Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Episode 9)


thanks guys for not being angry against me and i am very happy that u liked it and thanks for commenting. i think u will be angry because of the twist i will add

so now to the story;

It was already the wedding day every one was happily working on the preparation no one had seen pragya as she told them that her dress will be a surprise for them so they were all very excited only alia knew what the dress looked like as she helped her work on it. tanu went to aliya to talk to her

T; aliya i have a plan to get my abhi and i need your heLP
AA; what are u talking about he already has a fiance and i love my future bhabi sheis not as bad as u said.so i am not helping u
T;u promised me u will help
aliya think for a while then say;ok tell me your plan i will help u
tanu gets happy and tell her everything in a mute convo

when tanu goes aliya say ;lets see how u pull this of tanu i am so not helping u

some time later its time for the wedding abhi is already in the mandap waiting for pragya to come aliya goes to get her as her dress is a surprise for the rest of the family members so aliya get into the room and see’s a girlin a wedding dress but not the one she made with pragya she just shakes her head in disbelief knowing it’s tanu then takes her down.
Every body thinks this dress has nothing special that shows it’s pragya’s creation and sarla goes near her and say; where is the surprise tanu just walks pass herand goes and sits beside abhi

the screen freeze on every ones shocked face

to be continued

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  1. Where is pragya??…

  2. Princesskrisha

    Di pls unite abhigya tanu evil witch coming always inbetween wheres pragya di

  3. nice epi dear,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    waiting 4 next one soon………..

  4. I so small….

  5. Reshma_Pradeep


  6. Interesting!!!!! Waiting for the next episode

  7. Prathi

    Oh dear This tanu!

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