kumkum bhagya – accept me (part-3)

sorry for the two episodes in a day it just that i started writing in my phone then got bored by how slow it was so i switched to something faster so lets go back to the story

sarla; i do not care why you did that just go and say sorry to him right now.

pragya;but maa(in baby tone and pouting)

sarla; go right now.
she starts going then turns back ;maa whats is his name.
sarla;abhishek prem mehra.

pragya ; abhi is enough do not need the rest. they both leave the garden and pragya think(he is going to think i am a softy that says sorry to people ewww)
when they got in abhi to came from the corridor and just said

abhi;mom i agree for the marriage with a smile

divya; are u sure.

abhi; you chose her and i am sure that u did a good choice because u always make excellent choices.

divya; wow i am so happy let me call guru so that we can start the arrangement.

abhi; do it fast i want to be married soon(every one is surprised including pragya ) bulbul comes close to her and say

bulbul;di jijs cannot wait(ina low voice and winks at her)divya and sarla goes to talk while abhi is left with the two sisters then abhi comes close them and ask if he could talk to pragya ,bulbul agrees and live them together.

pragya think; should i say sorry no way then her naughty mind comes back and she say so we are getting married ,iwant to know every thing about you(she say this rubbing her finger seductively on his chest)

abhi pulling her closer to him say;what do you want to know exactly(this action surprise pragya then she thinks )
pragya think;quite a player type so lets play

the screen freezes with both smirking faces .

precap ;still processing

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  1. Asmithaa

    superb yaar.. but please give a lengthy episode..

    1. Sritijosee

      Llong update coming right up

  2. Superb…

  3. wow super dear……….

  4. Princesskrisha

    Super n awesome may i know you age to call you di or choti or frnds if not its ok sriti

  5. Both the episodes are awesome yaar loved it

  6. Prathi

    Ha ha ha!! What are they both doing!? But nice Epi!

  7. LakshmiSiva

    super epic

  8. Mukundraj

    upload next part soon

  9. Sritijosee

    Long update coming right up

  10. Super..

  11. SavitaVidya

    i feel sorri for Abhi…….poor him….next soon please

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