kumkum bhagya – accept me (part-2)


The episode starts with abhi shouting

Abhi: you here are you kind of following me.
Pragya is first shocked the smiles broadly then there is an akward silence and people staring broken by divya

Divya: beta u know her(no reply )(then she contineous) this is pragya you wide to be.isnt she gorgeous?praya smiles then abhi shouts

Abhi:u cheater every one is shoked except pragya who smirk

Divya: abhi mind your language

Abhi:but mom she is the one.

Divya:which one(say this raising her eye brows)

Abhi: the girl from the morning that i told u about.
divya starts laughing goes infront of pragya looks at her then at abhi and laughs even harder sarla do not understand till divya explain every thing to her she gets agry against pragya then excuse her self and takes pragya with to the garden pragya looks at bulbul asking for help bulbul just pretend not to see and hide her smile

In the garden
Sarla;pragya i told you to stop doing such thing na

Pragya: but maaa

Sarla:no but but and do not do that baby face with me it might work with your dadi but but not with me

Pragya :donnot get that angry na i did it only to him

Sarla:why him han i told you not to do that to any body na
Pragya: but ma he was so naif it was just to easy i could not resist.
Abhi who was hiding listening though hmm she thinks i am naif wait and watch

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  1. Nice

  2. Prathi

    Poor Pragya!! Abhi will definitely plan something now

    1. Sritijosee

      the revenge will be sweet

  3. LakshmiSiva

    lovely epic.

  4. Saranya24

    Lovely dear by the way can u pls tell meaning of naif i dnt knw but loved it???

    1. Sritijosee

      some really easy to manipulate that believe any thing

      1. Saranya24

        Ohh ok darlu tq?

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