can give how much you want. Pragya knowing his intentions smiles saying not needed ..you just stay there..we will see tomorrow as I am feeling sleepy . Abhi , it’s ok..but you know one thing.. because of you I got this project.. pragya , no it’s because of your talent. Abhi , if so then why I didn’t get this call on the day pf concert..so accept that you are my lucky charm.pragya gets happy hearing this and says thank you for being in my life. They both heard a voice are you both gonna thank each other throughout night.. pragya turns to see Arjun standing there with a broad grin on his face . PRAGYA,  Abhi..I am ending the call..let’s speak tomorrow  .she ends the call before abhi’s reply. Arjun enters asking what happened madam. Pragya , abhi got a chance to work with ankit on his next movie. Arjun in excited tone,  oh..it’s a great news ..I am happy for him..finally he achieved what he wanted in his life  . PRAGYA nods while arjun says see how your eyes are looking sleepy . Take a nice sleep..we will see tomorrow .don’t spend too much time with each other in a day and give some rest to that phone too.. pragya pokes his shoulder saying i too will soon find my time to tease you..then I will show who is this pragya to you..he pushes him out of her room saying good night sadist. Arjun shouts good night my cute devil..pragya shouts saying i will kill you.. Arjun moves from there smiling. .

Next day all were in the college canteen.though abhi and pragya love to spend some time together but they never leave a chance to spend time with their friends . All were congratulating abhi for his success and arjun asked him for a treat  .. purab , ya abhi..you have to give a treat… henna pragya. Pragya looks like why you are trapping me . Abhi  , sure..let’s go out today. PRAGYA , no I am not coming..you guts carry on.. Rieta smiling says arey pragya..you should be there as you are his love . Purab, yes..she will come riya. He looks angrily at her. Pragya  , no purab..i am not quite comfortable with this party..clubs. tanu,  then we can go out somewhere ..like restaurant. Nikkil,  but we are going to celebrate his success not his anniversary.  Arey it’s g me for party tanu. Tanu,  but if pragya is not comfortable we have to choose other option right.. riya , for her…we can’t celebrate in a temple right as she loves temple. Come on pragya.. you are going to become a star’s girlfriend..you have to change for our society.. pragya looks sad as she mentioned her society.. yes pragya is not that much rich like riya , but she never longed for that high class life . She always wants a simple life. Abhi , what you mean by our society..arey I am also not much rich before I am a rockstar..and there is no need to change as i want her to be herself. PRAGYA smiles looking at him while abhi holds her hand saying not to worry.. purab , now you can understand that true love never needs status and pragya you are coming..today arjun..you gonna pick her ..its final.  PRAGYA nods her head and purab nods his head that he is there with her..

So guys…I could not give a long update as I am getting ready for my exams..I will give a short teaser too..

Let’s see in next episode ..

Will be continued. ..

So many thanks for your feedbacks and nithiyashree..I will try to give a last update in yeh hai aashqui but after my exams..sure I will for you…and let’s see what riya gonna do..

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