Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Episode 22)

Hello guys i am really sorry for the late update ,i started skull in college and is really taking alot of time and energy so i will try to publish it week ends pls pls pls do this with me and i hope u can under stand me and i will try to make the week end episodes as long as i can .u can comment on what ever u want me to know and sorry for nor replying to the comments and thank u guys.


They all went home and things went smoothly purbul got married and pragya was doing nothing to stress herself but loving her job she kept going to the office and her pregnancy was going as panned .Because abhi knew his wife he will always go to her office during lounge period and took her with him to make sure she had hers,he was really taking care of her and now she was seven months pregnant .the doctor advised that she do not travel out the country for security purposes.

one day pragya was feeling tired so she came back home very early and since dadi got worried she asked pragya what was wrong but she told her she was fine as she did not want to worry her and dadi realised it so she called abhi to inform him .On hearing that he went back home to take care of “them”(that is how he calls pragya since her baby bum got visible). He got home and went straight to his room where he saw his wife who according to him looked even prettier now that she was fully pregnant and was more when she is deep asleep like now.He sighed in relief as she seemed okay,he went in and kept his bag on the sofa ,took of his shoe and went on the bed and sat beside her and just looked at his wife.

He sat there just smiling ,proud to have such a wife while pragya was just sleeping on her back and seemed so at peace .A strand of hair came to her face as she was turning to the side facing abhi .He smile and removed the hair strand and kept his hand on her cheek looking at her lovingly which woke pragya up.she looked up at him with her eyes still slightly closed and asked ;why are u here this early

A;dadi called me as she was worried for you
P;But i told her i was fine na
A; that is exactly why she got worried. so tell me what happened to u
P;I was just feeling tired so i came home
A;ok so u take rest
P;that is exactly what i was doing oops sorry we were doing but you woke us up
A; sorry now u can go back to sleep
P;now i can not my sleep is gone
A;OK come here (he said pulling her to his lab)
P;what are u doing

A; putting my babies and their mom to bed
Pragya just smiled from that and put her head on his chest but as she was grabing some sleep her phone rang and it was shanaya her PA that was calling her to tell her that she needed to go to UK ASAP as they might loose a big partner and pragya just got up from the bed while still talking to shanaya and went to the wardrobe and started packing her stuff while saying this

P;call my doctor tell her i want her to come with me ,book the flight tickets,grab his contract and all accords signed with him and meet me at the air port in about two hours .if he thinks he will do that to me he is lying he will pay a huge fee now

saying this she ended the call and came ot from the wardrobe with a bag fully packed. Abhi saw this and was bshocked so he asked
A; where are u going to?

P;to UK
A;what ?never . don’t u remember what the doctor said ?
P;she is coming with me to make sure every thing goes well .I know u are very worried but u can also come
A;i am going no where and neither are u and that’s it (saying this he moved out angrily )

Pragya could not risk her company so she wrote a note and left for UK. Tanu who saw her write the note went in and read it and saw that she does not know when she will be back .may be in days or weeks or in the worst case months and tanu being as dumb as usual took the months guess and changed the note and when abhi came back home after calming down and saw the note he broke down and was crying as the note said that pragya was living him because he never try to understand her ant that she felt like he never really wanted her with who she was and most especially that she did not want to become the house wife he wanted her to be . he felt broken and cried for days ,every one tried to talk to him but the only thing he said was that she was gone and that she had left him and that she took his kids with her. he cried for two days and every body was also sad.till after two days pragya came back from the trip and she found every body in the hall except for abhi the y were all suprised to see her the huged her and she did not know what was going on she thought they just missed her too much . she went to her room to fid the deoor closed from inside she knocked but abhi was saying they should live him alone .she started beging him to open abhi could not believe his ears so he said in question manner

P;of course its me did u stay here and get another wife while i was on the trip(she teased)
he immediately opened the door and pulled her for a hug and started talking while squeezing her;you are right i did not treat u well i am so sorry thanks for giving me a second chance

P;What are u blabering. what did u do wrong and what second chance are u talking about
abhi looked at her in a questioning look and her she was just trying to make some sense out of what she saw since she is back. the screen freeze on thier confuse looks.

PRECAP;same precap

hope u enjoy and sure see u tommorow

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