Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Episode 8)


Hi guys its me ,I am back and very sorry for the late update actually i had a lot of exams as i am trying to get into college and thanks to god i worked pretty well . sorry again . guys if u are angry on me please u can scold me and i missed u all so bad i have one month vacation so i will update every day and even some days i may write a double episode.

now to the story;

Aliya stop fan girling as she notice every one is watching them but is dancing real good in her hearth but pragya now holding abhi’s arm donnot get what is happening she looks at abhi in a”can u explain who this is look” abhi gets and say

a; pragya meet aliya my choti behen
p;oh i see

she then smile at aliya then says

p; nice to meet u. abhi told met u were in australia for your studies so i did not expect to see today

aa; yah i was there for the final program of my studies and i finished earlier than i thought and i could not miss bhai engagement

p;so what did u study ?

aa; u know your like a row model to me so i studied fashion designing.

p; wow thats great now i can have some one to help me.

aa;i am not as good as you are but i hope one day i can be .

p; why not start learning with me now i kind of need some help for the different dresses of your brother and i for the mendi and marriage dresses

aa; are u serious wow yes yes yes i will

just then dadi comes to inform abhi and pragya its time for the engagement so the go to the stage and then exchange rings every body claps and start enjoying the rest of the function living abhi and pragya alone then abhi breaks the silence

a; did i tell u how hot u look in that dress( say this winking at pragya)

pragya hearing this blush but tries not to show it and say i know and i always look hot(fliping her hair to the side)

purab who was standing near bulbul saw pragya blushing and told bulbul;hoy hoy see who is blushing there

bulbul;hm i see i willyease her once we get home real good

the screen shift back to abhigya. pragya say ; luckily i made this dress atleast you do not look as bad as usual

abhi holding her by her waist and pulling her closer say; so i usually look bad

pragya suprised by this action becomes red and stammers w.what ..are .. u doing see every body around here

abhi pulling her even closer till there is no more gap between them say; so what we are engaged who cares about them and u have not yet answered me

pragya realising what he is trying to do puts one of her hand round his neck while touching his face seductively with the other hand say; do you really want to know

purab who was watching all the scene with bulbul say;resist man resist
b; he can not my di will win
p;no she will no
b ; ok watch
they turn back to see a lost abhi node in no
pragya;then let go of my waist
which he does still lost then she puts her second hand round his neck and whispers in his ear; that’s like my sweet sweet fiance saying this she starts to go thinking this was so easy he always fall for this leaving a still lost abhi staring at her. he comes back to sense when purab who is now irked comes to him an shout; man what was that u still lost against her u told me u could resist now han

a; i do not know what happens when i look in her eyes
p ; hmm you love her
abhi smiles sheepishly and say may be

p; do not act smart with me i know it when will you propose to her
a; what propose to her do u think she will accept me
sure she will said purab

the engagement was over days passed by aliya passed alot of time at pragya’s house helping her all the other functions were done succefully and now it was the wedding day

the screen frose on a well decorated hall and evey body doing the decoration

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